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Top 10 Custom Software Development Companies 2024

Top 10 Custom Software Development Companies 2024
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Top 10 Custom Software Development Companies

  • Capital Numbers
  • eLuminous Technologies
  • Talentica Software
  • SPEC India
  • Radixweb
  • InApp
  • Simform
  • Experion Technologies
  • Appinventiv
  • Fingent

When businesses require custom features and functionality in their applications, they rely on software developers to design and build custom solutions. As compared to standard off-the-shelf packages, custom software completely meets customers’ unique requirements. They are also aimed for internal use rather than resale.

When should companies opt for Custom Software?

Any business needs software. The success of businesses is driven by high-performing technology. But compared to standard off-the-shelf software, custom software goes a little bit further. Custom software is effective by default because it was created specially to help your business. Additionally, maintaining your own product yourself gives you the freedom from dealing with outside providers. You can hire dedicated developers from custom software development companies in India to optimize your operations and scale seamlessly.

The initial investment could seem substantial. However, businesses typically experience long-term cost savings, especially given the lower integration costs. You can be certain that everything in the custom software is compatible with your current software infrastructure. Businesses can use customized software to scale their operations and optimize return on investment.


Benefits of Custom Software Development


  • Personalization

Personalization of custom applications is one of their most evident advantages. Software that is pre-built may have a range of features and functionality, but it is designed to serve multiple companies at once. You can get an intuitive solution with the necessary features and technology of your choice by working with a custom software development company.

  • Cost-Effectiveness

Off-the-shelf software may appear less expensive at first, but it frequently involves ongoing costs that reduce its long-term value. Most businesses hire dedicated developers to develop custom software as it reduces the cost of licensing fees. Its implementation can be planned and built iteratively based on the company’s budget.

  • High Security & Reliability

As it is created in compliance with the highest security standards and technological advancements suited to your company and industry, customized software is believed to be more reliable. Companies in the healthcare, insurance, and fintech sectors, in particular, frequently go for custom software development companies in India to ensure complete regulatory compliance and enable the privacy of sensitive data.

  • Flexibility & Scalability

Businesses must adapt to new variables in order to compete in a dynamic business environment. Custom software solutions can fully satisfy your requests, whether you want to include new features, strengthen the efficiency of your product, or just keep up with your company’s expanding needs.

  • Seamless Integration

The majority of the company’s activities are dependent on a variety of software tools, which should effectively connect with one another to produce required outcomes. Real-time visibility is ensured and data accuracy is increased via seamless integration. Companies may automate workflows, improve corporate processes, and promote informed decision-making by using systems and tools that have been specifically designed for them.

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Top 10 Custom Software Development Companies 2024

8.Growing with strong Microsoft backingWidely popular, especially in mobile app development9.Growing with strong Microsoft backingWidely popular, especially in mobile app development10.Growing with strong Microsoft backingWidely popular, especially in mobile app development

Capital Numbers

Capital Numbers was founded in 2012 and has its headquarters in Kolkata, India with offices in the United States, Australia and Sweden. Capital Numbers is a leading global provider of web applications, mobile application development, and digital platform engineering to Global Brands, and SMEs as well as more than 1000 clients worldwide, primarily in North America, Europe, Asia, and Australia. With 650+ specialists working full-time across 3 Delivery Centers, Capital Numbers is a digital solutions firm with ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certifications.

Services: Web Application Development, Custom Software Development, Mobile Application Development and Enterprise Content Management.

Industry: Retail, Fintech. Edtech and Healthtech.

Cost: < $25 / hr



   2. eLuminous Technologies

eLuminous Technologies

With two decades of IT expertise in delivering quality products to businesses around the world, eLuminous an IT development company that is creating value for their clients on every step of their business journey. They develop Mobile, Web & BI Solutions with their team of 270+ trained developers, designer and QA engineers. Our global team of custom software development experts, they have deployed over 2000+ websites and more than 500 ecommerce websites Continental Group, Princeton University, MTV, Razer Inc.

Services: Custom Software Development, Web & Mobile Application Development, Data Analytics & BI Solutions.

Industry: Banking, Medical, Personal Care, Advertising, eLearning, EdTech, Equity Investment, Entertainment etc.

Cost: $20 – $40/ Hour


   3. Talentica Software

Talentica Software

Talentica Software is a technology partner to high-growth companies and funded startups. For the last 18 years, they have successfully helped 170+ tech companies with cutting-edge tech products.

Services: Custom Software Development, AI/ML, Blockchain, BigData, DevOps, IoT, AR, UX/UI, and more

Industry: Consumer products & services, financial services and Medical.

Cost: < $25 / hr





With more than 32 years of proven expertise, SPEC INDIA is an ISO/IEC 27001:2013 organization. SPEC INDIA provides solutions to clients throughout the world with 300+ consultants on staff. Their development centers, outsourcing and offshore alliances, and innovative onshore/offshore models serve Fortune 500 organizations, SMEs, and startups internationally.

Services: Custom Software Development, Web & Mobile Apps Development, BI & Analytics Solutions, Automation & Security Testing, Legacy Software Migration, Product Engineering, and IoT & Beacons Solutions.

Industry: Retail & FMCG, Sales & Distribution, Manufacturing, Healthcare, Shipping & Logistic, Energy & Utilities, Education and Real Estate.

Cost: $25 – $49 / hr



   5. Radixweb


Radixweb is a trusted partner for Custom Software Development and Software Outsourcing services. They use cutting edge technology, tried-and-true intelligence, and deep domain knowledge to assist clients reinvent their business strategies, outperform the competition, and increase revenue.

Services: Custom Software Development, Software Product Development, Web & Desktop Application Development, Mobile Application Development, Cloud Consulting & Computing, Application Modernization, Enterprise Mobility and Embedded Software Development.

Industry: Healthcare, Fintech, Retail and Ecommerce, Travel and Hospitality, Manufacturing.

Cost: $25 – $49 / hr



   6. InApp


InApp provides services like web applications, custom software, and mobile applications. With offices in India, the USA, and Japan, they’ve completed thousands of projects over their 21 years in the business.

Services: Custom Application Design & Development, Mobile Application Development, Application Modernization, Maintenance, & Improvement, Website Development, Testing & Quality Assurance.

Industry: Education, Construction, Transportation & Warehousing, Manufacturing, Retail & Ecommerce.

Cost: $25 – $49 / hr



   7. Simform


Founded in 2010, a team of 850+ experts have helped businesses elevate their value through development services.

Services: Full-Cycle Custom Software and Application Development, Mobile App Development Services, Cloud-native application development, DevOps Consulting and Implementation, API Integration Services, Dedicated Development Team and Software Testing Services.

Industry: Business services, Arts, entertainment & music, Consumer products & services.

Cost: $25 – $49 / hr



   8. Experion Technologies

Experion Technologies

Experion Technologies is a 14+ year-old company. With development centers in Trivandrum and Kochi they have served more than 300 customers across 32 countries.

Services: UX / Design Services, Data, Analytics, and AI/ Data Science, Digital Transformation Solutions, Development Services, eCommerce Solutions, DevOps Services, Test Automation Services (Web, Mobile, and API) and Cloud Services

Industry: Transportation, Retail, Healthcare and Financial Services.

Cost: $25 – $49 / hr



   9. Appinventiv


Founded in 2015 Appinventiv was able to establish itself as one of the leading companies in the mobility space in a very short span of time. They have served more than 3000 clients including IKEA, Dominos, Pizza Hut and Asian Bank in this short time span.

Services: Mobile Application Development and Custom Software Development.

Industry: Medical, Education and Financial services.

Cost: $25 – $49 / hr



   10. Fingent


Fingent is an ISO 27001:2013 certified custom software development company. They have offices in the US, UAE, Australia, and India and have completed more than 700 projects for clients over the past two decades.

Services: Custom Software Development, Cloud-Native, Digital Transformation, ERP, Artificial Intelligence, RPA, Extended Reality, Data Visualization, AR/VR and SAP.

Industry: Real estate, Supply Chain, Logistics, and Transport, Business services.

Cost: $25 – $49 / hr


Questions to Ask the Software Development Partner

  • Which technologies does your team use?

Always ensure that the outsourcing partner has developers adeptly using the latest technologies. Knowledge of .NET, React Native, Flutter, Angular, Laravel, and Vue.js is useful for modern-day software development.

  • How do you ensure seamless communication?

Evaluate the channels that the software development team uses to communicate crucial details. You should be able to reach them directly and get real-time insights on the project status.

  • Will you take responsibility for debugging, troubleshooting, maintenance, and upgrade post-launch?

This question is vital if you don’t have in-house resources for these activities. You must ensure the software development partner has sufficient resources to provide post-launch support and become a long-term auxiliary vendor.

  • Have you worked on a similar project before?

It’s a no-brainer that an experienced team can deliver top results quickly. A team with prior expertise working on a similar project will grasp your requirements briskly.

Need a Custom Software Solution for your company?

It is effective to construct workflows and manage processes based on the unique needs of your business by using a personalized approach to software design. Our development team has vast experience developing custom software from the scratch. They can produce reliable technology solutions that are uniquely tailored to the demands of your sector. Share your project idea with us right away, and we’ll get to work on putting it into action.

FAQs : Custom Software Development Companies

1. Which company is best for a software developer in India?

There is no single best company for a software developer in India. This decision is subjective and depends on a candidate’s preference. Still, some top names to work for are TCS, Tech Mahindra, eLuminous Technologies, Capgemini, and Oracle.

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