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Top Digital Transformation Tools to Boost Your Brand Presence

Top Digital Transformation Tools to Boost Your Brand Presence
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To succeed in today’s competitive world, you need to focus on three aspects – people, processes, and technology. Digital transformation tools allow you to cover these areas profoundly.

Note this fact:Almost 90% of global businesses have invested in cloud technologies. Perhaps this statistic is sufficient to convince you to adopt the top digital transformation tools in the market.

Rather than laying down the top options, we believe the categories of digital transformation tools can prove more useful. Why?

Well, understanding the main purpose of a set of platforms aids in making the right decision. So, without any ado, let us delve deep into understanding digital transformation (DX) and its vital tools.

Digital Transformation Tools: The Concept and Benefits

Digital Transformation Tools: The Concept and Benefits

What is digital transformation or DX?

In simple terms, this process means implementing technology in all areas of your business.

However, we mentioned before the key aspects that digital transformation tools cover. Here they are:

  • People: Enable fluent employee, vendor, and associate communication
  • Processes: Collect data, automate manual tasks, manage critical information
  • Technology: Use AI and Machine Learning to streamline operational processes

So, even if a company addresses these three areas, we can say that they have a decent DX strategy in place.

If you want to know the benefits of using digital transformation tools for your business without delving deeper, refer to the following bullet points:

  • Refinement in customer experience
  • Quick access to data-based insights
  • Improved productivity of employees
  • Rise in the overall profitability
  • Future proofing of your existing business

In the next section, we address the main benefits in depth.

Main Advantages of Using the Top Digital Transformation Tools

How can digital transformation tools help your business? Read this section to understand each point.

  • Establishment of a Planned Setup

Establishment of a Planned Setup

One of the key reasons to choose the top digital transformation tools is to establish a planned digital setup. Whether upskilling your employee skills or making critical decisions, the right software can considerably reduce manual tasks.

After covering your business’s key areas, all your operations become more streamlined. Once you implement suitable digital transformation tools, focusing on other activities requiring human attention is easier.

  • Time Savings and Efficiency

Time Savings and Efficiency

This benefit is simple to understand, isn’t it?

Once you choose the right tool, saving time in various facets of your operations is possible.

Here are a few examples:

  • Accelerated product life cycles
  • Decrease in deployment time
  • Time savings in conventional processes

Naturally, once you save time, it directly impacts efficiency. So, choosing the top digital transformation tools proves lucrative on these fronts.

  • Rise in Productivity

Rise in Productivity

Consider the example of a conventional onboarding process. After recruiting an employee, your HR needs to verify the documents, explain the company rules and regulations, and ensure proper onboarding of the new recruit.

An employee portal software can handle all these tasks efficiently. It contains all the necessary steps a new recruit should complete after joining an organization. This way, your HR can focus on other activities that require human intervention.

So, digital transformation tools also lead to a rise in productivity in different areas.

Digital Transformation Tools: Categories to Consider

Now that you understand how the top digital transformation tools can prove helpful, it is time to dig deep. This section will enlighten you with the main categories of platforms, software, and solutions integral to a comprehensive DX strategy.

In addition, we will also inform you about the concept of a digital transformation assessment tool and their importance. So, let us move ahead without any delay.

1. Communication Tools and Platforms

Communication Tools and Platforms

Here are the primary personnel for your business to focus on in terms of establishing sound communication:

  • Employees
  • Associates
  • Vendors
  • Clients
  • Management

With a continual rise in hybrid and remote working, deploying apt digital measures is becoming more important. So, you must select digital transformation tools to create a cohesive online workspace.

New platforms and software enable your team to communicate with each other fluently. In addition, the concerned stakeholders can also stay in touch with the latest happenings of a project. The best digital transformation tools for communication aim to add intriguing elements like new chat features, easy replies, exciting emojis, and fluent audio/video calls.

So, while choosing the top digital transformation tools under the ‘communication’ category, look for the features we mentioned.

Top recommendations: Slack, MS Teams, and Zoom.

2. Data Management Software

Data Management Software

Data is vital to succeed in the modern era. After analyzing processed data, you can utilize critical information to understand customer behavior, employee perception, and domain trends.

In addition, safeguarding your company’s metrics by investing in robust cloud technologies helps make crucial business decisions.

So, you should choose feature-proof data management tools that offer one or more of the following functions:

  • Backup
  • Restore
  • Archive
  • Assessment
  • Integration
  • Transformation
  • Management

After investing in these digital transformation tools, you can improve productivity and stay ahead of your competitors. So, ensure that you consider such platforms for your DX strategy.

Top recommendations: Microsoft Azure, SAP, Amazon Web Services, and Google Cloud.

3. Tools for Business Process Automation

Tools for Business Process Automation

Let us face it – repetitive tasks can consume your time, leading to a decrease in the overall efficiency. So, process automation using digital transformation tools can prove to be the perfect solution.

You can streamline workflows and simplify document management using online platforms and software solutions. Also, such tools reduce human errors and allow your staff to concentrate on other analytical and decision-making activities.

Here are the stages of process automation that these tools accomplish:

  • Analysis
  • Implementation
  • Integration
  • Maintenance

To automate your processes, you need to choose software or platforms that offer multiple features. You can connect with our experts and also receive customized DX consultations for more guidance on this topic.

Top recommendations: IBM Business Automation Workflow, KissFlow, and Asana.

4. Customer Relationship Management Platforms

Customer Relationship Management Platforms

Popular as CRM, these tools help you meet customer demands through continual analysis and forecasting.

Here are some of the main functions of CRM platforms:

  • Task automation
  • Reduction in the sales cycle
  • Streamline sales funnel
  • Manage customer interaction
  • Improvement in client retention

To choose the best CRM software, ensure that you check the third-party integrations as well. Also, check what kind of data the tool gathers for analysis purposes.

You can choose the type of CRM platform depending on the scale and requirements of your business. For instance, organizations choose Zendesk to reduce the sales cycle. On the contrary, HubSpot is good for seamless integrations.

Top recommendations: Salesforce, Zendesk, HubSpot, and Insightly.

5. Human Resource Platforms

Human Resource Platforms

Your employees are the best asset that helps your business grow exponentially. Human Resource (HR) representatives are responsible for choosing the most suitable professionals for your business.

Now, choosing the top digital transformation tools can boost the following activities:

  • Human Resource Management
  • Workforce Planning
  • Human Capital Management
  • Recruitment and Onboarding

Suppose you are a small business without a separate accounts section. In that case, there is an option to choose specialized digital transformation tools. You can manage payroll, store employee salary data, and benefit from effortless digital accounting. The best thing is – that your HR representatives can also handle basic finance-related activities.

Top recommendations: Workday, Zoho, and BambooHR.

After implementing all these platforms, you can use a digital transformation assessment tool. This technology reviews your organization’s DX status that helps you understand if you are going in the right direction.

A popular example of such a tool is Descasio. You can explore this tool after deploying a robust DX strategy.

To Wrap Up

The right digital transformation tools can refine critical areas of your business. Be it managing people, data or automating tasks, these platforms have the potential to improve your output considerably.

You have plenty of options to choose from in the top digital transformation tools list. However, getting conversant with the main categories makes including the most relevant choices easier.

Communication, collaboration, data management, process automation, CRM, and HR are the main areas that you need to address. Notably, each category has popular digital transformation tools that can suit individual business requirements.

If you want a customized solution that suits your business’s requirements, do not hesitate to contact our team and develop your own DX platform.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the primary considerations in a digital transformation strategy?

The main areas to focus on while formulating your digital transformation strategy are customer experience, data, business transformation, and operations. Ensure you choose the top digital transformation tools to address all pivotal areas profoundly.

How does artificial intelligence contribute to digital transformation?

Artificial intelligence (AI) performs activities like language processing, data analysis, object recognition, and refining several automation tasks. The use of this technology thus boosts your digital transformation strategy.

Can you enlist the leading digital transformation tools for modern businesses?

Modern businesses can use CRM, HCM, Cloud ERP, digital accounting, communication, and process automation platforms to choose the top digital transformation tools.

Why should I choose the top digital transformation tools?

You should decide to use digital transformation tools as they help improve your efficiency, enhance customer engagement, and help build a positive brand identity. However, it is crucial to understand your company’s requirements before investing in costly DX tools and software.

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