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10 Reasons Why Flutter is the Future of Custom Mobile App Development

10 Reasons Why Flutter is the Future of Custom Mobile App Development
blog-author Avner TL, Technical Writer

Here’s a familiar scenario – you launch a new business and want to expand your digital presence. Next, you decide to opt for custom mobile app development.

However, you face a significant dilemma. Your team wants to decide the best development framework to create an enticing mobile application. So, which one will you prefer in a market with several options?

These days, any reliable custom mobile app development company can suggest the use of Flutter. In fact, Flutter leads the market with a 42% share of developers using this tool for cross-platform custom app development. But why has Flutter app development become so popular? Also, can it be a promising future for building customized applications?

Find out the top reasons that explain the utility of Flutter, along with straightforward answers to such common questions.

The Fundamentals of Flutter and Custom Mobile App Development

Before venturing to understand the unique attributes of Flutter, it is essential to familiarize yourself with some basic concepts. This section explains the correlation between Flutter and custom mobile app development in simple words.

What is Flutter?

What is Flutter?

On the basic level, Flutter is an open-source framework. Google is the developer of this popular tool that enables professionals to perform the following main activities:

  • Backend development
  • Front-end development

Most developers use Flutter for native custom mobile app development. One of the biggest highlights of Flutter is the support for cross-platform development. This term implies that developers can use a single programming language and codebase to build custom apps for multiple platforms.

Flutter utilizes the programming language, Dart. This language is also a creation of Google.

Furthermore, the framework has a dynamic open-source community on the following platforms:

  • Slack
  • Reddit
  • Discord
  • Gitter

Developers can even access several documents and tutorials on the official Flutter website. These basic details can prove sufficient to explain the concept of Flutter.

What is Custom Mobile App Development?

What is Custom Mobile App Development?

In simple words, custom mobile app development creates tailor-made applications that meet a company’s requirements. Various organizations provide custom mobile app development services focusing on good UX and intuitive design.

You can scale a custom mobile app as per the growth of your business. In addition, it is possible to install customized security features to safeguard the data of such applications. With nearly 6,900 million smartphone users in the world, custom app development provides a solid opportunity to capitalize on such a massive user base.

Custom mobile app development can help you establish a good online presence on one or all of the following platforms:

  • Web
  • Android
  • IOS
  • Symbian
  • Tizen

In addition, these applications can integrate smoothly with ERP, CRM, HRM, and other third-party software. Dedicated developers analyze your business requirements before deciding on the custom app development process.

The USPs of Flutter for Custom Mobile App Development

The USPs of Flutter App Development

As a business, you must be immaculate about choosing the web development framework for your custom mobile app development. This way, you can save invaluable resources and create a customized application that portrays your brand voice profoundly.

Choosing this open-source framework can prove beneficial on several fronts.

Here are some of the significant facets of Flutter that you should note:

  • Suitable suitability for cross-platform app development
  • The unique hot reload feature
  • Ability to create new enticing designs
  • Low custom mobile app development cost
  • Quick development and deployment
  •  Steep rise on several technical facets
  • Several customization options for creating an exclusive app
  • Growing community and continuous support

If you feel the above reasons are enough to contact a dependable custom mobile app development company, think again. Many other auxiliary aspects can persuade you to capitalize on Flutter for custom mobile app development. The following section lays down the top reasons in depth.

Top 10 Reasons to Choose Flutter for Custom Mobile App Development

This open-source app development kit has many functionalities to bolster your software creation process. Here are ten solid reasons that can prove advantageous for your consideration.

1. Open-source and Free Framework

An open-source framework has public access to anyone who wants to access the code. Such tools can elevate the quality of custom mobile app development services. Several open developer forums allow technicians to view documentation and post queries.

The free framework allows the ability to interact with other professionals and receive proper resolutions to common queries. Overall, Flutter app development becomes a seamless process due to such easy accessibility.

2. Customized User Interface Widgets

Flutter has several in-built widgets in its graphical user interface (GUI). Custom mobile app development becomes easy with such accessible UI elements.

Here are the two main types of customized widget designs that you receive in Flutter:

  •  Material design
  •  Cupertino

In addition, programmers can use Dart to install various capabilities in mobile applications. Be it animations, widget functionality, or different gestures, Flutter enables you to leverage multiple customizations.

Using such widgets, it is possible to make the user interface engaging and aesthetically pleasing. This functionality allows a greater chance to retain customers, intrigue new visitors, and ace the custom mobile app development process.

3. Fast-paced Custom Mobile App Development

Flutter has a single codebase. Using this element, developers can build customized applications at a faster pace. Notably, it is possible to debug apps at a steady speed due to the hot reload feature.

The existence of a single codebase eliminates the need to restart the source code. As a result, the development time reduces considerably. Proficient developers can use a single framework to build two separate native mobile apps. Also, the testing time is less compared with some other frameworks.

Overall, if your business requires quick custom mobile app development, Flutter can be a good option.

4. Low Development Costs

Flutter developers can create customized applications using a single codebase. This simplicity reduces the requirement of an intricate development process. Also, cross-platform compatibility saves the budget necessary for developing distinct apps.

Businesses with limited financial resources can use Flutter to launch and deploy a mobile app in the market without much investment. So, you can receive high ROI with Flutter app development.

5. Top-notch Custom Mobile App Development Performance

Flutter offers good app performance as it compiles the user interface modules and application logic into a single machine code. As a result, the app works at a faster speed and is more usable on multiple platforms.

Other frameworks do not offer the same level of performance with such ease of implementation. So, custom mobile app development becomes a fluent process. On the contrary, frameworks like React Native require more time to complete the development methodology.

6. Abundant Open-source Packages

Today, users demand advanced features in customized mobile applications. For this purpose, you must choose a framework containing modules and a decent library of plug-ins.

During Flutter app development, it is possible for developers to utilize several packages to create advanced features. Notably, any developer can access these elements across the globe. It is possible to update the packages periodically and refine the custom mobile app development process.

7. The Hot Reload Feature

This feature allows developers to perform one or more of the following functions:

  • Fix existent bugs
  • Create new user interfaces
  • Add new features
  • Apply changes to the application

Notably, the hot reload feature is easily accessible from the Flutter debug mode. So, why is this feature crucial for custom mobile app development?

Well, hot reload enables developers to fix common issues quickly without much effort. This aspect saves time in the custom app development process.

8. Highly Suitable for Minimum Viable Product

A minimum viable product (MVP) is an application that has the least functionalities. Companies develop such software to gather customer insights before launching the main software.

Notably, Flutter app development enables corporates to accelerate the process of creating an MVP. This way, the product development stages become more fluent. The various aspects of Flutter lead to saving time, thereby proving suitable for developing an MVP.

To create a good MVP, you can connect with a trusted custom mobile app development company. Such organizations have skilled developers who can make the best utilization of Flutter.

9. Easy Access to Native Features

Flutter enables developers to access native features without hassle.

This ability boosts the custom mobile app development process through the utilization of native languages. As a result, the final application can use features like geolocation and camera functions. Moreover, the use of native elements allows easy storage of crucial data on the user’s device.

So, you can utilize this feature for effective custom mobile app development.

10. Rising Popularity and Application

Flutter has an ever-growing community of developers that publish widgets and other useful material on the official website. In addition, the active forums and easy-to-access documentation prove helpful for custom mobile app development.

You can also find solutions to most Flutter app development queries on the internet. Notably, this framework is becoming preferable to prominent tools like React or Angular. So, it has the potential and features to become the future of custom app development.

Begin Your Custom Mobile App Development with Flutter Today!

Custom mobile app development has become crucial to portray your unique attributes in today’s demanding market. However, the choice of the development framework can impact factors like time, features, and security of the customized apps.

Flutter app development has become quite popular for creating tailor-made applications due to several reasons. The ever-growing online community, hot reload feature, UI widgets, several open-source packages, and native features are some top benefits of this framework.

Flutter can also be a good pick for custom app development as it ensures quick processing and low costs. The high ROI and cross-platform device compatibility can assist businesses in creating useful mobile applications.

So, if you want to capitalize on all these benefits, ensure to connect with a reliable custom mobile app development company. You can connect with skilled Flutter developers through such organizations and develop apps at a brisk pace.

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