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Advantages of Flutter app development for Enterprise-Level Applications

Advantages of Flutter app development for Enterprise-Level Applications
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Enterprise apps and software are becoming more popular across the globe. These productivity-oriented solutions help streamline operations and manage customer relations profoundly.

With a compound annual growth rate of 6.73%, the enterprise software segment is growing in terms of functions and utility.

Still, one aspect is specific with regard to the development of such apps – you must choose apt tools for their creation. Proper selection of technology stack is crucial to utilize enterprise-level applications best.

Flutter app development is one such popular option for building top-notch enterprise-level apps. But what are the aspects that can persuade you to hire Flutter developers? Also, which prominent brands use this open-source framework to create enterprise software?

Find out the straightforward answers to these questions in this intuitive blog.

Understanding Enterprise-level Applications

What are enterprise applications?

Before delving deep into Flutter app development, knowing what you should expect from an enterprise-level application is crucial.

Here are some of the vital aspects for companies that are worth noting:

  • The enterprise software revenue is set to reach USD 272 billion
  • These applications are suitable for all scales of companies, from start-ups to multinational corporations
  • Integration, security, and scalability are the top features of an ideal enterprise-level app
  • Centralized management is a crucial aspect of enterprise software
  • An enterprise-level software should contain an informative dashboard and enable functions like automation

Different businesses can use special enterprise-level software that suits their requirements. Here are some well-known types.

Table: Enterprise Software Types

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Supply Chain Management System (SCMS)
Incident Management System Payroll Management System
Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Email Systems
Office Suiteds Marketing Management System
Sales Management System Portfolio Management Software

Once you hire Flutter developers who understand enterprise apps’ utility, the overall development process becomes smooth. However, as a business technical knowledge of Flutter can prove helpful in finalizing the choice of this framework.

The following section explains Flutter app development, including the main elements of this steady-growing open-source framework.

A Quick Glance at Flutter and Its Utility

Flutter: Basic Information

Before connecting with a dependable Flutter app development company, it is crucial to know some basics.

Here are some main aspects related to Flutter that you should know.

  • Flutter is an open-source application that supports cross-platform development capabilities
  • It supports languages like C, C++, and Dart
  • 42% of software developers use this cross-platform mobile framework
  • This tool makes it possible to develop apps on two mobile platforms (iOS and Android) using a single codebase

Google Pay, eBay Motors, Baidu, Abbey Road Studios, and many other prominent platforms have Flutter as their base. So, Flutter app development is one of the top services that can enhance the online reputation of businesses.

Still, it is interesting to understand why you should hire Flutter developers for an enterprise-style application. The next section explains the top benefits of the same.

Flutter: A Beneficial Framework for Enterprise-level Applications

With Flutter, you do not need to create different applications for distinct devices. In fact, Flutter app development has the capability to save time and utilize a single codebase for mobile and desktops.

In addition, you can notice multiple advantages of choosing Flutter.

1. Top-notch Security

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Enterprise-level applications have sensitive data of users and relevant entities on a single platform. Further, this information contains vital insights into an organization.

As a result, it is conducive to developing an application with robust security features. Flutter app development shines in this regard.

Here are some of the security techniques or elements that you receive with the proper use of Flutter:

  • App permissions
  • Data encryption
  • App sandboxing
  • Simple authorization
  • Support to SSL certificate

In addition, this framework allows code obfuscation. This way, Flutter app development services can make use of such features to conceal the API keys.

Proficient developers also use specific tweaks to improve the security of this open-source framework. For instance, the plugin, Flutter_Secure_Storage can safeguard the application storage space. The RootBear plugin can prevent jailbreaking.

Overall, connecting with a Flutter app development company can prove an excellent decision to notice this benefit.

2. Enticing UI Elements

Enticing UI Elements

Enterprise applications require excellent UI aesthetics. This way, users can enjoy maneuvering through different activities and options in the app.

Through Flutter app development, it is possible to create an interactive UI due to the following aspects:

  • Wide scope of animations
  • Infinite scrolling ability
  • Integration with Google or Apple Maps
  • Possibility of creating a scrollable app
  • Native development experience

With Flutter, it is possible to achieve all these features without any complications. So, availing yourself of Flutter app development services can prove advantageous.

3. Good Hardware Accessibility

Good Hardware Accessibility

As a business, you should know that employees can use different devices to access or use information. Whenever you browse ‘hire Flutter developer,’ it is vital to confirm if the professional understands this aspect thoroughly.

This way, the technician can develop your enterprise-level app by considering hardware compatibility. In Flutter app development, you receive several APIs to support multiple hardware features.

Here are some of the components that such apps support:

  • Microphone
  • Camera
  • Global positioning system
  • Bluetooth
  • Wi-Fi
  • Biometric authentication
  • Accelerometer

Overall, with Flutter, developers can use relevant application programming interfaces (APIs) to use such devices.

4. Layered Architecture Pattern

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Depending on the app, developers prefer working on different application segments at the same time.

Layered architecture makes the task of managing different features of an app easy. In Flutter app development, this form of capability improves developers’ productivity.

A team of multiple developers can work on an enterprise-level application simultaneously.

In addition, authentic Flutter app development services use the following aspects whenever necessary:

  • Simple state control
  • JSON serialization
  • Code detachment
  • JSON deserialization
  • SQLite

Versions like Flutter 3.7 offers a refined, layered architecture and up-to-date development tool. These benefits can prove crucial in developing a reliable enterprise-level application.

So, the unique horizontal architecture is one of the top advantages of Flutter app development.

5. Customization Capabilities

Customization Capabilities

Customized development is one of the most well-known advantages of using Flutter. In the Flutter app development process, technicians can use various tools to create a native app.

This way, you can achieve phenomenal device performance across all prominent platforms. In addition, this aspect allows for high scalability without any impact on the operational performance. Flutter enables enterprise-level apps to run smoothly even after an increment of additional users.

So you do not experience any app downtime despite the size of the application. This factor is vital and encourages many businesses to join the Flutter revolution.

6. The Power of Dart

The Power of Dart

Most developers use Dart as the programming language in Flutter app development. It supports both weak and strong typing styles.

Here are some of the noteworthy facets of Dart that make it a preferred choice for skilled technicians:

  • It is easy to use and understand
  • Dart is open-source and suitable for general use
  • It has an interesting reactive framework
  • You can compile Dart into native code

Notably, developers can perform front and back-end development in a single place. So, Flutter with Dart is an excellent combination for developing enterprise-level applications.

In addition to these primary advantages, Flutter app development has several other benefits. This table contains brief insights on such pros.

Table: Miscellaneous Benefits of Flutter App Development

Benefit Explanation
Open-source Framework Easy access to development and third-party modules
Fast Development Time Good development speed and accessibility
Support from Google Flutter is a Google product
Simple IDE integration Seamless functionality due to integration with Xcode and Android Studio
Easy to Use Ergonomic framework for developers
Fluent Transitions Lightweight framework with fluent transitions
Test-oriented Development Developers can test features alongside the code to prevent bugs and improve stability


As you can notice, Flutter app development has multiple benefits. The enterprise-level applications can become steady, top-quality, and refined due to these advantages.

Well-known Enterprise-level Applications Based on Flutter App Development

By now, it must be clear that Flutter can be an excellent choice for developing enterprise applications. Still, you might be thinking – which prominent businesses have Flutter-based applications?

Knowledge of this aspect can encourage you to hire Flutter developers and finalize this decision confidently.

Google Ads

This online advertising product from Google has Flutter as its operational base. Google Ads was launched in 2000 and supports features like data monitoring, tracking, and bidding.

Overall, this online application is one of the best examples of Flutter app development and its utility.


This journaling application utilizes artificial intelligence (AI) and is an interesting mental health software. Launched in 2017, Reflectly has a soothing user interface, with the dashboard having an intuitive look.

Notably, this app works well on different devices due to Flutter’s cross-platform development utility. So, you can hire Flutter developers to develop such off-beat apps.

The New York Times

This famous brand uses Flutter app development services to publish and display its content. The New York Times has a professional look with features like puzzle games.

So, you can assimilate the wide variety of enterprise-level application capabilities of Flutter from this example.


This prominent online marketplace has Flutter as its foundation. Alibaba, founded in 1999, offers a wide range of products with different payment-centric functionalities.

Notably, e-commerce businesses can hire Flutter developers and develop similar applications that work on various platforms.

To Wrap Up

Enterprise-level applications need careful execution of various elements to achieve perfect functionality. So, the selection of the technology stack and tools for development need to be spot on.

Flutter app development is a popular choice for businesses to create high-quality enterprise applications. This open-source framework has features like cross-platform development, fast speed, ease of use, high security, and convenient APIs.

However, to implement these features in the best way, you need to choose reliable developers. When typing ‘hire Flutter developer,’ you can come across the name of eLuminous Technologies Pvt Ltd. We have a dynamic team of dedicated developers who can cater to any project requirements with the utmost proficiency.

So, leverage the power of Flutter by partnering with us. Your enterprise-level application can find the perfect shape by connecting with our team.

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