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Flutter Revolution: Why Future of Mobile App Development is in India?

Flutter Revolution: Why Future of Mobile App Development is in India?
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The Indian App market’s total revenue peaked at US$1,608.00 million in 2022, and it is anticipated to increase at a CAGR of 7.13% from 2022 to 2027, with a target market size of US$2,393.00 million.

However, the statistics above prove that the future of Mobile app development is in India. But we’ve written this article to explain in more depth why you choose Indian mobile app developers, more specifically, why hire Flutter developers in India for your next project.

India’s rising pool of engineers, software developers, and IT professionals are globally renowned for their ingenuity, ability to solve problems creatively, excellent knowledge of both old and new technology, high levels of English proficiency, and, most significantly, cost-effective services.

Another approach to developing mobile applications cost-effectively, besides hiring Indian app developers, is choosing the cross-platform framework Flutter, which is currently used by 42% of worldwide developers.

Flutter is the first name that comes to any developer’s mind when developing robust and affordable mobile apps. The rise in popularity of Flutter has strong justification. Flutter provides developers with many advantages that expedite the development and result in more streamlined mobile applications. Read more on why Flutter is one of the best cross-platform frameworks.

Tech giants like Microsoft, Facebook, Amazon, TCS, Infosys, Wipro, and others have made cities like Bangalore, Pune, Noida, Delhi-NCR, Hyderabad, etc., their centers. India has become one of the top nations in the global battle for technology and the outsourcing of Flutter developers.

According to Statista, India’s IT Outsourcing revenue is projected to reach US$7.81bn by 2023 and is expected to reach US$12.47bn by 2027. It is illustrated in the below graph

According to Statista, India's IT Outsourcing revenue is projected to reach US$7.81bn by 2023 and is expected to reach US$12.47bn by 2027

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Undoubtedly, Flutter is one of the best SDKs for creating a mobile application and hiring an Indian Flutter app development company will be like a pie for your digital presence.

Let’s explore in more depth how hiring Flutter developers in India helps grow your business 2xfold!

Future of Mobile App Development – Introducing Flutter

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The time and effort needed to develop two distinct codebases is a significant disadvantage to developing a native iOS or Android app. Utilizing a framework like Flutter to create cross-platform software can speed development, cut expenses, and increase user accessibility.

Google developed Flutter, a cross-platform software development kit (SDK) for building mobile applications. To create apps for Android and iOS devices, Flutter employs the Dart programming language. It enables the development of cross-platform, web, desktop, and mobile apps for iOS and Android devices.

When you hire Flutter developers India, they can make fast, high-quality apps. Due to its strong graphics and animation libraries, the Flutter framework makes it simple to develop user interfaces that respond flawlessly to touch.

Flutter is reliable and sturdy, offering countless creative chances to produce beautiful applications quickly. Due to its features and architectural design, Flutter’s development cycle is quick, making it suitable for developing complex apps and games and quick MVPs and prototypes.

Top Mobile Apps Build Using Flutter Technology

Top Benefits of Flutter Mobile App Development

Businesses gain from Flutter because they get premium, fast, inexpensive mobile apps. Among the best front-end development technologies, Flutter stands out. Let’s explore Flutter’s benefits, which make it a top choice among developers and business owners.

Why choose flutter for your dream project

  • Hot Reloading Leads to Faster Development

The hot reload function in Flutter is a potent tool that accelerates app development significantly. A group of Google engineers created this function to enhance developer efficiency and facilitate speedy adjustments. With a fraction of a second between saving the code and the new version showing up on the same screen, hot reload enables developers to view changes they make to their code in real-time.

  • Access to Native Features

Progressive web apps (PWAs) and mobile web pages are widely used instead of native apps by companies that cannot afford to do so. These substitutes, meanwhile, frequently fall short. Flutter fills this need by providing native app performance.

Access to native functionalities is another significant benefit of Flutter. To access native capabilities, developers can utilize Objective-C, Swift, or Java with Flutter. Implementing features like geolocation and the camera using native languages need the assistance of a top Flutter app development company.

  • Huge Library of Widgets

Widgets are the core building blocks for Flutter apps. These can be used to generate an app’s visual and functional elements, such as user input fields, buttons, and text. Flutter’s custom widgets are a true treat when designing incredible looks for your app. You don’t need to worry about the UI on many devices simultaneously.

  • Improved performance of Application

Due to direct code compilation, which has no bridges to slow performance, superfast Flutter apps astound users with their smooth scrolling experience. Flutter apps operate similarly to native ones in terms of speed. Flutter doesn’t rely on any intermediate code representations. Therefore, unlike most cross-platform frameworks, the apps are written straight into the machine code.

  • Flutter is Cost Effective

With the help of Flutter widgets, startups can rapidly create polished business apps, conveying their company’s uniqueness through captivating UI/UX design. With Flutter, you can develop apps faster and with a single code base for both iOS and Android. As a result, if you hire Flutter developers, they will create a mobile application for your company within a budget. Find the cost of hiring Flutter developers in 2023.

  • Operating System and Browser Flexibility

Flutter’s code reusability allows you to write just one codebase and use it for mobile Android and iOS, web, desktop, and more. This cuts development time significantly, removes the cost, and enables you to launch your app faster. Moreover, Google enabled Flutter mobile apps with web support which means web view control allows the view and display of dynamic content without rewriting.

  • Publicly Accessible

Flutter is an open-source framework with strong community support that aids in creating robust mobile applications for your business. In addition, Google uses Flutter to create the user interface and applications for Google Fuchsia, their multi-platform operating system. With such support, this framework is believed to last long.

A skilled Flutter app development company in India can maximize this platform’s advantages. You will achieve many more hidden benefits when you hire Flutter developers in India, along with high-quality solutions. In the following session, let’s explore each of them.

Why Hire Flutter Developers in India? – Future of Mobile App Development

Why Hire Flutter Developers in India in 2023?

India is the #1 choice when it comes to outsourcing software development because it has the lowest labor rate, $15$25 per hour, and is the second-largest English-speaking nation on the globe. Therefore, hiring Flutter developers in India is a profitable business move. Let’s explore some other benefits of hiring Indian Flutter programmers in greater depth.

1. A Vast Pool of Tech Talent

A Vast Pool of Tech Talent

India has maintained a leading position regarding having a large pool of talented and skilled people resources. Every year, India adds over 3.1 million new students to the workforce. Even large corporations like Google have been forced to open a new R&D (Research and Development) Center in this nation due to it.

In 2021, there were 26.9 million software developers worldwide, according to the most recent research by Evan Data Corporation. The USA came in the top spot, making up 16% of the global population. India came in second place, accounting for 12% of all software developers worldwide.

With a growth rate of 39%, India will have the most extensive developer base worldwide by 2024. The number of computer engineering and software development graduates has been increasing in India. By the beginning of 2024, India will have 5.2 million software developers, compared to 4.4 million in the USA.

By 2024, India will be ahead of the USA in software development

In addition to having an extensive talent pool, India is blessed with a large number of IT professionals who are knowledgeable in their fields, which is why so many businesses choose to hire Flutter developers in India.

Many billions of dollars companies like CISCO, Oracle, and HP have chosen India for outsourcing because of the ease of availing talented resources and obtaining expected results in quick turnaround times. Thus, in India, you can easily hire Flutter developers who fit your project requirement out of the massive talent pool available here.

2. Effective Communication & High Transparency

Effective communication & high transparency

Most Indian developers are educated and skilled in spoken and written English. Indian developers are an attractive business proposition for Indian IT companies searching for global contracts due to their combination of soft and hard abilities.

India stands out as the “Second-largest English-speaking country worldwide,“. In India, unlike China and Ukraine, English is taught as the first language and integrated into the curriculum. India’s success as a destination for software development outsourcing on a worldwide scale has been significantly influenced by the availability of a competent workforce with English-speaking capabilities.

Moreover, cultural differences are no longer a challenge as Indian software developers have worked with teams and clients in different geographies – Japanese, American, German, etc. This helps with cross-border teams where they understand and respect the differences.

3. Time Zone Benefits

Time Zone Benefits

Businesses frequently demand projects to be finished ahead of schedule, highlighting their need for speed. If they are late with the delivery, it suggests that they will be late with the marketing. Faster time to market indicates that businesses can use competitive advantage.

The Flutter app developers in India operate around the clock because of the time difference between India and other nations. They can complete the project on time if they can work around the clock.

India is situated in an ideal location. For nations like the US, Canada, the UK, and Australia—from which Indian software businesses procure software development projects—the +5.30-time zone of India is beneficial.


The Indian developers work during the day and night in the US, where time is nine to ten hours behind. In some instances, Flutter app development services providers in India offer developers who work nights to support US businesses throughout the day. The UK, five and a half hours behind, has a similar scenario. Equal benefits also accrue to Australia, a few hours ahead of India.

Indian Flutter developers are mostly outsourced when in-house developers cannot meet the deadline. Flutter app development company works around the clock and finishes the project on time.

4. Hire Indian Flutter Developers at Low Cost

Hire Indian Flutter Developers at Low Cost

This is one of India’s main advantages in the software development outsourcing sector. Companies can potentially reduce their IT cost by 20–30% by outsourcing their demands for custom mobile app development to India. Nearshore outsourcing is also a new trend assuring businesses to succeed within the budget.

Working with an Indian Flutter mobile app development company gives you access to skilled workers for a more affordable price than you would have to pay in the West. Even hourly rates are advantageous for US, UK, or German businesses.

California is still 140% more expensive than Bangalore, which is regarded as India’s most expensive IT powerhouse. In addition, 59% of multinational corporations hire Indian offshore developers to reduce the cost of software development.

For instance, the average pay for a senior developer in the US is from $65 to $130 per hour, while it is closer to $25 to $50 in India. You may be confident that you will be free of any unforeseen costs when you hire Flutter developers in India. There is a great deal of transparency, which will assist you in making the best choice.

5. Extensive Technical Skills

Extensive Technical Skills

According to a recent study, Indian software professionals outperform US developers by 11% in arithmetic, logic, and analytical skills, and they excel at advanced C++ programming.

Indian mobile app developers are very skilled in technical fields. Most are skilled across various platforms, programming languages, frameworks, etc. Many are front-end and back-end, capable full-stack developers. Additionally, several developers have years of experience creating apps for both iOS and Android.

Simply said, India has always been an essential player in the development of technology around the world. Therefore, Indian mobile app developers seem to be the best alternative if you’re trying to hire Flutter developers for a variety of services.

Indian programmers have experience dealing with clients from throughout the world. This enables individuals to absorb the best practices and productivity tools, enabling them to discover the most effective methods. To be more specific, this has been a critical component in establishing a globalized culture among Indian coders.

6. Indian Flutter Developers Offer Flexibility

Indian Flutter Developers Offer Flexibility

Flexibility is yet another reason companies hire Indian Flutter mobile app development companies. They are more adaptive and open to flexible working hours than their counterparts in the US, UK, and other Western countries.

Indian Flutter developers take charge of the project and strive to produce the best results. They are compassionate towards the responsibilities assigned by clients, treating them as their own and going above and above to provide a competitive edge. Additionally, they are customer-focused and provide post-maintenance care even after the software solution has been successfully launched. So, it’s reasonable for you to hire Flutter developers from a reputable Flutter app development agency in India.

7. Gain a Positive Attitude Towards Work

Gain a Positive Attitude Towards Work

Indian software developers have the solid technical expertise and the proper work ethic to make sure they innovate and provide value across the software development lifecycle.

One-third of Indian software developers, according to HackerRank research, are solely self-taught, demonstrating their eagerness to pick up new technologies rapidly and adapt to stay one step ahead of the competition. Additionally, Indian engineers have experience working with numerous teams and clients worldwide, which has given them an open mind and responsive mindset. As a result, they are quick learners.

Flutter developers from India have a solid technical foundation and a positive work ethic. To ensure that they innovate and provide value throughout the software development lifecycle, Indian developers are diligent and clever in how they enter projects. Companies that hire Flutter developers with this approach are in the best financial position.

8. 24×7 Support & Maintenance

24x7 Support & Maintenance

Even if there are time zone disparities, when you hire Flutter developers in India, they can offer around-the-clock Flutter app development services because they have become adept at responding to time zone needs.

Indian developers are willing to work in multiple time zones to complete the project because they are used to working for multinational clientele. They are not afraid to put in more hours to fulfill deadlines if necessary. Despite the difficulties encountered during the development process, Indian developers are ready to provide unpaid hours to the client’s project to reach the deadline.

Thus, outsourcing software development to India is the better option for most Western enterprises looking for hands-on support on their project.

How eLuminous can Help You?

eLuminous Technologies is a leading Flutter app development agency in India. With more than 20 years of experience in the software development industry, we have successfully completed 500+ projects in various technology. You can hire Flutter developers from us at the best market price on an hourly/monthly/fixed project basis.

Customers are drawn to our developers not just because of the low cost; they keep employing them because they provide excellent quality. And this is the main factor behind our leadership position in the field of custom software development.

Book your two-week trial period today!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why do businesses select Flutter?

Flutter is regarded as one of the top options for mobile app development, particularly for cross-platform app development. Its unique methodology, which combines the best of cross-platform and native development, enables companies to develop digital solutions swiftly.

  • Why does India excel at developing software?

India has become the world’s top outsourcing hub for several factors, including the amount of talent, low costs, simple availability, customer happiness, and excellent economic growth.

  • Flutter or React Native, which is best for mobile application development?

Both are the leading cross-platform frameworks, but Flutter stands out in terms of the effective and faster development cycle. Read our blog Flutter vs React Native for more clarity.

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