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How much does it cost to Hire Dedicated React Developer in India?

How much does it cost to Hire Dedicated React Developer in India?
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India is renowned as one of the top nations for hiring high-quality offshore software developers and IT services. Major companies in Europe and North America frequently turn to India for all types of web and app development requirements because of the country’s highly qualified developers and affordable development.

As the top React JS development company in India, we frequently get asked how much it costs to hire React developer in India. This blog is a detailed guide to all such questions!

The price for developers varies depending on the candidate’s experience and the needs of the business. So, we’ll thoroughly examine the cost of hiring a React developer in this article.

cost of hiring a React developer

React JS, one of the best front-end development frameworks, has all the tools necessary to create a website with a seamless user experience and interface. For creating interactive UI features that can be quick to design and simple to comprehend, Reactjs is frequently used. In January 2022, data studies indicate that React downloads exceeded a staggering 58.99 million monthly.

With increasing demand, it is becoming quite challenging to hire React developers in India. Hence finding a dedicated ReactJS developer at the best price has become essential. To get some idea of the cost, check out the cost of hiring software developers worldwide. (Source: Statista)


Average salaries of software developers worldwide as of early 2022

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India is one of the best places to outsource React JS development. Hire a ReactJS development company in India that aim to astonish your consumers by giving a high-end user experience with dynamic UI and feature-rich applications in order to gain a competitive advantage as everyone goes digital.

The very first step towards the success of any React application is to hire React developer in India who understands the exact requirements of your project. In addition, various factors play a big part in the cost of employing React engineers. Payscale estimates that the average cost of employing a React developer is between $69k and $126k per year, while actual costs may differ based on factors like location, experience, talents, and mode of engagement.

We’ll go over each one in depth in this article and give you a rough idea of how much it will ultimately cost to hire React developer in India.

Factors affecting the Cost to Hire React Developer in India

Factors affecting the Cost to Hire React Developer in India

The cost of resources is a major consideration when outsourcing React JS development. In order to help you make educated decisions when outsourcing your software development project to India, we’ve covered the leading causes of variances in developer costs in India.

  • Project Size

Project Size

The cost to hire React developer in India may vary depending on the project’s scope. The project size also affects the level of competence, the overall time required to hire a developer, and the development processes.


Let’s see how the cost varies with the project size.

Small-Scale Projects

Simple features and few integrations in a small-scale project reduce React developers’ development time and engagement. Thus, the project can be completed by a single developer in fewer hours, leading to less cost.

Medium-Scale Projects

More developers are required for medium-sized projects than smaller ones. A medium-sized project might already have a web app but need more chat capability, connectors, or features.

Large-Scale Projects

An enterprise-grade project will have more features, more robust security, and more integrations, which will take more time to construct. Such initiatives require a team of developers, specialists, project managers, and QAs, which increases the overall development cost.

  • Project Complexity

Project Complexity

Your developer’s salary will increase as your project’s complexity increases. A larger development budget is required for apps with complex features and data requirements. The development cost will increase if you want complex features like map integration, payment gateways, media streaming, etc.
For example, applications with only one page, like Maps and Gmail, require less time and efforts. While the dynamic and real-time nature of social networking apps makes their development more tim-consuming & difficult.

  • Skills Requirement

Skills Requirement

When it comes to skill-building requirements, every project is different. Similarly, there are particular qualities you should look for in a developer when recruiting React developers. Each project has a unique set of skills that must be mastered. According to industry norms, a ReactJS developer’s skill set affects salary.


The following are the standard qualifications for a React professional.

Junior Developer

Proficiency with JavaScript, CSS, HTML, and React; knowledge of coding and debugging; knowledge of Git source control; basic skills in UX design.

Mid-level Developer

Experience with more complex development activities, such as class and functional components, API data fetching, React testing libraries, DevOps, UI development and design, coding, and automated deployments.

Senior Developer

Capable of leading and training a development team, with experience in developing whole applications, third-party integrations, debugging, React libraries, and awareness of the most recent market trends.

Every developer has any number of skills. You must take all of those skills into account while calculating the price. To do this, align all the technical skills a developer should possess, then use your list to gauge each developer’s proficiency in these areas during interviews.

  •  Level of Experience

 Level of Experience

The cost to hire React developer in India is greatly influenced by developers’ experience in software development, just like it is in any other business. India experiences a high inflation rate, ranging between 7 and 10%, in contrast to the US and Europe, where the Y-O-Y inflation rate is as low as 1-2%. An Indian developer’s salary often increases by 10–30% annually. Therefore, developers with more professional experience charge more.

But other factors affect cost besides the number of years. Experience with a range of projects among developers is essential as well. A developer with five years’ worth of experience working on a similar project might not cost as much as one with three years’ worth of experience who is working on other projects.

  •  Complexity of Features

 Complexity of Features

Features are the backbone of your application and the essential factors directly affecting the cost to hire React developer in India. Numerous features attract more user interest in applications. Simple features are typically free; however, complicated features are usually charged, which raises the cost of development. You’ll need a developer with specific skills to integrate complex features (payment integration, video streaming, map integration, etc.).

Finding React developers with knowledge of incorporating these elements into the application would be ideal. Therefore, you must keep in mind that the cost of hiring React developers in India will depend on the complexity of features in your application.

  • Geographical Location

Geographical Location

The location of a developer is another factor that plays a crucial role in the cost of hiring React JS developer India. Candidates who must move away from their hometown will have higher demand than those who live nearby.
Thus, local candidates must be preferred if you have a limited hiring budget. Being an experienced React JS development company in India, we advise selecting individuals from the local area while maintaining a strict standard for experience and knowledge because, in the end, quality matters.

  • Engagement Model

Engagement Model

The method you use to hire React developer in India will also affect their average salary. While the time-based model, such as hourly and monthly models, is one that we are accustomed to, other engagement models include dedicated and fixed prices.


Let’s discuss them:

Dedicated model

In the dedicated approach, you employ a developer for a prolonged project that doesn’t have definite deadlines or set specifications. You, as the client, can choose the size of a dedicated team in accordance with your needs. The final compensation will be impacted if the development process shortens or lengthens during the workflow.

Fixed price model

The scope, budget, and time restrictions for hiring developers are fixed under a fixed-price model. The scope of the task must be well defined because there is no room for adjustments throughout development. The fixed price approach, however, is best for businesses with fixed budgets.

  • Team Size

Team Size

The number, area of expertise, and level of competence of team members per project also impact how much a React developer charges. The more complicated projects require a dedicated software development team, including a project manager, designer, developer, and QA analyst, which raises the total cost.

Additional Cost incurred While Hiring React Developer

There are some additional expenditures regarding the cost of hiring a software developer. The first is the inescapable decrease in productivity that occurs whenever you hire a new employee. You’ll also need to spend on training and onboarding costs.

  • Productivity loss- 75%, or $6,883, using the average monthly wage.
  •  Training expenses- 5% of the overall project cost
  • Onboarding expenses- average onboarding cost totaled $300 per employee.

Average Cost to Hire React Developer in India

Average Cost to Hire React Developer in India

As discussed, there is no fixed amount that React JS developers charge. Thus, the cost to hire React developer in India or to outsource React JS development from India varies with changes in the project needs.

The cost of hiring a react developer may also vary depending on the talent you need (in-house or remote react developers). Compared to hiring remote react developers, employing in-house developers can be more expensive because numerous additional costs must be paid to complete the hiring process.

Employing in-house ReactJS developers often costs $15 to $100 per hour, which may be expensive for owners of small businesses.
Hence outsource React JS development to cut the cost. The React JS outsourcing companies control the recruiting and dealing of the React developer to work on your project. Moreover, you will end up paying developers only for their work. You can outsource React JS developers in India at an average cost of $25-$40/hour.

Let’s discover the average cost to hire React developer in India based on the level of experience, the expertise of the React developer, and the complexity of your project.

cost to hire React developer in India based on the level of experience

cost to hire React developer in India based on expertise

cost to hire React developer in India based on project complexity

Smart Tips to Reduce the Overall React JS Development Cost

Out of our 20 years of expertise in web and mobile app development, we have covered the top 5 methods. By applying them, you may keep the cost of your project within the pre-determined budget.

Cost of React Developer

1. Setting wage expectations with the developer is necessary once the project’s specifications and deadlines are known. Before moving further, you should be open and honest about your budget and negotiate the amount with the developer.

2. Identify the time needed for the developer to finish the task. For short-term jobs, a good contractor will be a better option than an employee. You might save your project costs by up to 40% by hiring a contractor. Hire a full-time dedicated ReactJS developer if this is a long-term project or if the developer is a vital element of your team.

3. Pick the area where the developer will have a base of operations. With the right location, you might be able to reduce costs by 15% to 40% without compromising quality. If you employ a combination of these factors, you will be able to identify the best ReactJS developers within your price range.

4. Identify the developer expertise level required to tackle the problem. When choosing a developer, knowing the task’s complexity may help you sort off unnecessary possibilities. Doing this might save between 20% to 40% of your expenses.

5. Decide which technologies the developer has to be knowledgeable with to create a robust application. The appropriate technology choice will determine other factors. You’ll save money when the project is scaled up as well.


You must first understand your project requirements before answering the question, “How much does it cost to hire a React developer in India?” With a remote worker, you receive quality, flexibility, and affordability assurance, which can improve your finished product.
Based on the information above, we hope you can estimate the cost of hiring a React developer in India for your upcoming project.

However, in addition to the project budget, another crucial factor is the developer’s experience and expertise in the field, which you should maintain.

If your project is small or you want to hire freelancers, don’t forget to check their portfolio and reviews from previous clients on freelance hiring platforms like Topdevelopers. co, Upwork, Good firm, etc.

In contrast, if you want to hire a ReactJS Development Company, it is always a good idea to look for customer reviews on review platforms like Clutch (Top rated Clutch dedicated developers list) to get a better idea about their nature of work and expertise before you hire.

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