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Outsource ReactJS Development – A Complete Guide

Outsource ReactJS Development – A Complete Guide
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Do you know that currently, 10,710,588 live websites built using React JS? This number is significantly increasing day by day. React JS is an open-source JavaScript library with wonderful features to develop highly scalable and robust web applications.

Due to this technology’s increasing popularity and amazing functionality, every start-up and established business wants to develop websites using React JS only. According to various business owners, outsourcing React JS development is the most cost-effective way to build custom web applications.

In countries like USA and UK, developers’ salaries are very high ( US $ 81765 yearly). Hence, it’s a good decision to outsource React JS development from counties like India. When you hire React developer India, you will get access to a vast pool of talent, but that too in much less than your pre-decided budget.

According to Statista, the global market size of outsourced services is 92.5bn USD. This stat proves that everyone is looking for outsourcing developers. We understand some of you are still confused about whether to hire in-house or outsource ReactJS development.




This blog will help to clear all doubts about outsourcing React JS development. Hence after reading this blog, you will be in a better state to answer-

  • Is outsourcing a good decision?
  • How can I outsource top talent?

All businesses intend to lower the cost of operations while improving productivity. When you outsource ReactJS development from React JS development company, you can develop an engaging and interactive website within your budget.

React JS is one of the most popular JavaScript frameworks among all the front-end technologies. Almost 68.9% of developers show interest in this technology (according to the Stack Overflow survey). Moreover, React JS stood 2nd among the most used technology among developers in 2022.

Based on the above reports, finding React JS developers is not tough. But still, outsourcing React development is an effective way to utilize this technology’s features and develop feature-rich, highly customized applications.

Before expanding our guide on outsource React JS development, let’s first put some light on the unique and mind-blowing feature of React js, which makes it businesses’ and developers’ favorite.

Why is React JS the top choice for web application development in 2022?

There are various amazing features of ReactJS that make it the KING of development. We have listed here some of the top ones.
Top React JS Features

  • Virtual DOM

DOM (Document Object Model) is a tree-like structure in which each node represents a component carrying particular logic. The Virtual DOM is nothing just a copy of the real DOM. Whenever the user input data, the component changes, and the structure of Virtual DOM also changes. The Virtual DOM is then compared with the real DOM, and only that part where there is a difference is changed in the real DOM. This way, component rendering is very fast, resulting in faster application development.

  • Component Architecture

Everything in React JS is treated as components. It is not wrong to say that the web interfaces of React JS applications are made of a combination of several components. Each component carries certain logic written in JavaScript. Keeping the state out of DOM, we can easily pass rich data through the application. Hence without affecting the DOM, developers can rely on the data across the application.

  • High Flexibility

React JS is one of the most flexible front-end technologies. It consists of a wide range of helpful tools that help developers to develop complex applications effectively. Moreover, if you need, add additional functionality in the form of open-source packages.

  • SEO-Friendly

If your application is search engine optimized (SEO), the chances of ranking it on SERP (Search Engine Result Page) increases. React JS, when paired with Gatsby and Next.js, enhances the page load speed, which increases the user experience. Higher page loading speed is one of the critical factors of Google ranking.

  • Stable Code

The changes in React JS code base are backward compatible. Various tools in this technology help React developers follow the best practices and help to easily migrate to the newer version.

  • Easy to Learn

Developers who have expertise in plain JavaScript and HTML can easily work on React JS. Moreover, the core concept of this technology is very easy to grab. Hence any newbie developer can start working on React JS without any difficulty.

  • Great Community

The community of React JS is very vast. As we know, React JS is an open-source library; hence, many issues are already solved, and solutions are available to reuse in the form of open-source packages. Thus, developers quickly get support when stuck in any problem while developing applications.

TOP 7 Reasons to Outsource React JS Development

Why you should Outsource React JS Development

The benefits and scope of React JS are known to all of you. If you plan to integrate this technology into your company’s workflow, outsourcing is the best approach. Let’s closely examine the top benefits of outsourcing development for your next project.

  • Cost-Effective

Cost Effective

The top advantage of outsourcing is cost savings. If you outsource React JS development, you will only pay for the work done by the developer, with no need to pay any bonus or fixed monthly salary as in the case of in-house developers. According to Statista, the average salary of developers in the US is 117,126 US dollars yearly. Don’t you think outsourcing will cost you less?

Moreover, the overall project cost is reduced because remote developers don’t require office space, workstations, or other physical amenities. When you hire React JS developers from top outsourcing companies, you aren’t required to provide benefits like fully-embed employees.

  • Quick Time to Market

Faster Time-To-Market

When you put software development in the hands of third-party outsourcing partners, you will develop your application faster. Because by outsourcing a dedicated software development team, you are putting your project in the hands of an expert.

With remote teams, everything is streamlined, due to which development cycles and delivery times increase. If you want to update your existing application, the time to market is critical; in that case, it is better to outsource React JS development.

  • Access to the wide talent pool

Find Right Talent Across the Globe

While outsourcing React JS development, you are not limited to local developers; instead, get access to potential React JS developers across the globe. In many countries, the cost to hire developers is very high; in such a situation outsources React developers to India or other counties where the cost to hire developers is less is profitable for you.

These talented developers have broader perspectives that will help to develop feature-rich and highly scalable applications. The development will be faster as all the issues that arise during development will be handled effectively by the expert developer.

  • More Focus on Business Processes

More Focus on Business Processes

When you outsource React JS development to a capable and experienced team, you get free from all the tension of screening and interviewing candidates. You can invest this time in thinking about the core business activities, such as analyzing data and making better business strategies. Hence outsourcing helps you to keep focused on essential business activities. It increases the chances of expanding your business.

  • Easy to Maintain Team

Effective Team Management

One more top reason to outsource ReactJS development as you don’t need to invest time in maintaining the team. Also, no cost investment from your side is required for team maintenance. The outsourcing company is responsible for everything from providing the latest tools and technologies, handling development issues, and team collaboration to skill updates. Hence, outsourcing developers from a top React JS development company allows you to benefit from the company’s support & maintenance services.

  • Higher Scaling Flexibility

Outsource React JS Development Enhance Flexibility

If you want to expand your business, the lack of workforce can be an obstacle for you. Hiring an in-house developer will take time because a lot of time is invested in shortlisting applications and screening and interviewing candidates.

On the other hand, while working with outsourcing companies, you can easily increase or decrease the strength of React JS developers as per your project need. Hence when you outsource React JS development, you will get a lot of flexibility to scale up your project.

  • Less Paper Work & Tax Benefits

Less Paper Work & Tax Payment

When hiring in-house developers, you have to indulge in tedious paperwork such as salary file management, employee contracts, financial statement, and tax returns. While if you outsource developers from React JS development company, all the paperwork will be handled by them only. The service agreement is the only document that is needed.

One more positive point to outsourcing React JS development is you can save tons on taxes. As we know, overhead expenses are very high in some countries. But if you outsource development from countries like India, where tax is less than in other countries, it would yield considerable tax benefits. Hence outsourcing React JS development to India will help you develop your project in less than the pre-decided budget.

How can we find the best company to outsource React JS Development?

How to Select Best Outsourcing Companies

According to Statista, almost 74% of businesses outsource business processes. Hence competition is very high to find the best outsourcing React JS development company.

Choosing the wrong company will suffer your project. We have included some points you should consider while hiring React JS developers from outsourcing companies.

Read a detailed guide on how to hire React JS developers quickly by overcoming the challenges.

  • Portfolio & Past Work

Check Portfolio of Outsourcing Companies

Looking into the past work and portfolio of the outsourcing team will help you judge their expertise in the field. Moreover, if they have done any similar project, you have one more point in favor. Hence, make sure to check –

  • What kind of web and mobile applications have they developed?
  • What’s the success level of all these applications?
  • Check Work portfolio thoroughly
  • If their skills match your requirements.
  • If the outsourcing company can handle a project of your scale.
  • Reviews & Recommendation

Reviews & Recommendation

Checking the portfolio will let you look into the quality of work of a team. But if we get a chance to see the reviews and recommendations, it will allow you to understand the soft skills of outsourcing developers. Soft skills such as effective communication, time management, meeting deadlines, etc., help to produce high-quality results.

You can check the reviews on sites like Clutch, Glassdoor, and Top developers. Co, etc. Moreover, you can check on social media platforms like LinkedIn for recommendations. Also, look for negative comments and weigh them against the benefits before making any final decision.

  • Testimonials of Clients

Testimonials of Clients

Image Source

The client testimonials will help you explore the points the portfolio does not cover. The client testimonial gives you a deep insight into the company’s work culture. Sometimes the portfolio can be faked, but the testimonials are true words of the client based on experience with the outsourcing company.

  • Developers Expertise

Developer Expertise

Check the expertise of outsourcing developers in React JS technology through the given points.

  • He must be familiar with useful tools like HockeyApp, Enzyme, Redux, etc.
  • The codes produced by the developer must be consistent and understandable.
  • Must have expertise in plain JavaScript
  • Must know various Architectural patterns
  • Must have a deep understanding of testing and third-party tools

Top Places to Outsource ReactJS Development

Where can you find Best Outsourcing Companies

Outsourcing is more cost-effective than hiring in-house. That’s why there is an increase in demand for outsourcing developers. Due to this, various leading React JS development companies started to outsource their proficient developers. Let’s see where we can find these companies.

  • Clutch

It is one of the biggest platforms where all the top industries in each domain are registered. Here you can find a vast number of leading React JS development companies. Check out in the below image there are 45011 web developers on this platform.

Clutch Reviews

Image Source

You can select the best React JS development company here based on the ratings and reviews given by clients. For example, look at the wonderful reviews given by clients to eLuminous Technologies (One of the top companies to outsource React JS developers)




Image source


Image source

Topdevelopers. co consists of a list of top companies that are providing outsource React JS development services that can help onboard the talented developers in your dream project. Here you can explore the researched list of experienced web and custom software developers, Digital marketing agencies, UI/UX developers, and all other IT services. The verified reviews of each company will help you choose the right talent for your applications.

  • Upwork


Image source

Upwork is an excellent platform for outsourcing freelancers. You can easily hire top outsourcing companies to fill your skill gaps. You can hire developers from a flexible hiring model- monthly, hourly, and fixed projects.

  • LinkedIn


Image source

LinkedIn is a popular social media B2B platform. All big and small enterprises have a profile on LinkedIn. You can search for top companies to outsource React JS development. Thoroughly check the profile of each company before selecting anyone.


Essential Checklist to Outsource ReactJS development

Essential Checklist to Outsource ReactJS development

There are certainly best practices and pitfalls to avoid when you outsource React JS development. Go through the checklist below to achieve highly scalable applications.

  • It is better to be transparent and clear while communicating with remote developers. Convey your goals, requirements, and limitations to the outsourcing company.
  • Set up a weekly meeting with the developer to check the project status.
  • Treat the remote developer as a part of your team, not as a dispensable resource. Everyone is highly productive in a positive environment.
  • Divide the whole development process into small steps with individual deadlines.
  • Unless it is necessary, don’t suggest frequent changes to the product.
  • Trust the developer’s skill and allow them to take the upper hand in the areas you are unfamiliar with.
  • Don’t mix workflow stages and keep backlogs, as doing so will create faults in your application.
  • Set a realistic budget and timeline that can be easily achieved. It will encourage the developers to do better.


Cost to Outsource ReactJS development

Cost to Outsource ReactJS development-

The cost to outsource front-end React developers depends on various factors such as the complexity of applications, the number of features you want to add, developer location, developer experience, and so on. Check out the average cost to outsource developers across the globe in the tables below.

Cost to Outsource ReactJS development

Average Salary

Final Words

Outsourcing React JS development will undoubtedly lower your project’s cost. Moreover, you don’t need to invest time in onboarding or screening candidates. You can invest this time in doing some other core business activities. But make sure to choose the best outsourcing company that has good reviews and great word of mouth by clients.

We hope this guide will help to clear up all your doubts about outsourcing developers. If you still have any queries contact us, we provide a free consultation.

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