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How to Hire React Native Developers: A Comprehensive Guide

How to Hire React Native Developers A Comprehensive Guide
blog-author Richa TL, Technical Writer

Are you also one of them who are amazed by the features and functionalities of apps like Facebook, Instagram, Skype, Walmart, Tesla, UberEATS, etc.? Yes, then you should know the hero behind the stunning UI/UX of all these apps-its React Native technology.

If you want to develop such user-friendly and feature-rich mobile applications for your business, then hire React Native developer. A proficient React Native developer can create customized mobile apps for both Android and iOS platforms within your pre-decided budget.

Finding the right developer or development team is never an easy task. It’s a time taking the process and has to be done precisely. Selecting the wrong team or person will affect the final look and feel of your application. That’s why we came up with this blog which is a complete guide on how to hire React Native developers. Pursue this blog till the end and hire the right person for your dream project.

React Native is the first choice for start-ups and one of the best tech stacks for cross-platform app development. This framework is mainly used for front-end development, hence hire React Native developers from a professional front-end development company.

From the start-up to the fortune 500, companies are using this framework. According to Stack share 1953, companies using React Native in their tech stack. Almost 33,000 apps are built on this framework. Moreover, this framework has a market share of 16.99%, check out in the image below.

React Native Mobile Development


It proves that React Native developers are in much demand. There are various reasons behind its increasing popularity. Still, the most crucial one is the architecture of React Native, which allows developers to develop applications across different platforms using the same code. It results in faster application development. Other vital features of this framework are:


Why React Native for Mobile App Development


After checking out these benefits don’t you think React Native is the right tech stack to achieve a highly scalable and robust application? A dedicated developer knows better how to utilize the technology in the best possible way for your business. Hence hire React Native developers if you desire to leverage this tech stack fully.

Let’s briefly overview this framework and understand the roles and responsibilities of the React Native developers before diving deep into the procedure to hire React Native app developers.

Quick Overview of React Native Technology

React Native for Mobile App Development


React Native is an open-source, popular JavaScript framework also known as RN. It is based on the leading technology- React, which was developed by Facebook. Facebook launched React native in 2015. React is used for web app development, whereas React Native was created to solve the main issue of maintaining separate code bases for Android and iOS. But the architecture and functionality of both are the same. This framework has powered a lot of stunning apps.


Top 10 Popular Apps Built with React Native


This framework utilizes the combination of JSX, JavaScript, and XML-Esque markup and develops mobile applications for both Android and iOS. The mobile apps developed use C for iOS and native rendering APIs in Java for Android. Many new mobile apps or cross-platform frameworks have been launched in the past few years but React Native is still maintaining its presence. According to Statista, it stood at 2nd position among the most used framework among developers globally.

Understand the Roles and Responsibility of React Native Developer

React Native Developer Roles and Responsibility


A React Native developer has a deep knowledge of native platforms and JavaScript. As they work on the front-end part of the app simultaneously, they require knowledge of cross-platform compatibility and API services along with the application’s integration infrastructure. Let’s discover the roles and responsibilities of a React Native developer in developing your mobile applications.

  • Ability to develop complex and feature-rich apps.
  • Increase the efficiency of a close-to-native program.
  • Ability to find and fix bugs.
  • Turn React Web app to React mobile application.
  • Optimize elements for optimal efficiency
  • Create high-quality programming from wireframes and prototypes.
  •  When required, work with native modules.
  • Eliminate performance bottlenecks to improve app performance.
  • Work with Redux architecture and enhance the performance of mobile apps.
  • Build apps within pre-decided time and budget by coordinating with the cross-functional team.
  • Create automation checks to ease the testing of software.

Let’s dive deeper into the things to consider while going to hire React Native developers.

Important Checklist While Going to Hire React Native Developers

Things to consider while going to Hire React Native Developer


To onboard the right, React Native developer for your next project, we need to consider various crucial points. We have listed all such things to consider while going to hire React Native developers for your next project. Thoroughly go through all the points below, and when you come across any proficient development team, do check whether they possess all these qualities or not before taking the final call.


Non-Technical Skills of a React Native Developer

It’s not only about the technical expertise of a developer, which you should check. Checking soft skills is equally important. It will help you understand how sincerely and efficiently a person will complete your application. The non-technical skills talk about candidates’ personalities and are even more important than technical skills.

Soft Skills of a React Native Developer


Depending on the seniority, the list of soft skills changes. For example, a senior developer should have skills like leadership, helpfulness, and a problem-solving attitude, while a junior-level developer should possess a learning and grasping attitude. Here we will cover some of the most crucial non-technical expertise of a React Native developer.


  • Good Communication

    Essential Communication Skills

In today’s remote work culture, communication plays a vital role in team collaboration. A developer must communicate well and in a timely manner. Make sure there are open lines of communication between React Native developers and the rest of the team. In this way, the hired developer can quickly raise their concerns with the right words, resulting in faster application development.

While going to hire React Native developers, discuss their hours of work and means of communication. If they live in a different country, check out the common working hours during which you can connect with them. Moreover, you can discuss the communication channel they are comfortable with and check are these tools used internally in your organization.


  • Problem Solving Skills

    Problem Solving Skills


Problems can arise at any time during any phase of application development. An analytic and creative developer can seamlessly find the issues and figure out solutions to overcome them. It is often seen that even an experienced person loses confidence when anything goes wrong. Hence make sure that the developer you select must be able to do their research and come up with a possible solution without disturbing the overall budget.


  • Great Adaptability

    Adaptability Examples


Adaptability means the ability to adapt to new things. A developer should be adaptable as the industry is constantly changing; hence it is necessary to have a willing-to-learn attitude. Staying up-to-date with the latest marketing trends will keep a developer relevant and in demand. Do look for these characteristics in the candidates while going to hire React Native developer.


  • Good Time Management

    Time Management Skills


A developer should have good time management skills, as then only he can complete the project before its deadline. It’s vital to know that your project is a top priority, especially when you move into remote work for the first time. Like if you hire a freelancer, they will have other projects too along with yours. Hence before going to hire React Native developers for your next project, do check how good he is at managing their time wisely. You can get an idea by looking at his past work and checking how much time he has taken to complete those.


  • Team Work

    Employability Skills-Teamwork


To succeed anywhere, teamwork is one of the most crucial traits one must possess. Talking about software development, it is a team sport, and it requires multiple inputs at various stages of development. Thus, companies should hire React Native front-end developers who are willing to take feedback, responsibility for their work, and are always ready to share their knowledge. The presence of such a person in the team will definitely increase productivity.


Technical Skills of a React Native Developer

React Native developers must have certain technical skills to develop highly scalable and robust applications. We can divide candidates based on their knowledge level into three categories- Junior, middle, and senior. Let’s check what technical skills each type of developer should possess.


  • Technical Skills of Junior React Native Developer

Technical Skills of a Junior React Native Developer

  • React Native Knowledge

    However, the knowledge of React Native among junior developers is not very high. But at least he should have a basic understanding of the framework and its main components, libraries, and APIs.

  • Write JavaScript Code

    As React Native is a JavaScript framework, a junior React Native developer must know all the features and enhancements of JavaScript. Also, check his coding skills, mainly for JS6 or more.

  • Navigation Skill

    He should have basic app navigation skills such as push, modal, etc.

  • Debugging & Testing

    A junior React Native developer must know basic testing and debugging principles like how to compile, test, and debug a code. He should also be hands-on with tools used for these purposes.

  • Work with Redux

    Redux is a state management tool that enables developers to effectively and efficiently manage states shared across components to create apps that can work in changing environments. Hence a junior developer must be aware of tools that help to manage the state of elements across shared components.


  • Technical Skills of Middle React Native Developer

Technical Skills of a Middle React Native Developer


  • Performance Optimization

    A mid-level React Native developer must know all the common approaches to optimize the performance of various types of apps.

  • Third-Party Integration

    He should know very well how to integrate various third-party services in the app like Paypal, Facebook, Google, etc. Moreover, to extend the functionality of mobile apps he should know how to work with their APIs

  • Develop Mobile Specific Features

    The middle-level React Native developer must know how to add mobile-specific hardware features such as microphones, GPS sensors, cameras, and gyroscopes. While working with these features, he must also know how to overcome the challenges.

  • Sign and Deploy Apps

    A mid-level React Native developer must be aware of signup flow and application deployment. He must know how and from where to get all the components for the flow of signing an app. Moreover, he should know how to deploy apps on the App store and Google Play.


  • Technical skills of Senior React Native Developer

    Technical Skills of a Senior React Native Developer

  • Develop Native Apps

    A senior-level React Native developer must know how to port an existing iOS and Android app successfully. For that, he should have a basic understanding of native app development languages like Java, Kotlin, Objective-c, and Swift.

  • Libraries Integration

    He must be able to integrate all the libraries and frameworks into the application. Moreover, he must know how to make cross-platform mobile apps that are native.

  • Constant Integration and Delivery

    While going to hire React Native developer of senior level, check if he can execute continuous integration and delivery. If yes, he can develop bug-free code and real-time features in mobile apps.

  • Participate in Research and Discussions

    The architecture of an app is pre-decided before entering into development for smooth processes. A senior-level React Native developer is responsible for the app’s architecture, features, and functionality. Hence, he must participate in discussions and research and share ideas and solutions.

  • Effective Team Workflow

    He makes sure that there is smooth communication between all members of the development team. With his years of experience, he should help and groom the junior developers.


How to Hire React Native Developer?

There are three common ways to hire React Native developers.

There are a few common steps involved in hiring developers in each way. Onboarding the right React Native app developer requires preparation to make the entire process stressful less. Let’s cover the effective approach to hiring the right talent for your next project.


The process to hire React Native developer

5-Step Process to Hire React Native developer

   1. Understand your requirement

Firstly, you need to understand the project requirements, like the purpose of app development and the features and functionality you are looking for in the app. Having a deep understanding of your project will give you a brief idea of what type of React Native developer (Junior-level, Mid-level, and Senior-level) you should hire. Consider the below points while defining project requirements.

  • Identify the critical features and core functionality of your app.
  • What problem does your app solve?
  • What services will you offer to users?
  • How do we encourage users to opt for extra services?
  • What is the type of user (supplier, customer, supervisor) in your application?
  • The type of third-party integration you want to include in the app.
  • How do you track the information regarding returned and new users?
  • On which platform (Android and iOS) do you want to run the app?


   2. Prepare the job overview

After understanding the project requirement in this step, create the job overview. The job overview includes the company overview, technical requirements, and the candidate’s skills. The job overview helps to give a clear picture to the hiring team and keeps them in the same boat. Check out the template below for a job overview to hire React Native developers.

Project Overview

  • Tell about the company’s background
  • Tell about the core idea of the project

Technical Requirement of Project

  • The technology stack of your project
  • Graphic rendering and specific features of the app
  • List of third-party integrations


  • Duration of project
  • Engagement model (full-time, part-time)
  • Preferred time zone
  • Expected budget

Skills Checklist

  • Total years of development experience
  • Special Technical Skills
  • Education History
  • Portfolio
  • Activeness on other community forums (GitHub, Stack Overflow, etc.)


   3. Consider different hiring options

Now, you have to decide which hiring option best reflects your project goals. The most commonly used hiring options are:

  • In-house: If you are looking for a full-time employee to take complete control of the project, this option is perfect for you.
  • Freelancers: It is the best option if your project is small and also you have experts to monitor the whole development process.
  • Staff Augmentation: Outsourcing talent is always a good option. You can hire React Native developers from front-end outsourcing firms.


   4. Make a list of short-listed candidates

after publishing the job overview, you will get lots of applications. Now the question is how to pre-qualify the candidates. Select the applications based on the following criteria.

  • Portfolio
  • Experience in a project similar to yours
  • Role in the previous project
  • Recommendations or testimonials from previous clients

Choose the most appropriate applications of 20 candidates and schedule an appointment with them for further interviews.


   5. Interviewing the selected candidates

In this phase, check the proficiency of React Native developers based on the answers to certain questions. Most importantly, select the candidate based on communication, collaboration, project understanding, and React Native programming skills.

Interview question you can ask

  • What is the difference between React Native &React JS?
  • What are the core React components and their usage?
  • How State is used in React Native?
  • What is the Memory leak issue, and how can you resolve it?
  • Tells us about any React Native application you did.
  • How do you overcome the stressful situation at work?
  •  Did you get a chance to apply the time and material approach in your previous job?
  •  How soon can you join the project?
  •  What are the benefits of using React Native for mobile app development?
  •  What is JSX?
  •  What tools do you use to debug React Native app?
  •  Name top 5 mobile apps built using React Native.
  • What is the difference between Hot and Live Reloading?
  • Explain Hooks in React Native

Other than these questions, you can ask some personal questions and questions directly related to your project development.

Final Words

If you follow this guide to hire React Native developer, we are sure you will find a dedicated developer for your future project. We hope all the steps and points are clear to you. If you have any questions, contact us at any time.

At eLuminous technologies, we help companies to hire remote dedicated software developers or dedicated software development teams.

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