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Magento Web Development: An asset to the eCommerce industry.

You all know how the e-commerce industry is taking a great hike nowadays. But I am sure you are not aware of the contribution that Magento Web Development have made to this growing industry. It’s like when you talk about e-commerce, you will be recommended to go with Magento. Magento makes it easier for individuals and developers to configure an e-commerce website and customize it as per the choice. You can add as many products, remove them as per the stock situations without getting a downtime for the website. This is the real beauty of Magento e-commerce, it scales up and down as per your need.

magento web development

There are so many different reasons that most of the reputed companies go with Magento, and some of them are listed below:

Versatile platform:

As I said, you can add & remove the products on the go and can also categorize them as per your choice anytime. With Magento Web Development, you get to implement your own ideas as it allows you to show your website’s unique side to the world. You might have seen some websites have different colors, some have different kinds of filters, offerings, dropdowns, different categories etc., All this is possible with Magento. You can do every change that you want without getting your website performance affected.

Stress-free integration of third party tools:

Want to connect your shopping site with various payment gateways, mailing software or other related applications? Not a problem with Magento. It allows easy integration of various third-party tools like eBay, PayPal, Aweber, mail chimp, google shopping etc. This helps in making the marketing and selling of goods and services available on the website easier. You can add any add-on anytime with the help of a developer without having to suspend the website.

Flexible Content management:

Usually, e-commerce websites are expected to display a huge set of collection on their websites so that customers can choose something of their choice and make an order. If you have a limited range of products, the customer will likely prefer to pick your competitors. To avoid this, Magento Web Development offers a very flexible content management system that have the capability to display more than half a million of products on the website. So you add any number of products, the website won’t get affected. Because of this flexible nature, reputed firms rely on Magento.

Mobile responsive layout:

To meet the growing needs for the mobile responsiveness, Magento has updated its platform which executes each and every website with a mobile responsive layout. This will help you to save time and cost required to build a separate mobile-friendly website for mobile users. So let your customer check your website through any device, be assured that he will have an amazing browsing experience.

Smart Filters:

Magento has this unique filter system that uses the search term clouds, product name filters, color filters, brand filters, size filters, price filters etc. so that people can get what they actually look for. These filters make the shopping experience completely amazing. This also saves the time of developers as they don’t need to code for each and every filter demanded by the site owner.

Vast community support:

As Magento community edition is the open source platform, it carries a vast community support in its operations. More than 240,000 business all over the globe uses Magento for their e-commerce needs. To serve this ever-growing demands for Magento Website Development, there are over 800000 developers worldwide who are working for this community and who manage the updates in Magento as per the industry standards.

SEO & Promotion friendly:

If you are building your site with Magento, be assured that your website is going to rank well in the search engines. It is because of the SEO friendly features that it offers. It has appropriate options to add the title tags, Meta descriptions, Meta keywords, and excerpts etc. which are very important to indexing the website in the search engines. It also allows some of the best social networking platform’s integration for easy sharing, promotions, and selling.

If you too want to build an e-commerce website which leaves your audience impressed, eLuminous technologies have well-qualified and technically adept Magento Developers for hire. No matter what product or services you own, we make an incredible shopping experience for every user that browse the website developed by us.

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