Mendix vs Power Apps: A Head-to-head Comparison

Mendix vs Power Apps: A Head-to-head Comparison
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Ah, application development! A process that brings life to your brand online. Whenever you think about such an IT activity, topics like Mendix vs Power Apps pop up from time to time.
Both low-code platforms are quite popular amongst developers. In fact, over 1,500 companies use Mendix, while nearly 6,000 use Power Apps.

Going by the numbers, you would think, ‘in the powerapps vs mendix comparison, the former is clearly the winner.’ However, the answer is not that simple.

Both these platforms have their set of benefits and limitations. In this blog, we put forth the main points that differentiate Mendix and Power Apps. So, without ado, scroll below and choose a technology that can boost your application development’s output.

Mendix vs Power Apps: A Quick Differentiation

Mendix vs Power Apps: A Quick Differentiation

We will get to explain each comparative point between the two app development platforms. Still, to save time and understand the major differences at a glance, you can refer to this table.

Parameter Mendix Power Apps
Type of platform Low code Not completely low code
Supported platforms Windows, Android, Google, Internet iOS, Mac, Internet, On-premises, Windows
Prominent for Scalability, flexibility, and features Ergonomics, development speed, and Microsoft environment
Utility Good fit for large and mid-scale organizations Useful for different types of enterprises, businesses, and individuals
Extensibility Good Limited
Cost Free to USD 850+ (Source) USD 20/month for Premium

What is Mendix?

What is Mendix?

Now, let us consider the main details of each platform one by one. This way, you can have a better understanding of the Mendix vs Power Apps comparison.

Mendix is a low-code software development platform.

Using this platform, you can simplify and automate the web application development process.

The advantages of using Mendix include the following:

  •  Fast app development speed
  • Constant and regular updates
  • No to low code development approach
  • Cloud native software development platform
  • Comprehensive lifecycle management product

Despite all these advantages, a crucial point to consider while choosing this platform is Mendix cost. This enterprise application development software has many features. But it can be costlier for some businesses.

You can try and explore the free version with limited capabilities. The basic package costs you around USD 53 a month. The charges increase substantially if you want to explore the standard and premium offerings.

What is Power Apps?

What is Power Apps?

The tech giant Microsoft has its own software suite named Power Apps. It has a set of applications, data, connectors, and services with many pre-built technical options.

You get the following types of applications in this software suite:

  • Canvas Apps
  • Model-driven Apps
  • Portals

If you are interested to know more about the types in depth, read our blog on the ‘Types of MS Power Apps.’

Now, coming back to the Mendix vs Power Apps comparison, you need first to take a look at the advantages of the latter:

  • High compatibility level
  • Chance for low code development
  • Integration with MS tools
  • Robust security features

The powerapps low code development is quite possible in the Canvas app module. In addition, it is easy to use and enables you to leverage data sources without hassle.

Notably, Microsoft 365 users can use Power Apps for free. However, you do need to check the duration and buy subscriptions to utilize the premium plans. This plan costs you around USD 20/ month.

Mendix vs Power Apps: Head-on Comparison

Now, let us decode the two low-code platforms pointwise. Here are the main aspects to consider for choosing the most suitable one.

1. Ease of Use and Deployment

Ease of Use and Deployment

Mendix vs Power Apps. Who wins in which factor?

Well, similar to several comparisons in the IT sector, the final decision is subjective. But you can analyze specific points and decide the most suitable low-code platform.

The Mendix vs Power Apps faceoff ends in a tie in this scenario.

  • Both platforms are easy to use
  • Power Apps has a tad better UI/UX (Subjective)
  • Mendix is also straightforward to deploy

So, you should not waste much time reading lengthy paragraphs on the powerapps vs mendix comparison. These three points sum up the ‘ease of use’ factor perfectly.

2. Performance


Different developers will always promote their favorite software packages. You can even find the same scenario repeating in the Mendix vs Power Apps comparison.

However, the following points are prominent in the tech world:

  • Mendix is fast, has high flexibility, and supports rapid development
  • Power Apps can feel a bit sluggish and have room for improvement

So, to leverage MS Power Apps, you might need the assistance of dedicated developers. However, Mendix is a pure, low-code platform that you can handle with some technical knowledge.
On the performance front, Mendix has a slight edge over Power Apps. The latter still offers high simplicity with some evident bugs.

3. The Cost Factor

The Cost Factor

Undoubtedly, the Mendix vs Power Apps comparison would not be complete without the inclusion of budget.

Most users feel that Mendix is comparatively more expensive than other web application development platforms. The free version allows you to get a glimpse of the package. However, several features are absent from the basic plan.

MS Power Apps, on the other hand, offers a different plate. You can consider the licensing options of Microsoft 365 before choosing the premium plan. This way, it is possible to explore the powerapps low code offering without investing in the platform at an early stage.

So, in the costing factor, Power Apps has an edge over Mendix as it offers users more options.

4. Technical Support and Service

Technical Support and Service

Mendix has a market share of 0.07 to 0.15%. The developer community, at this time, is not very extensive. So, you cannot expect direct technical support for this low-code platform.

Having said that, you can benefit from the resource community of Mendix. Several online resources on the best practices can assist you on your path of low code development.

MS Power Apps is a product of Microsoft. So, the online and community responses are satisfactory. In fact, you can expect quick resolution of your issues at a decent pace as a Power Apps user.

So, the latter has a slight edge in this Mendix vs Power Apps comparison point.

5. Customization Capabilities

Customization Capabilities

As a modern business, you must have unique workflow automation, integration, and analysis requirements.

So, considering the customization aspect in the Mendix vs Power Apps faceoff is crucial.

To build highly customizable and scalable enterprise systems, Mendix shines brilliantly. The several features allow skilled developers the potential to create enticing web applications.

Furthermore, if you are a person who understands coding, this platform can offer phenomenal customization.

On the other hand, MS Power Apps have certain limitations in terms of customization capability. This platform is an ideal fit if you want to leverage other Microsoft integrations. However, the powerapps low code platform can be a bit unsuitable for expanding your capacity to utilize third-party tools.

Mendix is an excellent option to build enterprise-level tailor-made web applications.


Low code development is gaining significant importance in the IT sector. This strategy establishes a controlled software environment. The Mendix vs Power Apps comparison is essential in the low code segment.

If you want to consider a highly customizable platform to build enterprise-level applications, choose Mendix. It is a tad more expensive than other choices. Still, it offers abundant features to develop tailor-made web apps using the low code approach.

The powerapps low code platform is good for general-purpose web applications. It offers three options: Canvas, model-driven, and portal apps to build customizable software. In addition, the licensing option of Microsoft 365 makes the exact platform comparatively inexpensive.

So, each low-code package has its own advantages and limitations. The final choice depends on your project’s suitability. To utilize options like Power Apps in a better way, you can contact dedicated Power Apps developers.


1. Is Mendix worth it?

Mendix is worth considering if you want to build apps quickly with less coding. It’s great for beginners and large teams. However, the pricing can be steep for small businesses. So, you can also consider options like Power Apps.

2. Is Mendix a full-stack tool?

Yes, Mendix is a full-stack development platform. This means it allows you to handle all aspects of building an application, from the front end (what users see) to the back end (data and logic).

3. How long will it take to master Power Apps?

Your experience level significantly influences mastering the Power Apps platform. Beginners can learn this exciting low-code tool in approximately six months, while experienced developers can develop a deep understanding in less than a month.

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