It is not any more complicated process for developing a mobile app to any mobile app developer, but the challenge for them is ‘perfection’. We can see, there are a huge number of apps available on play store, though very few of them could meet clients’ expectations or becomes popular. Had anyone thought of the reasons behind it? Small mistakes in mobile apps development can cause extensive impact in performance or risk of loss of money. And after development, it may find difficult to correct those. Let us think about avoiding those mistakes right now, so care can be taken for upcoming mobile apps development projects:

  1. User-Experience has given a secondary value:

We should not forget that we are making a mobile app for the ‘users’ & user-experience is the prime factor in app development. This is known to everyone, still, mobile app developers lack in giving enough attention towards it. Thus you must ensure it by user acceptance testing multiple times to check how it works. It will give you a clear understanding of user-experience & also the interaction between your app & user.

  1. Excessive Use of App Functions:

Sometimes, it may happen that there would be overuse of functions & features with focusing only on business return. In such cases, you may get a good number of downloads, but all you can see is no-one is using it for a long time. You have to keep the track the app and keep simple functions in order to have excellent performance for targeted users.

  1. Lack in Clarification of Device, OS:

Providing proposal with just having an overview can make trouble for future. If you are assuming the development for android alone, given prize estimate accordingly and later on you realize client wants it on both platforms. At that time, you can’t ask for extra charges, as it was your fault. So be clear with all the minor things related to development and cost at starting phase of discussion of the project.

  1. Lacking of Backup Plan:

Considering your app has been launched in the market, the situation of occurring post-launch bugs, cracks may arise. You should have an agreement ready for such incidences, that the bug is not really your fault & required action can be taken for it.

  1. Don’t Spend Time & Money on Marketing:

Marketing is the path which helps you to reach to the potential customers. If you have an extraordinary app with classic functionalities, but you do not take the efforts towards marketing then it has zero value. You should build a marketing strategy for promoting your app and make full use of social media as well. This is one of the most important factors to staying effectively and has success in this sector having tremendous competition.

If you could give a keen attention towards all these points in mobile apps development, then definitely you will have the value added output for your app.

POSTED IN: July 25, 2016 Gauri Pawar