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Outlook for Digital Agencies in 2019: Trends & Challenges

Outlook for Digital Agencies in 2019: Trends & Challenges
blog-author Sarah 8+ Years of Exp.


Faster time to market’


That right there is pretty much the Holy Grail for any digital agency. Delivering a product fast and flawless has a direct and positive impact on the bottom line of your customer, and thereby, on your own as well. That sounds simple enough, doesn’t it?

The march toward that seemingly simple goal, however, is lined with several complex and dynamic hurdles. These hurdles are often the biggest stumbling blocks as your digital agency looks for ways to innovate and increase the ROI. Examples of the same include evolving customer expectations, technological advancements, complex business goals and diverse website requirements. These challenges have ensured that matching a step with technological improvements is no longer just optional. Instead, it is absolutely vital to the very survival of your business.

Let’s take a deep dive into the nature of these challenges and how we, at eLuminous, convert them into opportunities for digital agencies.

  • Evolving Customer Expectations

The days of when the typical customer cared only about attractive web design and W3C compliant HTML are far behind us. The evolution of an online marketing eco-system that puts form and function on par with discoverability has altered customer expectations significantly. Basic web design requirements nowadays expect SEO-friendly web pages, a mobile responsive website, Google Analytics etc. to be integrated seamlessly with all aspects of the project.

For the CEO of a digital agency, converting these challenges into opportunities often means investing in skilled personnel. And while that is sure to contribute positively to their customers’ ROI, the same can’t be said of the agency itself. The ever-evolving nature of these expectations requires constant upgradation of resource skills and newer hiring, which can stress the balance sheets of a digital agency, irrespective of its size.

On the upside, investments made in enhancing resource capabilities and personalizing the overall customer experience (which is imperative for brand marketers) do have a quantifiable positive effect. According to a survey, doing so has paid off for over 90 per cent of digital agency CEOs in the USA. That said, the survey also indicated that almost 25 per cent of the participating CEOs believe their companies could do more to live up to their customers’ expectations as far as personalized experiences are concerned.

  • Rapidly Changing Staffing Needs

An offshoot of evolving customer expectations is that agencies can no longer rely on a specific set of technologies and resources alone to deliver a world-class experience. For instance, a single project can require a Joomla, WordPress or even an Angular resource to varying degrees. It goes without saying that hiring, training and developing a setup for all three roles in such a situation requires a heavy commitment of money and time. And while large projects might offer the kind of ROI that is essential for committing diverse resources simultaneously, the same can’t be said for a majority of the projects.

  • Security & Privacy

Security and privacy are shaping up to be among the most important concerns for customers from around the world. With the rolling out of the GDPR in the EU, other countries too have stepped up their efforts to ensure complete integrity of the data exchanged between customers and organisations.

  • Hands-on UI/UX Experience

Alongside security and privacy, the differentiator is the buzzword that will power innovation at digital agencies. With hundreds of thousands of websites and applications launched every day, an innovative and business-oriented UI/UX has become a key differentiator. UI/UX designers and teams these days are expected to possess exceptional design skills, be familiar with the latest updates and be capable of tying design to a strategic aim or business outcome.

The Tangible Costs of these Challenges
  • You end up spending an unnecessary amount of time and money on development

In the absence of well-thought-out systems and processes to deal with the above-explained challenges, you will be required to spend a lot of time and money on getting the communication right between your customers and resources and follow up with the required changelogs, requests, bug-fixing etc.

  • This distracts you from your real objective as CEO – scouting for new business areas and growing your company

Do you love the thrill of planning, nurturing and generating a new business lead? Do you see a new lucrative market segment that your company can tap with its unique offerings? Do you have a bunch of amazing marketing ideas that can take your company to the next level? Do you find yourself instead of stuck with shepherding your company through challenges like the ones explained above?

If you answered yes to the last question, it doesn’t matter if you answered yes to the ones before that. In the absence of a seamless and efficient process to manage your existing customers, you’ll be held back from new market opportunities, latest industry trends and most importantly, scaling your business.

How eLuminous helps digital agencies convert these challenges into opportunities?

eLuminous offers a pool of more than 100 experienced developers with expertise in various technologies. With an average experience of five years, our team of front-end developers boasts of a thorough understanding of customer requirements and the prevailing competitive landscape. In addition to being well-versed with the latest UI/UX trends, our developers also have keen business acumen. This reflects in the final product, which is not only intuitive and efficient but also impeccably aligns with the business goals of our customers.

digital agencies process

Quality Assurance with:

  • 100% Hand Coded Markup
  • Unique Responsive Layout
  • Pixel Perfect Design
  • W3C standard PSD to HTML
  • Bootstrap, Retina Ready Designs
  • SEO-Friendly with Cross-Browser Compatibility
  • Quick Turnaround Time

By choosing the right engagement model, a digital agency startup or company can ensure faster and more efficient development.

Team Augmentation:

With the team augmentation model, you can integrate one or more front-end developers from our pool of 100+ resources with your in-house team. So, instead of outsourcing the entire development process – including management – your project manager remains in charge of the process by sharing the project between an in-house team and a group of offshore engineers.


As signified by its name, the outsourcing engagement model allows you to outsource the entire project right from designing, developing and testing to deployment. In some instances, it may be termed as ‘out-tasking’ where specific tasks of the projects are outsourced. Examples of the same include PSD to HTML, PSD to CMS and PSD to Email conversions.

eLuminous’s Hybrid Tactic: Our preferred and recommended model

Every digital agency’s requirements are different. While some of these are best met through team augmentation, certain others might need project outsourcing. However, in our experience, we’ve come across many situations where the two requirements have a fair degree of overlap with each other. This is where our approach of a hybrid tactic that brings team augmentation and outsourcing on the same platform shines through. To know more about how we are helping digital agencies and companies as the best front end development partner from around the world in dealing with their business and staffing challenges, get in touch with us today.

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