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Steps of having outsourcing web development done the right way.

Steps of having outsourcing web development done the right way.

You know we should never judge a book by its cover. Outsourcing web development is underrated in our industry, but we can’t avoid the fact that it is been very helpful to most of the companies till the date and would still continue. Companies have saved a huge amount of money as well as their time by outsourcing to service providers who have an expertise and experience required for the tasks. It’s not something that should be decided overnight, it’s a process and if you follow right steps then nothing can stop you from having a productive outsourcing experience. If you really want to outsource a long term project then the following steps might be of a great help to your business.

Invest time in preparing detailed RFP (Request for proposal): RFPs are a great deal here as it helps to make a big decision and brings precision and process to any business opportunity. There are various online tools which suggest how to prepare them, it’s very important to invest some of your time in them. With RFP, the outsourcing company also gets a clear picture of your requirement and you also have a hint of the final output and the amount involved. RFPs also helps the companies in the strategic conclusions and ideas gathering phase.

Work on your scope and your budget simultaneously: Many times businessmen initiate the search for outsourcing companies with just a simple concept and a nonspecific budget. It creates a lot of mess in the decision-making process as the actual quote is nowhere closer to your budget at the end of the day. If you work on the RFP and your budget simultaneously, you will actually understand every single element involved in your project and a basic pricing structure. Another reason is that you don’t get a shock when the service provider sends you a heavily-priced quote after you share your primary requirements.

Don’t cap the innovation process: This is quite a mainstream sentence, but I have seen people sticking to same old age technology for years. Programming modules, frameworks, and functionalities changes every day. As you expect people should come up with innovative things in the devices/ applications you commonly use, you should keep the similar attitude when you deliver services to people. In fact, when you prepare the RFP, don’t forget to include this point as it will make a huge difference in the pricing if you discuss it in the later stage. Find an outsourcing partner who will help you throughout your implementation and execution journey and even after that. Select a technology which authorizes you to update whenever needed and get it included in your primary contract.

Discuss the ROI aspect openly: Discussing ROI is something that we follow in every decision we make and every tiny thing we buy. For e.g., before buying a phone you think about the benefit that it will provide you in your day-to-day operations, similarly, before getting into any kind of agreement, you must check what level of benefit it will deliver you and your business. It won’t give you the outcomes immediately, but sometime down the line your discussions and planning will work definitely and the ROI would be met.

Research about the experience of your partner before giving a “go-ahead”: There are two types of companies, one who gives you the least possible price with half of the information just to get started and another will give you every detail about your project scope and charge you a reasonable amount without compromising anything. Before you give a go-ahead to any one of them, spend a little time in researching about these companies and their experience in the industry. Connect with their customers and ask for the feedback if possible. This helps you a lot in decision making.

If you need further help in finding a perfect outsourcing web development partner, our team will help you effectively with consulting, planning and implementation.

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