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Top 10 Angular Development Outsourcing companies in India for 2023

Top 10 Angular Development Outsourcing companies in India for 2023
blog-author Nitin Delivery Head

At the time of writing this blog, I found 6,162,510 Angular websites worldwide ( Source:trendsbuildwith.com). 1.5% of websites employ a JavaScript library using Angular.

The above stats proved that Angular, one of the leading front-end frameworks, is becoming more and more popular every day, attracting owners of both small and large businesses with its speed and capacity to construct scalable applications simply. The AngularJS development has a greater impact on user experience & engagement.

On the other hand, the need for Angular developers is also expanding, making it harder to find the right talent, especially in nations with a talent deficit, which might delay the development process. This is why it makes sense to broaden your perspective and use an established business strategy called “Outsourcing”.

If you want to hasten the development process and save time on rigorous project management, hire Angular outsourcing companies for your next project. The possibility for cost savings is the justification for Angular development outsourcing that is most frequently given.

A more flexible employment procedure, avoiding the high costs of hiring permanent personnel, flexible hiring model, and the addition of scalability are just a few of the many advantages of outsourcing. Check out the few more crucial ones in the image below.

Top Benefits of angular development outsourcing

Although there are many excellent developers around the globe, we explicitly advise Angular outsourcing from India.

Why do we advise Angular development outsourcing in India?

Well, for starters, India is the industry leader in the world of outsourcing for big to small organizations. This country is in the top 50 list for outsourcing software development. There are various advantages of outsourcing software development in India.

India is a popular location for software development outsourcing because of its strong tech ecosystem, a sizable pool of IT expertise, and inexpensive operating costs.

If you want to outsource Angular development from India, then you are at the right place!

Today in this write-up, we have included the top 10 Angular outsourcing companies in India in 2023.

Top 10 Angular Development Outsourcing Companies in India

  1. eLuminous Technologies
  2. Kellton
  3. Techahead
  4. InApp
  5. Techuz
  6. Konstant Infosolutions
  7. ESparkBiz
  8. RichestSoft
  9. Appwrk IT Solutions
  10. TatvaSoft


We have covered all the required details of the top 10 Angular development outsourcing companies, thus read thoroughly before choosing anyone.

1. eluminous technologies – A Dependable Angular Development Outsourcing Company
eluminous technologies

eLuminous Technologies, a top Angular outsourcing company in India offering top-notch AngularJS development services. When it comes to outsourcing software development to a diverse audience, eLuminous Technologies is a reputable name. They have been creating out-of-the-box AngularJS applications for over 20 years.

eLuminous team includes the top-rated Clutch dedicated developers. Skilled Angularjs developers create large-scale web applications by offering end-to-end services, including consulting, development, migration, maintenance, and upgradation. Also, they provide sophisticated Angular API services based on unique business requirements.

eluminous technologies

Image Source


The dedicated software development team at eLuminous has created several successful mobile and online apps that give customers access to extra functionality. The developers work with the MVC framework during the project’s development and testing phases. By hiring AngularJS developers from eLuminous Technologies, you will receive scalable AngularJS web applications with incredible capabilities catering to various business sectors.

eLuminous Angular Development Outsourcing Services Include

  • Custom Angular Development
  • Enterprise AngularJS Web Apps
  • Angular Consulting
  • Angular API Integration
  • Angular Migration Services
  • Support & Maintenance Services

2. Kellton – One of the Top Angular Outsourcing Companies in India


A prominent AngularJS development company, Kellton is committed to creating elegant, user-friendly solutions that spur development. For various business purposes, the dedicated developers of this AngularJS development company in India have created cutting-edge apps that have assisted various businesses in remaining innovative. Employ Kellton’s AngularJS developers to upgrade your IT environment with their reliable app solutions.


Image source


Kellton has a track record of providing organizations with sophisticated AngularJS apps. Their broad range of AngularJS development services is designed to deliver user-friendly, growth-driven apps that adhere to JS markup standards and are easily adaptable to shifting market conditions.

The Kellton developers’ long-standing experience in integrating full-stack JS technologies has aided several businesses in completely redesigning their online presence using the Angular framework to increase engagement and ROI.

Kellton AngularJS Development Services are:

  •  AngularJS Consulting Services
  • AngularJS Migration Services
  • AngularJS Web Development


3. Techahead – A Competent Angular Development Company in India

Techahead is one of the leading Angular outsourcing companies in India. AngularJS developers are focused on creating robust and scalable web platforms to gain an unbeatable competitive edge.

Techahead has created some of the most innovative and disruptive web platforms, web apps, mobile apps, and IoT solutions over the last 12+ years. These products have benefited millions of consumers and hundreds of organizations. TechAhead is always at the forefront of innovation, enabling companies, startups, and small businesses to fully utilize the potential of online platforms and web apps.


Image source


Hundreds of startups have picked this Angular development outsourcing firm and global brands, including American Express, Audi, Disney, Starbucks, Lafarge, JLL, and AXA, to create and introduce their software solutions. Have a look at all the Angular development offerings they have;

Techahead AngularJS Development Services

  • Angular PWA Development
  • Angular SPA Development
  •  Angular UI/UX Development
  • Angular Cross-Platform App Development

4. InApp – One of the Best Web Development Outsourcing Companies in India

This AngularJS development company provides dedicated developers at hourly and monthly pricing. Their developers have years of experience in this area and are qualified to manage any requirements you may have, regardless of how complicated they may be.

The Angular developers of InApp have been employed by clients from various industries for a range of projects, from simple single-page applications to substantial enterprise solutions. The developers have the knowledge and abilities required to produce excellent Angular solutions.


Image Source


The dedicated software development team of InApp can assist you with any aspect of your project, from the early planning phases all the way through to delivery. A wide selection of solutions is available through their Angular modification services for companies wishing to enhance their web apps. We can assist you in adding new features, modifying current functions, or even building entirely new apps from the ground up.

InApp Angular Development Outsourcing Services Include

  • Angular Customization
  • Single Page Application Development
  • Angular Platform Migration
  • Angular Support & Maintenance

5. Techuz – A Top Angular Development Outsourcing Company in India

Since the first version of Angular was published, Techuz, a skilled AngularJS development firm, has been developing web applications leveraging its capabilities. They have created more than 50 web applications so far for a variety of sectors with challenging specifications. This Angular outsourcing firm has a goal to create outstanding experiences by conceptualizing the requirements, analyzing them, and developing high-quality products. And that’s why they are specialists in this field.


Image source


When you hire dedicated AngularJS developers from Techuz, they combine the best technology with your front-end to deliver an entire end-to-end solution. Using Node.js, Yii, and Laravel along with databases like MongoDB, MySQL, PostgreSQL, and Redis, they create a robust backend.

Techuz AngularJS Development Services

  • Angular Enterprise Application
  • Angular REST API Development
  • Angular UI Bootstrap
  • Third-Party Integration


6. Konstant InfoSolutions – An Experienced AngularJS Development Company in India

Konstant InfoSolutions
Keeping your idea in the forefront, Konstant is another excellent option for Angular development outsourcing services. They all have the most recent materials and cutting-edge equipment, which enables them to provide AngularJS development solutions and services with great authority, agility, and comfort.

Konstant works to maximize AngularJS’s features through its agile web development services. Once the development is complete, they use innovative app testing techniques to ensure you have an extremely effective, scalable, and valuable product for AngularJS development.

Konstant InfoSolutions

Image source


Skilled developers use efficient methods and streamline procedures to provide a solution that is well-liked by your audience. With the immense flexibility that AngularJS enables, this Angular development outsourcing company in India creates high-end web applications for huge and single-page websites.

Konstant InfoSolutions AngularJS Development services

  • Angular Development & Consulting
  • Angular Enterprise Development
  • Angular Ecommerce Development
  • Angular Maintenance & Support


7. ESparkBiz – A Proficient AngularJS Development Company in India

One of the premiere Angular development outsourcing companies, ESparkBiz is client-centric with flawless implementations. The AngularJS development team also provides cutting-edge, cost-efficient, secure technology that is enterprise-grade.

All types of businesses can benefit from this company’s innovative, full-service AngularJS development services. They also satisfy your demands for real-time programs that adhere to contemporary standards. Specialized developers use it for hire to create potent, scalable, and well-organized programs. As a result, AngularJS’s accelerated development process results in extensible and simple-to-maintain programs.


Image source


They have mastered all facets of AngularJS environment setup, API binding, and testing by utilizing Angular’s component MVVM and MVC-based capabilities. The dedicated AngularJS developers have a proven track record of building dynamic Angular websites and applications that foster growth and revenue models. With user-friendly designs built on AngularJS, effective Angular developers for hire guarantee web development services that are prepared for the future.


ESparkBiz AngularJS Development Services

  • Angular Custom Web Application Development
  • Angular Migration Services
  • Angular Web Portal Development
  • Third-Party Integration


8. RichestSoft – A Trusted Angular Development Company in India

RichestSoft’s devoted AngularJS developers are the best choice if your business needs innovative web apps. They provide strong & dependable development services that will help you achieve your varied development requirements using Angular JS features.

For your web and mobile application, the team of talented designers and engineers can produce fantastic UI/UX designs. So, the ideal choice is to hire their dedicated AngularJS developers for an unequaled development service. The dedicated software development team can create interactive, real-time apps for your company and operate as an extension of your staff.


Image Source


RichestSoft’s skilled Angular developers can address simple to complex projects. Get Angular Developers from RichestSoft if your project looks hard because they can produce solid app solutions that effectively handle your business challenges.

RichestSoft Angular Outsourcing Services

  • Angular Web Development Services
  • Angular Ecommerce Development Solution
  • Migration to Angular Application
  • API Integration


9. Appwrk IT Solutions – A Worthy Option to Outsource Angular Developers

Appwrk IT Solutions
APPWRK IT Solutions is the best option if you’re looking to hire a dedicated Angular JS developer on an hourly, monthly, or set project basis. They have a talented and knowledgeable group of Angular JS developers. This Indian Angular outsourcing company has in-depth expertise in Angular versions 1.0 through the most recent one.

APPWRK IT Solutions has been creating user-friendly websites, mobile and web applications, and commercial applications since its founding in 2012. Regardless of whether they were for mobile, desktop, or web applications, the dedicated development team has successfully completed several projects in the IT industry. They work with small and large businesses everywhere, from the US to the UK, Canada to the UAE.

Appwrk IT Solutions

Image Source


The B2B, SaaS, and B2C technology industries, as well as e-commerce and other businesses, are the focus of the strategic approach to the web design of Appwrk. The company’s web designers are committed to setting new standards for online design. They are the creators of the first specialized websites for all industries.

Appwrk IT Solution AngularJS Development Services

  • Angular Web Application Development
  • Angular Platform Migration Services
  • Angular Enterprise Application Development
  • Angular Support & Maintenance


10. TatvaSoft – One of the Popular Angular Development Outsourcing Companies in India

Last but one of the renowned AngularJS development companies TatvaSoft, is a full-service Custom Software Development and Enterprise Mobile Applications firm skilled in creating top-notch solutions for businesses worldwide. TatvaSoft has gained a name for supplying the newest digital services and cutting-edge IT solutions by fusing the numerous parts of futuristic technology and digital transformation.


Image Source


TatvaSoft has created high-impact solutions for customers, contributing to more than 2000 success stories. From large corporations to small start-ups, its customer base has expanded along with the company’s success. Hire AngularJS developers dedicated to providing cutting-edge solutions and technology innovation to organizations so they may thrive in today’s competitive business environment.

TatvaSoft Angular Development Outsourcing Services

  • Angular Custom App Development
  • Angular API Development & Integration
  • Custom UI/UX Using Angular
  • Angular Maintenance & Support

When Do You Need to Opt for Angular Outsourcing in India?

When Do You Need to Opt for Angular Outsourcing in India?

The reasons to outsource Angular development depend on your organization’s team strength and project requirements. Here are some of the main scenarios that can persuade you to explore a suitable Angular development company in India:

  • You are on a tight deadline: In some cases, you might be unable to manage various business activities along with handling your Angular project. The delay in product launch can dent your business or negatively impact you. So, Angular development outsourcing can increase the pace of your project’s progress drastically
  • There is an existent talent gap: One of the main reasons to choose an Angular development company in India is to fill the talent gap in your team. A lack of experience in this sector can halt your development process. In such cases, you can hire experts that have hands-on expertise working on live Angular projects
  • You are on a tight budget: Rather than hiring full-time developers, outsourcing projects can prove a cost-effective decision. In addition, the currency variation proves beneficial, especially for countries from the west
  • There is a dire need for expert guidance: When you outsource angular developers, the experts offer valuable guidance and consult you on the latest technology trends. This way, you can develop projects more efficiently and receive a great output in comparison with the competitors

Overall, dependable Angular development companies in India take care of all these facets professionally. So, you need to approach such vendors to accelerate your software development process.

How to Choose a Reliable Angular Development Outsourcing Company in India?

We have covered the top 10 Angular development outsourcing companies in India. But What does the perfect outsourcing company look like? Many of you may be struggling with this question.

The definition of a perfect outsourcing company differs with different business requirements. The one which fits your project needs and has done atleast one product similar to yours is ideal for you.But, before choosing an outsourcing company, you should consider some essential factors, like :

  • Cost of Hiring
  • Preferred Time Zone
  • Data Security & Privacy Policy
  • Portfolio and Testimonials
  • Client reviews

Read more on how to select a trusted AngularJS development company in India.

A Stepwise Methodology to Choose the Best Angular Development Company in India

A Stepwise Methodology to Choose the Best Angular Development Company in India

Well, you can rely on our comprehensive list of the top 10 choices for Angular outsourcing. However, these steps can prove as a base to initiate your search and simplify the sourcing process smoothly:

Steps to choose a suitable Angular development company India

Steps Activity
1 Define your project requirements and budget
2 Refer to online resources for market research and identify your top picks
3 Reach out to the shortlisted vendors and discuss project development terms
4 Evaluate the portfolio and assess the initial quotation
5 Discuss aspects like engagement models, NDA, and data privacy
6 Finalize the deal and outsource angular developers as per project requirement


We hope this guide will assist you in locating the ideal web development company to outsource development in India for your upcoming project. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you need any additional support.

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