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Top React JS development Company in 2022

Top ReactJS Development Company in 2022
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In the recent few years, React JS has emerged as a powerful JavaScript technology due to its excellent features and unmatched flexibility. Dedicated developers create hi-end digital solutions for web and mobile application development using this technology. If you are also looking to hire a React JS development company for your next project, then you are at right place.

ReactJS is a cross-platform, open-source JavaScript library developed in 2013 by Facebook to streamline the front–end web application development process. It is mainly used for creating scalable web and single-page applications.

According to the Stack Overflow survey, React JS is one of the most loved front-end technologies globally. Its popularity has increased over the years. Check out the graph below.


Stack Overflow trends ReactJS

Image Source

Considering this technology’s high-performance solutions and mind-blowing features, big and small enterprises prefer ReactJS development company as their first choice for application development. Let’s have a look at the top features of React JS, which makes it the leading choice among developers and enterprises

  •  It is simpler, faster, scalable, and adaptable.
  • It is backed by Instagram/Facebook and other developer community; hence developers quickly get support.
  • The use of Virtual DOM makes React JS an effective tool.
  •  It allows reusing the existing components, which accelerates the development processes.
  • It is an economical option for developing feature-rich applications.
  • It has a feature-rich and interactive user-interface.
  • Using React JS, we can create visually appealing designs.
  • Developers who have basic knowledge of JavaScript can develop applications faster using React JS.
  •  React JS provides SEO-friendly solutions due to fast rendering and reduced page load time.
  • React’s one-way data flow allows developers to build digital solutions with well-structured code.

After knowing these amazing features of React JS, don’t you think that you should also develop your enterprise digital solution using this technology?


amazing features of React JS

A professional and experienced React JS development company can only develop a feature-rich application using the full advantage of React JS. When you hire a React development company, you will achieve highly scalable and robust web applications that allow easy migration, seamless SEO integration, and fast debugging.
Let’s explore more about what are the benefits of hiring a React JS development company for your dream project.

Why you should Hire Dedicated ReactJS Development Company?

A dedicated software development team offers tremendous flexibility for businesses. When you hire React JS development company, it acts as a self-supporting business unit that manages everything from product ideation to release and support. Let’s cover what more benefits a ReactJS development company will provide you.

Top Benefits to Hire React JS Development Company


  • Skilled & Diverse Workforce

Hiring skilled and diverse front-end React developers from outsourcing companies brings a different and diverse lookout in software development. Hence a React development company provides innovative and unique solutions for your enterprise.

  • Turnaround Time Reduces

The dedicated ReactJS development company is geared toward timely and smooth completion of application development. Experienced developers can tap their domain knowledge to help businesses launch the best digital solutions in the market.

  • Cost Effective Solutions

The right React development company will guide you through the application development. They closely monitor and ensure that each development process goes under budget. You can achieve highly customized and user-friendly applications within your budget.

  •  Dedicated & Focused Approach

The dedicated development company is guided by your best management practices and becomes an integral part of your organization. It is focused mainly on your vision and a better understanding of your business needs to develop productive solutions.

  • Maintenance & Support

A proficient development company works beyond developing, designing, and delivering digital solutions. They provide support and maintenance even after project completion. They are there for your help if you are stuck on any issue or want to upgrade your application.

How to find the best React JS Development Company?

Top Tips to Choose Right React JS Development Company
There are millions of developers worldwide ready to take your project, but finding the right talent is not easy. Hiring a proficient development company is like taking the first step towards success. We are sharing here crucial aspects of selecting the best ReactJS development company.

  • Check the company’s past work and portfolio
  • Ask for previous client reference
  • Read client reviews on Clutch
  • Evaluate the company’s website quality (speed, navigation, user-friendliness)
  • Check how fast you get a response from the company
  • Explore the development company’s approach to usability
  • Check if the front-end development company has done any similar project

Let’s discover one such React development services provider company which meets all the above requirements.

eLuminous Technologies, a Leading ReactJS Development Company

eLuminous Technologies is a renowned name in the web and app development industry. It has almost 20 years of experience in digital transformation. eLuminous has successfully delivered digital solutions to various enterprises in all these years. The dedicated React JS development team at eLuminous provides innovative, spontaneous, and unique solutions while maintaining high standards.

eLuminous Technologies - Top React JS Development Company in USA & India

eLuminous Technologies has completed many challenging and complex React JS projects. Our front-end React developers are highly experienced in building hybris, dynamic, and progressive web apps with unique and interactive UI/UX. We believe in providing breakthrough digital solutions to clients to enhance their experience. Check out our achievement in the image below.

eLuminous Technologies Achievements in Last Two Decades


eLuminous dedicated ReactJS development team utilizes this JavaScript library in the best possible way to build a quick and iterative user interface. Our React JS development services handle data synchronization and update without page reloading. We also provide integration of your existing web and mobile application with ReactJS. We have developed top-notch digital solutions for various industries, including,

Industries eLuminous Technologies Served


Our main focus is to support clients to conquer their competitors by providing the best digital transformation of their business. Utilizing the latest tools and techniques, we offer cost-efficient services for hiring React JS developers. You can easily hire React JS developers from the eLuminous Technologies dedicated software development team. Let’s see our flexible hiring model

eLuminous Flexible Hiring Models

We believe every project has unique requirements and hence needs a different approach. That’s why we provide flexible business models to hire React JS developers as per your project budget and business requirements.

Flexible Business Models

eLuminous Technologies React JS Development Services

Being a globally renowned React JS development company, we provide React JS application development environment through an array of services. Through our vast React JS development services, we ensure the best digital transformation of enterprises.

  • Custom React JS Development

Customized React JS Solutions


Our experienced React JS development team creates custom digital solutions to meet evolving market trends and provide agility. We offer clients custom integration, plugin development, migration, and many more services.

  • React JS Web App Development

ReactJS Web Application Development


We develop dynamic and progressive web apps using reusable components. Our web apps are unique, scalable, and SEO friendly. We keep the client’s unique application requirement and pre-decided budget as a top priority.

  • React JS Mobile App Development

• React JS Mobile App Development

Hire our proficient React Native developers to develop business-oriented and feature-rich mobile apps that run on both platforms (Android & iOS). Using the cross-platform compatibility of React Native, we develop mobile apps with reduced code complexity and interactive interfaces.

  • React JS UI/UX Development

ReactJS UIUX Development

We create highly-engaging web and mobile applications with interactive UIs. Our proficient UI/UX team, using the latest features of React JS, build result-driven interfaces that grab user attention on a large scale.

  • React JS Migration & Upgrade

• React JS Migration & Upgrade

As an experienced ReactJS development company, we offer the code wrapping of your existing application into React JS components. Our expert development team efficiently upgrades your application as per user needs and market trends

  • React JS Plugin Development

• React JS Plugin Development

We craft customized plugins to enhance the performance and functionality of your application. React JS apps’ on-demand extensions provide opportunities for your business to generate revenue streams.

  • React JS QA & Testing

Effective React JS Testing

We provide quality digital solutions that become the face of your business on the digital platform. With stringent QA and testing, we ensure a high-quality standard for your applications.

  • React JS Portal Development

• React JS Portal Development

We have successfully developed web portals for various industries irrespective of their sizes. We create customizable and extensible web portals according to business requirements. Read our guide on web portal development for a deep understanding.

  • React JS Maintenance & Support

• React JS Maintenance & Support

We provide 24/7 support and maintenance services for the stable and robust performance of applications. At eLuminous Technologies, we not only develop applications but believe in building long-term relationships with clients. Hence not to worry about future issues in application or support and maintenance.


eLuminous Technologies React JS development processes

5-Step React JS Application Development Processes

The web and mobile application development process at eLuminous technologies went through several steps to ensure complete compliance with the client’s needs. Our React JS application development typically goes through the below stages.

1. Requirement Gathering

We listen to the client’s application requirements, and also do the market analysis, and check what is trending. Based on them, we decided the number of developers required and the features in the application. We confirm the budget and deadline with the client.

Some of the major steps we take at this stage of application development are:

  • Reviewing technical and design documentation
  • Allocating the best React JS developers with the required expertise
  •  Building of roadmap
  • Signing of contract

2. Designing & Development

After gathering all the information, our design team works on the look and feel of the application. A list of must-add features is made. The developers write the customized code as per the design prototype. Our development team ensures that everything is done in an organized manner and that the final product meets all the client’s expectations.

What we cover in this step:

  • UI/UX design and development
  • Providing weekly feedback
  •  Incorporate the client’s suggestions for enhanced UI/UX implementation

3. Testing & QA

Now at this stage, we test the application to remove all the bugs and glitches before launching. We employ rigorous multi-phase testing and transfer it to the deployment team.

Some crucial actions we take at this step are:

  • Regression testing
  • Automated and manual testing
  • End-to-end tests and writing unit

4. Go-Live

Once the application is bug-free, it is moved for deployment and made available to users. Our React JS development team deploys the application with the best possible standards. We also trained the client’s staff on how to make any changes in the app from the backend.

5. Post Support

Your app is on the market, but we are still there for any support. We make changes in the app based on the user’s feedback. We continuously monitor applications for flaws and fix them as soon as possible.

Top Reasons to Choose eLuminous for React JS Development Services

Top Reasons to Choose eLuminous for React JS Development Services

eLuminous Technologies is one of the best React JS development companies in India, the USA, and other countries. We are experts in delivering top-notch React JS development services to our clients. Along with a highly skilled React JS development team, we have the required tools and technologies for developing highly functional web and mobile applications. Including agile methodology and customer-centric approach, various other reasons make us the first choice for React JS development services. Let’s uncover them all

  • Complete Transparency

We maintain high visibility through each application development stage by updating clients on every detail. We timely improve and update an application based on client feedback.

  • Dedicated React JS Developers

Our dedicated team of React JS developers is well versed in fulfilling all React JS development requirements. Our high-end React JS solutions will take your business to the next level.

  • High Security

We understand that maintaining security is a very crucial step in application development. Hence our development team ensures that the application is highly secured and protected from malfunction or invisible threats.

  • Confidentiality of Application

Being the top React JS development company, we seriously consider the client’s need for confidentiality. To ensure high confidentiality, we signed an NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) with the client.

  • Competitive Pricing

We provide top-class digital solutions at an affordable price. You can hire React JS developers from us at the best market price. We provide developers at the minimum hourly price of $20/hour. Read more on the cost to hire React Native developers for mobile app development.

  • Flexible Hiring Models

We offer flexible business models so that businesses can hire developers as per their business needs. Our customer-centric engagement model fits well in each type of application requirement.

  • On-Time Delivery

We are well known for delivering projects on time irrespective of their complexities. Our application development process is aligned to meet the client’s deadline. Our developers work effectively to meet tight schedules without compromising on quality.

  • Fast-Go-To-Market

Using the best features of React JS (Virtual DOM, code reusability, JSX, etc.). We develop applications faster. In our 20 years of experience, we have never failed to deliver a quality product within the budget and time frame.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the difference between React and React Native?

React is a JavaScript library used for developing web applications. While React Native is a cross-platform framework for building mobile applications.

  •  Does React JS reduces app development cost?

React JS enables developers to reuse the code and test the app while developing it. Moreover, both the client and server side of the app is coded in JavaScript, which speeds up the development processes reducing the overall development cost.

  • How much does it cost to hire React JS development company?

The cost to hire a development company depends on various factors like the company’s location. For example, the cost of hiring React JS development company is less in India compared to other countries. At eLuminous, you can hire React JS developers on an hourly/monthly/fixed project basis as per your budget and business requirements.

  • Can React JS development company build the front-end and back-end of the applications?

React JS is a powerful front-end technology. As a leading ReactJS development company, we provide full stack development using other technology (Node JS, Django, Express JS, etc.) with React JS as backend

  • How much time does it take to hire a React JS development company?

At eLuminous Technologies, you can onboard dedicated React JS developers within 24 hours.

  • Can your React JS development company provide flexibility in terms of time zone?

At eLuminous Technologies, you can hire developers from a flexible business model. Our highly professional React JS developers are trained to work according to your preferred time zone.

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