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Why ReactJs will be a go to JavaScript framework in 2023?

Why ReactJs will be a go to JavaScript framework in 2023?
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The significance of a website cannot be understated. Modern React websites have created a name for themselves in recent years. Furthermore, numerous market leaders have opted for ReactJS website development in order to expand their user base. GitHub is an example of a React website, as are Facebook, Airbnb, Instagram, Salesforce, BBC, Reddit, and many others.

These instances of top organisations implementing React JS are a clear indication of something significant. It indicates that the effectiveness of React websites is not restricted to a single genre or industry. You can hire react developers to get on the success bandwagon.

React JS offers a number of features that have helped it become one of the most popular frameworks for online development. It comes with an MVC view layer and a JavaScript framework for designing outstanding user interfaces. In the first quarter of 2021, Facebook’s favorable influence on ReactJS is re-established. In the fourth quarter of 2021, the social media behemoth’s monthly active users reached a staggering 2.85 billion.

Without further ado, here are the finest React websites for 2022, as well as what makes ReactJs such a promising framework.

Why Reactjs is a go-to Website Development Framework for 2022?

It is not an understatement to claim that ReactJS is widely used. When it comes to websites, today’s viewers have a wide range of interests. React’s user base has the largest percentage of high-traffic websites. React websites may be moulded into any style or category due to their flexibility. We presently have 10,806,023 active react websites, according to trends.builtwith. Here are a handful of the most compelling reasons for ReactJs’ popularity.

Reusable UI and high development speed

The JavaScript framework is used by ReactJS. ReactJS’s complete codebase has different modules, whether it’s for a mobile or desktop website. These modules serve certain tasks, resulting in a faster web development process. The usage of JSX classes and the JSX editor for code in React, in particular, makes it much more enjoyable to read and create, therefore enhancing speed.

In addition, if a new version of the website is introduced, the developers do not have to rewrite the coding. Debugging in React webpages is a rather basic and straightforward procedure.

Better performance

ReactJS employs Virtual DOM instead of the Document Object Model (DOM) hierarchy. It enhances the website’s DOM version while also making it lighter. The browser uses the virtual DOM to update nodes whenever they need to be updated.

As a result, it is critical in improving the app’s user experience, performance, and speed.

Developing SEO friendly websites

It’s an unspoken rule that no matter how amazing a website is, it’s useless if it doesn’t attract people. Because React websites use server-side rendering, they are both accessible and SEO friendly. As a result, these websites have a better chance of ranking higher in search engines than websites that use client-side rendering.

The primary goal of React.JS is to be scalable, quick, and easy to use. It only works with your app’s user interfaces. In MVC, it may be used with other JavaScript frameworks or libraries, such as Angular JS. React.JS also comes with a slew of useful features, like a virtual DOM, component development, ease of use, and migration. A booming business can hire reactjs developers to leverage these amazing capabilities of the ReactJS framework.

Top 10 React Websites

Top companies are attracted by the capabilities of React.JS on a business standpoint. Here is a list of 10 best react websites to prove it.


Companies that are able to fully exploit all of ReactJS’s features will be at the forefront of their industry. Outlook.com’s success story is very similar. Microsoft originally released Outlook in 2017 as a tool for managing personal information. Emails, contacts, task components, and other features are readily available in both mobile and desktop versions of the programme.

Microsoft emphasizes on how responsive ReactJS is with the JavaScript framework. For the public, the flexible aspect of the website has made it look fresh. Furthermore, the improved search functionality and current dialogue style have left a lasting impact on end-users.

The website now has a fresh look that allows visitors to view items more quickly thanks to the ReactJS technology. The React website’s accessibility has vastly improved, whether it’s for photos, attached files, or even a simple email.


Codecademy is a portal that offers coding lessons, as the name implies. With its flawless user interface, this React website fulfills the demands of over 25 million people. The website offers a smooth transition between pages and uses attractive images to help students comprehend the material.

The JavaScript framework aids the website’s speed and makes it more user-friendly. With the support of ReactJS, Codeacademy can offer much more for its users.

The website includes high-quality animations that assist visitors in learning and implementing the material. The well-designed animations contribute significantly to the website’s ‘good word of mouth exposure. Furthermore, the extensive ReactJS library will aid designers in performing their finest work on the website.

With ReactJS, you can create engaging animations with little to no code. As a result, ReactJS website development speeds up without sacrificing quality. These features have propelled Codecademy to the top of the React website rankings in 2022.


Facebook was the first place where the react library was born. React.JS is used in several portions of Facebook’s main page. React Native, a version of React that is responsible for displaying the Android and iOS native components, is also built into the Facebook mobile app.

In 2017, Facebook launched React Fiber, a full rewriting of the React framework that would serve as the foundation for all future feature reactjs website development and upgrades. This improves React’s responsiveness. Facebook’s component architecture allows users to see comments, alerts, and post reactions without having to reload the page.


This online application was created with the goal of improving team communication. As a result of the JavaScript framework, team cooperation and communication increase, resulting in a better end product.

When it comes to collaboration, coordination is critical. With its intriguing UI and flawless functionality, Asana assists teams in getting their work organised. You can quickly add and assign tasks to teams on the platform, as well as track their progress.

As a result, team members are better able to comprehend the assignment since they have a clear blueprint in front of them. This plan enables them to meet their deadlines on time, every time, with no misunderstanding or time overlap.

Furthermore, all team members may access their work through a shared workspace, increasing openness. Asana has been a prominent React website in 2021 and has generated outstanding success as a result of such revolutionary features.


Along with high-quality performance, having a safe and stable website is a must in today’s environment. Cloudflare is a platform that provides the website application with top-notch security and assured dependability.

Cloudflare has been able to provide its services to a wide range of businesses because to the flexibility of ReactJS. When it comes to security, Cloudflare is unrivaled in gaming, eCommerce, entertainment, financial services, and other industries.

Sites made using ReactJS are customized to fit the user’s needs. This is the primary reason why Cloudflare’s speed and usability are expected to improve in 2022. It provides flawless solutions for mobile app and website security and aids in the team-building process.

Cloudflare also knows how consumers’ requirements and demands change over time. As a result, the React website is now widely available for production purposes, making it even easier for users to launch and collaborate on sites more quickly.


‘Change is the only constant,’ and this principle applies to all aspects of life, including website creation. This web-task management system runs on Coffeescript and the Backbone JS framework for over a decade. With the shifting needs and the dynamic character of the environment, it was time to choose more colorful stacks. They started by migrating from Backbone Views to React Components, overcoming hurdles along the way.

When it comes to responsiveness, Trello has been one of the finest React websites. Furthermore, React components accommodate to all of the customers’ evolving demands. Unlike the Backbone JS-based design, ReactJS expands Trello’s capabilities. It also provides a more straightforward caching mechanism.

The website’s major technologies are Typescript and GraphQL, in addition, to React. These technologies assist this modern React website in overcoming all obstacles and providing the finest service possible.


Grammarly has quickly established itself as one of the most popular digital writing assistants. High-end technology like Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing are used in this React website. The website is able to provide the greatest services thanks to this technology, and it has become a “popular favorite.”

The website also employs deep learning algorithms and machine learning in addition to AI and NLP. These technologies work with ReactJS to help the website not only fix the language but also give a better option. For example, if the statement has a grammatical fault, Grammarly will mark it and suggest a better version. As a result, the user will not only be aware of its error, but will also have the ability to communicate effectively.

The website uses the JavaScript framework to provide features such as plagiarism detection, spelling and grammar checks, and more. As a result, Grammarly’s ‘X-factor’ has elevated it to be one of the top react websites of 2022.


In todays modern corporate environment, knowing and understanding the demands of clients is critical. Clearbit does an excellent job as a marketing data engine for consumer interactions.

It assists organisations in better understanding their consumers’ demands in order to develop more effective marketing tactics. The marketing techniques developed in this way would be long-term and sustainable. Clearbit also supports businesses in identifying future possibilities and expanding their user base.


Are you watching your favourite Netflix series? Then express gratitude to React.js. Netflix is included in the list of the greatest React websites. A variety of factors drove Netflix’s decision to choose React.JS for its website and application, including modularity, runtime performance, and startup speed.

Reactjs website development not only meet these standards, but also provide additional benefits. It allows for easy understanding and opt-out while managing specific user interaction and rendering code, for example. They may now take use of React.most JS’s appealing features to improve their apps’ initial load speeds, overall scalability, and runtime performance.

New York Times

The media behemoth New York Times launched the Red Carpet Project in 1999, which chronicled Oscar fashion. They’ve created a new project that uses React to simulate various appearances of celebs on the Oscar red carpet and allows users to filter a gallery of different photographs spanning 19 years in a wonderful way. Thanks to React.JS in particular for its re-rendering capability, which is its most remarkable feature.

On its whole online universe, the New York Times has switched from PHP loading HTML and JavaScript to a combination of Node, React.js, and GraphQL, which provides a more robust front end. So far, it’s worked out well for them, and they haven’t had any major complications.


Another notable example in our list of the greatest react websites is Airbnb. Airbnb is a website that provides online hospitality services for travellers and property owners/hosts. It also allows you to reserve unique lodgings all around the world. React components are extremely reusable, and they make it easy to rework and iterate on your code. The key features of React that attracted Airbnb were its reusability/portability and refactorability.

Overall, React.JS website development has improved the performance of websites, and more money has been invested in creating websites and applications with it. The preceding example of react websites demonstrates that React.JS has enormous possibilities for website creation with any concept, scale, or type of content. If you’re thinking about creating a website or an app, you should check out this fantastic JavaScript library.

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  1. ReactJS is truly a package of rich features and supporting libraries which is easy to learn and with great potential of developing effective web and app projects. ReactJS possess key features that focuses on making a web solution light so that it is easily accessible as well as quick. ReactJS is the solution for SEO Problems as using ReactJS makes the developing projects SEO-friendly.

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