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Top 10 Web Portal Development Trends to Watch Out for in 2024

Top 10 Web Portal Development Trends to Watch Out for in 2024
blog-author Avner TL, Technical Writer

Today, businesses are looking to offer exceptional user experience through sound digital solutions. Be it an intuitive web portal or a customized mobile application, creating a convenient online space has become the need of the hour. So, staying in loop of the top web development trends is one of the preferred strategies in today’s era.

To match the dynamic customer demand and sustain in today’s competitive market, trending web development technologies are emerging at a brisk pace. As a business, you should be well aware of the such latest web development trends redefining portal creation.

Proper knowledge of this facet can ensure you conduct fruitful discussions with web developers. This way, you can receive high ROI through proper web application development  and deliver splendid experiences to your customers, vendors, or employees.

Let’s cut to the chase now. This article contains straightforward details on the top ten trends reshaping the web portal development process. Scroll ahead to delve into an intriguing collection of technologies you can leverage for your digital portal.

Web Development Trends for Building Intuitive Portals

You cannot apply every web development trend that is present in the market. With an abundance of emerging technologies, it becomes challenging to implement all the leading web development trends. So, you should choose the ones that suit your particular requirements.

Explore the following web technologies for phenomenal user retention and handle sensitive data with ease.

1. Accelerated Mobile Pages

Accelerated Mobile Pages

This web development industry trend has become a steady inclusion in the web portal development domain. Accelerated mobile pages (AMP) is an open-source project. This framework intends to enhance the performance of website pages on mobile devices.

By 2028, experts estimate the number of smartphone users to reach a colossal 6.2 billion mark. So, your web portal, with the AMP feature, can capitalize on such a massive user base. With a dipping attention span of users, it is crucial for companies to deliver apps that have faster loading speeds. This user behavior leads to more emphasis on the speed of your content management system.

So, AMPs are one of the significant and new web development trends. With AMPs, you can save money on implementing additional tools for fast UX.

Here are some of the noteworthy benefits of accelerated mobile pages:

  • Low bounce rates
  • Positive impact on SEO
  • Better website performance
  • High user-centric approach

Overall, this trend is vital and can remain critical in the success of web portal development.

2. Dark Mode

Dark Mode

The use of digital devices and solutions has become a necessity for several individuals. However, many professionals have also become wary of eye strain and fatigue due to constant digital exposure.

For this purpose, developers emphasize the inclusion of dark mode during web portal or website development. This feature inverts the colors of a portal. In addition, dark mode eliminates the use of specific color shades, resulting in energy saving.

Using CSS media queries can enable developers to create a portal that supports dark mode. So, this trend will continue to rise as various individuals prefer viewing web pages with this setting. Be sure to include this aspect during your WordPress development process.

3. Cloud Utility and Computing

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The cloud computing market has a valuation of over USD 490 billion. This figure clearly indicates that cloud technology has become a significant trend in the digital domain.

Here are the benefits of cloud technology that can bolster web portal development:

  • Top-notch data security
  • Prevents the hassle of storage space
  • Provides convenient access to data
  • Good inclusion for resource management

Furthermore, cloud computing allows developers to work on projects in a more efficient way. Cloud resources empower remote teams to share insights and develop web portals at a faster pace.

As a result, the web portal development speed becomes quick, and companies can launch portals at a brisk rate.

4. Serverless Architecture

Traditional web portal development employs the use of a server for accessing business logic. In addition, servers are essential for communication. However, there is one downside to this conventional aspect.

Servers consist of several software and hardware components. The technical teams need to maintain the proper state of these elements by installing regular security updates. In addition, data backup is essential to avoid any loss of information.

With the serverless architecture trend, you can overcome the challenges of maintaining servers. A third-party provider manages the server infrastructure. So, businesses do not need to invest money in maintenance activities. Furthermore, web portal development becomes more scalable as developers can build responsive applications without the hassle of hardware failure.

5. Advanced Voice Search

Advanced Voice Search

The era of Alexa, Google Assistant, and Siri is prominent to the rise of voice search optimization. Offering voice assistant features is one of the top web portal development trends in 2023 and beyond.

This web development technology ensures that your portal is accessible through a voice command. The user can explore different functionalities of your portal by using the prominent voice assistants. This trend is prominent as customers can access crucial information on the portal at their convenience. Also, the technology enhances user experience, leading to a potential rise in conversions.

A reliable web portal development company can guide you to leverage such development trends in 2023 and beyond.

6. Chatbots Powered Through Artificial Intelligence

The scope of artificial intelligence is growing beyond imagination. Today, this technology can refine the services of web portals by powering different functionalities and ensure seamless user experience.

Chatbots enhance the user experience by offering real-time insights on general queries and also improve UX by capitalizing on natural language processing. Further, these tools are well-suited to reducing customer service costs. You can also receive insights on customer behavior and queries, which can help modify your web portal accordingly.

These benefits of AI chatbots are sufficient for developers to capitalize on this trend profoundly. So, it will not be surprising to witness more web portals implementing these bots in the next decade.

7. PWA or Progressive Web Applications

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Progressive web apps are software that run on a device independent of the browser. It functions nearly as a native application and offers the features you can receive from a website.

Here are some of the distinct advantages of PWAs:

  • No load on-device storage
  • Flexibility in distribution
  • Easy installation of the app
  • Reduction in development costs
  • Offline working functionality
  • No need for a separate app store

Progressive web apps will witness a steep rise due to such advantages. Notably, many reputed brands like Uber witnessed an increase in website traffic by implementing progressive web app development. So, your business can leverage such popular web development trends and create user-centric web portals.

8. Personalized Content

Users have become more particular about the content they receive on their devices. Whether customers or third-party vendors, web portals should offer a tailor-made experience to captivate their attention.

So, content personalization has become one of the main trends in web portal development to offer an enhanced user experience. This technology involves the use of machine learning algorithms to detect user preferences. The algorithms enable data extraction to offer appropriate content to users.

In addition to this primary benefit, personalization (based on machine learning) offers the following advantages:

  • Access to real-time user analytics
  • Opportunity to perform A/B testing
  • Better relevant recommendations
  • Potential increase in conversion rates

All these factors are a testament to content personalization’s growing popularity. If you own a business, hiring dedicated developers and content creators who can capitalize on this web portal development trend is crucial.

For professional implementation, contact an authentic web development vendor. Such organizations have a team of professionals who can work on developing sound personalized services on software and content fronts.

9. Cybersecurity Threats and Relevant Measures

Cybercrimes are on the rise in this era. In fact, companies had to spend USD 4.35 million globally on tackling data breaches. This trend of combating cybersecurity threats can continue in 2023 and beyond.

However, to counter these threats, you can witness native cybersecurity solutions in the market.

Here are some of the prominent cybersecurity examples that are trending in the web portal development scene:

  • Two-factor authentication
  • Patch management
  • Dedicated operations center
  • In-built malware checks

So, companies focus on employing counteractive solutions to save costs and protect user data from cybercriminals. However, with the rise in the technical proficiency of hackers, it is essential for businesses to invest in robust security measures. For this purpose, professional software developers can prove crucial in suggesting the best ways to safeguard privacy and critical user information.

Notably, there can also be a rise in non-traditional cybersecurity measures in the near future.

10. Rise in Augmented Reality

Rise in Augmented Reality

Finally, this trend in web portal development is one of the most interesting ones. Augmented reality (AR) can potentially enhance user experience on a website or browser. This technology is becoming prominent as WebAR.

The use of web augmented reality can be more beneficial for e-commerce businesses. The web portals of such companies can empower customers with features to try a product through augmented reality. In addition, the convenience of shopping can refine user experience (UX) drastically.

Be it furniture placement, new apparel, or visualizing the working of a brand-new device, WebAR can fulfill all requirements. Amazon is one of the prime examples to start this enticing web portal development trend.

Wrapping Up

These web portal development trends can reshape the way we approach building our online presence. After observing all these technologies and happenings, one thing is clear – user-centric services will continue to become a top priority for modern companies.

In addition, native cybersecurity solutions will become essential to safeguard the security of web portals. At times like these, you can choose a dependable web portal development organization to implement suitable trends for your project.

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