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5 Tools Used by WordPress Development Company

5 Tools Used by WordPress Development Company

Building a WordPress site which is attractive and secured at the same time can be a challenge for any WordPress development company.  WordPress is known as the unsecured CMS as it is open source, easy-to-use, and the hackers can easily crack it from anywhere. The community members are, however, making advancements in the CMS and introducing new tools and plugins which are making this CMS more secure and stable. Irrespective of all the negative reasons, WordPress is the most used CMS in the world. It is easier to operate, a lot more flexible, and you will find a countless number of themes which you can customize as per your choice. Usually, WordPress is popular as a blogging platform, but due to its innovative designing tools, it is globally considered for websites as well.

If you are the owner of a WordPress Development Company or hiring one for your next website’s project, you should make sure that you use the following tools for a quality performance:

1) Theme Check: This plugin is one of the top must-have plugins in WordPress. With the help of this plugin, it is very easy to test the installed plugin and check if everything is up to the mark and as per the review standards. Theme-Check allows you to run all the automated testing tools on the theme that you install.  It plays a very important role for WordPress developers as they are able to check if their theme supports the current WordPress standards or not.

2) Developer: Developer is the most used plugin by every WordPress Development Company. Whenever you select an option for creating a particular menu, this tool will suggest several other plugins that are related to the options you want to create. I will definitely recommend installing the Developer plugin while initiating any WordPress project.

3) Log Deprecated Notices: Generally whenever the WordPress developers deprecate the file, a function or any function argument, the theme or plugins still use the previous functions. So, Log Deprecated notices are the plugin that will scan your website and look if there is any deprecated item in the folder. If any function is not being used properly, it notifies the given user to correct it.

4) Monster Widget: This Widget plugin offers an easy way to add all the important widgets to the sidebar for testing purposes. It has the feature where we can combine 13 different types of core widgets into a single widget. This empowers the theme developers to create multiple instances without taking much time and efforts. This plugin is specially designed to save time as it reduces the various number of steps that are needed to display the widget.

5) Debug bar: If you have built a website with WordPress previously, you will understand how much bugs and errors are involved with it. Therefore, this plugin called as Debug Bar will give you all the required information about your website which will help you to debug whenever you come across any issues. Debug bar provides you the all the related information about the queries, PHP warnings, object cache and also helps you to find out what exactly is leading to the issue. Almost every WordPress development company uses this tool so that they can save their time in finding out bugs in the codes.

You will find many similar tools on the internet, but having these can also help you deliver your projects successfully. Every person who is associated with WordPress will suggest you to have these tools installed on the websites in order to make things easier for you and to protect your website from any kind of risks. Hope this post helps.

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