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Why everyone thinks WordPress development is the Best Platform for SEO (And I believe it too)?

Why everyone thinks WordPress development is the Best Platform for SEO (And I believe it too)?

WordPress is common, and there are a number of developers out there in the industry who will set it up for you. But before you go ahead and hire a WordPress development company, you have to ask this question “why is WordPress development the best as compared to any other CMS that you offer”? WordPress is indeed a very popular content management system and its unconventional user-friendliness makes it stand out from the crowd. WordPress not only serves the majority of blogger community, simple websites, and e-commerce websites, but also a works as a fundamental tool to improve the ranking from SEO point of view:

Here’s why I believe WordPress is the Best platform for SEO:

Almost 80% of the websites are built with WordPress. You can see the power behind its giant creator. Traditionally WordPress is used for publishing content on the web not only for blogging but for informational websites. Due to its simplicity in operating and a vast number of plugins, themes availability, WordPress is a bit ahead in other traditional CMS’s such as Joomla, Drupal etc.

There are a number of facts that WordPress can become a significant tool in enhancing the SEO ranking of the website. Below are some of them.

  • You can optimize the website in a few minutes. In earlier days when complex CMS was used – which was a seemingly difficult to deal with the task. Today, you can do it easily using the WordPress platform. Good news is that WordPress is always free to download and apparently easy to install, even a person with a little IT knowledge can manage it well. You just need a few clicks and there you are, ready to have a control on everything and ready to go live.
  • Since it is an open-source platform, any developer – Even the people who have no idea what is PHP or HTML and how it works can easily operate this cost effective framework. Now you have thousands of themes are available for the SEO-friendly feature in the market.
  • Making the WordPress site capable of performing a specific SEO function is not an Einstein’s job either. It is possible to keep the website on top of the search engine results unbelievably easily as compared to other proprietary CMS like Joomla and Drupal where it takes quite a lot of efforts to catch up.
  • When you are looking for out-of-the-box yet effective on-page SEO techniques, WordPress is the number one choice. Managing SEO basics without an in-depth knowledge of coding is easy when you use this brilliant CMS platform.
  • Amongst the most important SEO techniques, title tags and headings are top on the list. It is easily manageable when you use WordPress. In the actual content area, adding SEO rich content which is visible to search engine spiders is quite easy. Since the fundamental SEO elements are part of the default WordPress installation, you needn’t worry about the optimization part.
  • Statistics say that 80% of visitors do not turn up again if the website doesn’t get loaded in five seconds. It is amazing but true. Moreover, Google also keeps on incorporating site loading parameters while indexing and making your site rank on a certain position. With WordPress, you can overcome the challenges easily.
  • In the mobile dominating world, you need to keep the website optimized for smartphones, tabs, and other handheld devices. WordPress themes that are responsive make it simple and feasible.
  • It is the most preferred software by Google and other search engines due to its plugins enhancing SEO level. Plugins – Yoast SEO , All in One SEO pack etc.

Hope this article clarifies all your doubts and questions  regarding WordPress. If you think I have missed on anything with regards to SEO and WordPress, you may drop a comment and I will take a note of it.

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