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Building a Solid Web Development Team That Performs Outstandingly

Building a Solid Web Development Team That Performs Outstandingly
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Your array of innovative ideas, sound infrastructure, and reliable connections will mean nothing if you do not have a proficient web development team.

To sustain in an industry growing at 7.37 CAGR, it is crucial to pay equal attention to team-building activities.

A dedicated web development team will bring your ideas into reality at a brisk pace. For this purpose, it is vital to choose relevant profiles, assign suitable responsibilities, and keep realistic expectations. So, how will you initiate this process?

Fret not. Read this simple blog and start building your dream web development team that will produce great results.

Web Development Team: The Basic Structure

Before building a team, know this:

  • Web development is a process
  • This process includes the creation, designing, and maintenance of websites
  • Different aspects define web development
  • A team of various professionals contributes to completing these aspects

Web Development Team: The Basic Structure

A web development team builds an online application from scratch. However, the best organizations like Tech Mahindra, Cubix, TCS, and others emphasize team structure to ace website development.

So, to build a dedicated web development team, you need to set a proper structure.

This team formation can vary from company to company. But on the whole, it will be helpful to include these professionals in your web application development company:

  • Project Manager
  • Business Analyst
  • Web Developer(s)
  • UI/UX Designer
  • QA and Testing Engineer
  • Content Writer
  • Digital Marketing Executive

Usually, a Project Manager oversees the execution of a task. The developers, designers, content creators, and engineers work in tandem.

Now, once you build a website from scratch, the activities of a good web development team aren’t over. The QA Engineer ensures that the quality of your online software or platform is top-notch.

An ideal web development team

Throughout the development cycle, a Content Writer creates original text that aligns with your brand’s voice. Also, a Digital Marketing Specialist takes care of the promotional activities and ensures that your prospects explore the website.

Dedicated web development team members have several other duties to perform. Now, let’s take a look at each profile in depth.

1. Project Manager

Project Manager

Role: To manage, motivate, and oversee project operations.

Consider a Project Manager (PM) to be the lead of the project. This professional is responsible for executing an IT project. Whether websites, mobile apps, or portals, a PM should implement the best practices and motivate the web development team.

Here are the essential attributes of a Project Manager to consider:

  • Co-ordination
  • Leadership
  • Communication
  • Time management
  • Delegation of authority
  • Patience and politeness
  • Multi-tasking ability

According to Glassdoor, an IT Project Manager in the US earns an average of  USD 121,000 per year (approx).

So, you have two choices – hire a full-time PM and allocate this budget. On the other hand, you can outsource web development services and connect with a skilled Project Manager.

This professional is crucial in monitoring the activities of your web development team. So, choose a pertinent individual with adequate experience to fulfill this responsibility.

2. Business Analyst

Business Analyst

Role: Understand and communicate business requirements to the web development team.

As the name suggests, a Business Analyst (B.A.) analyzes the goal of your IT project. This professional converts your ideas into technical specifications. A B.A. bridges the gap between technology and business.

Your web application development company can require a Business Analyst at any stage.

If you want to recruit someone for this role, ensure that the individual has the following traits:

  • Communication
  • Business Analysis
  • Project management
  • Technical competency
  • Problem-solving
  • Industry knowledge
  • Basic software knowledge

The mean base salary of a Business Analyst in the US is USD 94,600 per year (approx). So, consider a similar budget to hire a B.A. in your dedicated web development team.

3. Web Developer

Web Developer

Role: To code, design, and construct a web application and ensure that websites meet user expectations.

To work on website application development projects, you need two types of developers:

  • Front-end developers
  • Back-end developers

These professionals are the backbone of your web development team. They primarily handle coding activities, which shape your online platform.

Now, the roles of both these developers are different. But, the fundamental skills remain the same:

  • Technical knowledge
  • Learning ability
  • Collaboration
  • Time management
  • Communication
  • Positive attitude
  • Discipline and optimism

Now, refer to this table and understand the primary tasks of both developer types in a dedicated web development team.

Type of Developer Main Duties and Tasks
  • Develop UI
  • Improve site interaction
  • Manage app workflow
  • Fix and eliminate bugs
  • Optimize user experience
  • Write clean code
  • Develop intuitive website
  • Focus on APIs
  • Build server-side logic
  • Focus on web debugging

On average, front-end developers earn USD 119,000 per year (approx) in the US. On the contrary, the mean salary of back-end developers in the States is USD 107,000 per year (approx).

So, consider your budget when hiring such full-time employees. If you feel hiring a group of developers is becoming a costly affair, explore the option of IT staff augmentation.

(Click here to read the comparison of Staff Augmentation and In-house Recruitment).

4. UI/UX Designer

UI/UX Designer

Role: To create GUI elements and implement relevant design ideas in collaboration with the Project Manager and Software Engineers.

In today’s era, aesthetics and visuals play a crucial role in shaping any website. Here’s an interesting fact that will highlight the significance of web designers:

Our human brain processes visuals and images 60,000 times faster than text. So, your web development team should have individuals who can design alluring images and graphics.

A UI/UX designer takes responsibility for covering two facets:

  • User interface
  • User experience

These professionals follow a process to create wireframes, develop architecture, and use prototyping tools to design the final ‘look’ of the website.

So, any web application development company needs a UI/UX designer who has the following skills:

  • Research
  • UX writing
  • Visual communication
  • Coding
  • Typography
  • Flexibility

Notably, the average salary for UI/UX Designers in the States is USD 86,600 per year (approx). So, firms either recruit these professionals or outsource the services from a reliable IT vendor.

5. QA and Testing Engineer

QA and Testing Engineer

Role: To ensure the website, portal, or mobile application is free from bugs and errors.

As the name suggests, a QA and Testing Engineer keeps a close eye on the quality of your web application. Every web development team requires such a professional to play a vital role throughout the development cycle.

A QA and Testing Engineer should possess the following attributes:

  • Communication
  • Empathy
  • Problem-solving
  • Attention to detail
  • Programming languages
  • Written communication

According to Glassdoor, a typical QA Engineer in the US earns around USD 91,000 per year. So, keep this figure in mind when building a web development team, including such crucial profiles.

You can even explore top IT staff augmentation companies to fill existing talent gaps.

6. Content Writer

Content Writer

Role: To create engaging, informative, and relevant content like blog posts, articles, social media posts, landing pages, press releases, etc.

Your dedicated web development team requires a Content Writer who can create suitable text to convey information on your website. Such a professional proves vital to portray your brand voice and establish credibility.

In a web development team, a Content Writer needs to possess the following traits:

  • Solid grammar
  • SEO knowledge
  • Research
  • Time management
  • Adaptability
  • Editing
  • Proof-reading

A Content Writer in the US earns approximately USD 54,000 per year. However, the salary will vary based on the writer’s quality, experience, and proficiency.

You can also take an alternate strategy of hiring freelance Content Writers. If you choose this strategy, read these pros and cons before making the final decision.

7. Digital Marketing Executive

Digital Marketing Executive

Role: To oversee the digital marketing strategy and manage channels like blogs, social media, email, guest posts, and websites.

Your web development team composition becomes complete after the inclusion of an SEO expert. So, hiring a Digital Marketing Executive should always be on your checklist.

This professional should have the right blend of the following skills:

  • Social media marketing
  • Email marketing
  • Communication
  • Teamwork
  • Collaboration
  • Time management
  • Basic design
  • Strategic thinking

A Digital Marketing Executive earns an average of USD 67,000 per year (approx). However, the pay depends on the nature of the responsibilities at the organization.

For instance, some Digital Marketing Executives are also adept at blogging. In such cases, you need to pay them additionally for their services.

Essential Facets of a Dedicated Web Development Team

Essential Facets of a Dedicated Web Development Team

You can hire the best individuals with an array of skills. But the success of a web development team depends on the cumulative contribution of the entire group.

On the whole, some facets make the team outstanding. Here are the top parameters that you should consider:

  • Team Spirit: This term defines how well individuals work together. A great web development team is optimistic, collaborative, cooperative, and united
  • Proactiveness: Taking the initiative in completing different activities of a web project accelerates development time. Your dedicated web development team should be proactive and find solutions without the constant intervention of a Project Manager or C-level executives
  • Self-learning Ability: Members of your web development team should take the initiative to learn new technologies. Resultantly, they can discuss new ideas and implement innovative features in the digital project
  • Transparent Communication: One of the best aspects of a good web development team is the ability to communicate openly and freely. For this purpose, the team should align with core values like collaboration, politeness, and humbleness

Moreover, a team that covers these four vital facets can deliver good results at a faster rate. It is still crucial to understand that the process of building such a team can be lengthy and complicated.

So, you should know certain things to avoid when building a dedicated web development team.

What to Avoid When Building a Web Development Team

What to Avoid When Building a Web Development Team

Nobody is perfect. Even the best businesses can make mistakes when forming a dedicated web development team.

However, by following some useful tips, it is possible to reduce errors and implement a fool-proof sourcing strategy.

  • Avoid over-planning: Keep things simple. Do not feel the burden of including an array of professionals in your web development team. Explore one profile at a time and move on to the next
  • Avert over-glorifying one profile: Sometimes, you might feel that a specific professional is more crucial for your business. However, each job roles perform tasks that contribute to your project’s advancement. So, ensure that you build a comprehensive dedicated web development team that covers different specialists
  • Avoid negligence of communication: Make sure you communicate crucial business decisions to stakeholders. You should also be prompt in laying down outsourcing or staff augmentation requests to the decision-makers
  • Abstain from hiring too many similar individuals: Some businesses want to bolster their coding team and end up recruiting many developers. However, such a strategy causes an imbalance in the strength of other departments

So, when building a web development team, it is essential to avoid such common mistakes. This way, you can achieve high efficiency and save time when building a dedicated web development team.

Actionable Tips to Follow When Setting Up a Web Application Development Company

Once you set up an all-inclusive web development team, it is vital to follow some best practices. This section provides useful tips you can implement while formulating a comprehensive advancement plan.

  • Define Responsibilities Clearly

Define Responsibilities Clearly

You can have multi-talented professionals. In fact, some individuals can be well-versed in handling various tasks.

However, if you burden the web development team members with numerous activities, they can face burnout. The statistics for this phenomenon are staggering.

According to Zippia, 89% of workers have experience of facing burnout.

What is the impact of this feeling? Well, here are some pointers:

  • Fatigue
  • Physical ailments
  • Psychological issues
  • Loss of productivity
  • Dissatisfaction in current job

Defining realistic duties and allocating proper tasks is the best solution to prevent burnout. Creating a well-laid plan for your dedicated web development team makes it possible to keep everyone fresh and productive.

  • Focus on Seamless Connectivity

Focus on Seamless Connectivity

If you notice that the web development team is having difficulty communicating, it is crucial to rectify this challenge.

By 2025, you can witness around 36 million US employees working remotely. This staggering number suggests that your business needs to establish sound communication modules.

A stable internet connection, collaboration software, and communication protocols are vital to ensure stable connectivity. Your dedicated web development team can share ideas and data and work effectively due to such a robust setup.

Special mention: One common complaint in terms of connectivity is this – ‘the web development team is having difficulty connecting by SSH.’

Well, if you encounter this problem, it is crucial to open port 22 22 22 on the server. This step will enable your team to connect by the Secure Shell.

  • Ensure Alignment with Business Goals

Ensure Alignment with Business Goals

Does your web development team understand your company’s mission and goals?

This question should be at the forefront.

Brief each team member on the results that you want to achieve. In addition, you should discuss how each employee or associate can contribute to helping the business grow exponentially.

Ensure that each profile contributes to the business’s success directly or indirectly.

Build your dream web development team today

Build Your Dream Web Development Team Today!

Setting up a professional web application development company can be a tedious process. You need to define job roles, look out for the best candidates, and allocate a distinct budget for each profile.

A good web development team includes professionals like a Project Manager, Business Analyst, Developers, Designers, Content Writers, and Digital Marketers. Each individual contributes to creating cutting-edge software, website, or web portals.

As a business, it is vital to avoid common mistakes when building a dedicated web development team. Some valuable pointers include avoiding over-planning, hiring too many associates for a similar profile, and negligence of communication.

On the other hand, you can outsource web development by connecting with us. At eLuminous, we offer multiple engagement models that can help create a productive web development team. Curious to know more?

Just contact us and start your journey of building a dedicated web development team today!

Frequently Asked Questions

How does a successful web development team function?

A web development team is like an IT crew that works in tandem and completes various digital projects. In some cases, one professional can take on the responsibilities of multiple roles, thereby improving the efficiency of the entire development cycle.

How can I hire a dedicated web development team?

First, you need to specify the business requirements and decide the primary skills for your project. Next, it is crucial to approach an experienced IT vendor who offers services like offshoring, team augmentation, and outsourcing.

What are the types of developers in a web application development company?

The main types of developers in an IT business are – front-end, back-end, and full-stack. Each profile handles different tasks and contributes distinctly to the progress of your online project.

Who is a Web 3.0 developer?

Web 3 is a new era of the internet in which online users will connect through a decentralized network. On the same lines, such a developer has knowledge of data sharing, distributed storage, and other Computer Science-oriented topics.

How do you find success with your web development team structure?

Building a successful web development team structure depends on aligning expertise with project needs and adopting seamless communication. Assemble a team with the right blend of technical and soft skills. Next, prioritize clear expectations, open dialogue, and a collaborative spirit.

What Qualities to Look for in Team Members?

Hire professionals with technical skills, problem-solving attitudes, and team spirit when building a good web development team. Your dream team should be a mixture of talented individuals who work seamlessly together.

What are the 6 roles of web development team?

The different roles of a web development team can vary. However, a general team comprises a leader (Project Manager), an analyzer (Business Analyst), architects (Front and back-end developers), creators (UI/UX designer, content writer), a guardian (QA Tester), and a distributor (Digital Marketing Executive).

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