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Building Strong Front-End Development Team: Hiring & Collaborating with Companies

Building Strong Front-End Development Team: Hiring & Collaborating with Companies
blog-author Nitin 20+ Years of Exp. Delivery Head

By 2024, there will be 2.87 million developers worldwide. On the one hand, it is a good sign that we have many options available, but also getting challenging to choose the one with the right expertise that your project needs.

This time we came up with this blog in response to the most asked question: how to hire the right front end development team from leading front end development companies worldwide.

Front-end or client-side development is the most important factor in determining the appearance and feel of any software development project, irrespective of its niche.

Front-end development aims to achieve the best possible user experience, which combines effectiveness, speed, and fluid functionality. A front-end development team serves as an interface between a designer and a back-end developer.

With the commencement of smartphones, front end best practices and experiences move from conventional desktop browsers to mobile devices. With this change, we now require a development team with a lot of cognizance, ability, and expertise to stay relevant and intact current consumers.

When is the right time to look for front end development company to build your front end team?

  • Your team lacks front end experts.
  • You want to start fresh with everything.
  • You need front-end developers to support your project.
  • Your project has vague requirements.

Any front-end and web development job must be quick, secure, capable of supporting weak internet connections and various screen resolutions, and, above all, simple to use.

You must work with an experienced front-end development company to achieve a robust front end. You also need excellent front-end developers to create high-quality websites and applications.

Avoid compromising on the front end if your internal team is incompetent or preoccupied with other tasks; instead, build a separate front end development team solely focused on your project.

The main benefits of employing a front-end development team are discussed here, followed by step-by-step guidance on recruiting a dedicated team for your projects. However, let’s first cover what a front-end development team is for you!

What is a Dedicated Front End Development Team?

What is a Dedicated Front End Development Team?

The representation layer of a website or app that controls the majority of user interactions and the user experience is referred to as the front end or the client side.

Front-end developers shape this representation layer using a programming language or framework. The main task of front-end developers is to ensure that web application users may interact with the page’s information and features as quickly as feasible.

A dedicated front-end development team is a group of programmers employed by an outsourcing company to convert UI/UX web designs in accordance with technical and business requirements.

Like any other dedicated team, these development teams are employed to work full-time, typically over a set amount of time.

Know your Front-end Development Team Structure

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Front end development is just more than assembling various pieces of code and distributing it to create a web app. It is a more involved process with numerous steps that call for collective participation from different specialists at every stage.

The modern-day front end development team hired from a professional front end development company consists of the following members.

Role Responsibility
The project manager (PM) is the organization’s point of contact with clients. They remain present at all communication phases, comprehending requirements, planning, assigning work, and monitoring project outputs.
  • Decide the sprint’s duration
  • Decide the delivery and release dates for the project.
  • Make sure that the product satisfies the client’s  requirements.
  • Contact the client to clear up any concerns or questions.
Project Architecture The project architect works with clients to better understand their needs and create an effective layout that satisfies business requirements.
  • Create a wireframe that connects the various components of the website by thoroughly understanding the project’s needs.
  • After the wireframe has been approved, the architect collaborates with the web developers, UI/UX designers, QA testers, etc.
UI/UX Designer The UI (user interface) for a website, mobile app, or other interactive media is made by UI UX designers. They comprehend human behaviour and adapt it into an intuitive layout to deliver a seamless web experience.
  • They are responsible for developing user-friendly web pages in accordance with the project specifications.
  • They’ll need to comprehend user psychology, frequently assisted by user personas and research.
  • They must also understand how to read analytics, like bounce rates and what causes them.
Front end Developer Front end developers collaborate closely with web designers and build robust front end using cutting-edge technologies. Additionally, they coordinate with the backend or full-stack developer to ensure the front end and the information and features kept on the backend work together effectively.
  • Writing and maintaining clear, effective, and understandable code.
  • Using responsive design and cross-browser compatibility to accommodate various screen sizes.
  • Creating dynamic and user-friendly features like buttons, forms, and menus.
  • Developing large web applications using JavaScript tools and frameworks like React or Angular
QA Engineer They guarantee that your website is bug-free and delivered in accordance with the project specifications. Developers and designers collaborate closely with quality assurance engineers.
  • Make application flawless
  • They make sure the website passes QA tests at various stages of development.
  • To develop QA test procedures, they will need a deep understanding of the project requirements.


Top Benefits of Hiring Front end Development Team

Top Benefits of Hiring Front end Development Team

In order to achieve speed, resource efficiency, and excellent results, it is ideal to have a dedicated front end development team. Hiring specialized staff from a front end development company to concentrate solely on your projects has several other benefits. Read about a few of them now.

  • Cost Effective

Working with a dedicated development team enables you to cut back on office overhead, hiring, and training costs, significantly lowering the final product’s cost. You won’t need to enter into lengthy contracts or make any other kind of long-term obligations because an offshore front end development company will just involve the cost of hiring a team.

  • Focused Approach

Without any interruptions, the dedicated development team will work on your project. Additionally, they will be more knowledgeable about the development process and constantly available to answer questions and discuss requirements. This highly targeted strategy aids in finishing the task within the allotted time.

  • Time Saved in Achieving Goals

Working with outsourced dedicated teams lowers this risk because you ensure that you have the necessary personnel focused on working on the same goal without disorganizing your internal team. Moreover, you will have a staff with the right abilities for your demands, increasing operational efficiency and speeding up outcomes.

  • Proactive Support

Working with a dedicated development team will improve performance, and there will be no downtime. Compared to front-end developers who work on projects for different clients, they can immediately identify problems before they arise and find an effective way to solve the issue in a shorter amount of time.

  • Improved Flexibility

One of the key benefits that a focused team of a front end development company may provide to small, midsize, and large-scale businesses is adaptability. These teams specialize in creating custom websites and are an extension of your internal team.

What Does a Front End Development Team do for You?

What Does a Front End Development Team do for You?

An experienced and professional team of a front end development company can assist you with any of the following services.

  • HTML5/CSS Development

The front end team incorporates interactive components using W3C Standard & cross-browser compatibility coding standards to meet your digital aspirations, whether in the creative or technological domains.

  • Full Stack Web Development

With knowledge of system architecture, web design, and communication protocols, they create engaging front ends and robust backends.

  • CMS Design & Development

Front end development team assists you in creating the most cutting-edge, responsive, and durable themes for content management systems

  • Custom Web App Development

Stimulate creativity and interaction on your websites. To achieve them, the front-end team writes clear programs with excellent usability.

  • Front End Optimization

The optimization services improve the functionality of your current website and thus enhance usability and performance.

  • Data Migration Support & Maintenance

Front-end experts hired from a professional front end development company offer you go-to solutions for any issue, including vital data migration, answering post-deployment questions, or doing routine maintenance.

Find Different Ways to Build your Front end Development Team

Find Different Ways to Build your Front end Development Team

You can get in contact with a capable front end development company for your ideal project using a various channels. Let’s discover all of them.

 B2B Platforms Clutch, Good Firms, These platforms include a global ranking of the best front end development companies. To assist businesses in selecting the ideal front end team or solution, they have customer reviews, case studies, and market information.
Social Media LinkedIn, Facebook Social media platforms excel in eliciting quick responses. Share a post with all the details on the kind of professionals you seek. Within a short period, you will receive many replies. By looking at each company’s profile, you may acquire immediate information about them.
Freelancing Sites Upwork, Fiverr, Toptal These platforms allow customers to identify certain talents based on a soft skill or programming language by customizing their search engine. Simply enter those terms in the search bar to see a list of programmers that possess those abilities.
Referrals Friends, Business partners, Colleagues Almost 50% of developers are found by referrals. Ask for recommendations from coworkers and people in your network.

How to Hire a Result-Driven Team from a leading Front end Development Company?

How to Hire a Result-Driven Team from a leading Front end Development Company?

  • Analyze Project Requirements

Assessing the project and comprehending opportunities and expectations line up is critical.

arrow new What kind and how much expertise does the team need?

arrow new What are the required skills of front end developers?

arrow new What is the budget for the project?

arrow new How long will the project take?

A tentative list of the criteria can be created using the responses to these questions. This narrows down the list of potential front end development companies and makes it easier for you to choose the best team.

  • Deep Market Research

Search the vendor market for a prospective match after establishing your prerequisites. But remember that you haven’t even hired your front end team yet. Simply put, you’re seeking an outsourcing company to help you assemble one.

There are undoubtedly many possibilities available, but to find the best fit, you must consider a few crucial factors. Be careful to verify the points below.

arrow new First, consider your development team’s location (Outsourcing vs. Offshoring).

arrow new View the company’s portfolio and reviews.

arrow new Pay close attention to a company’s security measures.

arrow new Go to the company website and review any case studies if mentioned.

  • Choose Development Team

The hard part of building a committed team starts after you’ve selected your vendor and agreed to a contract. The outsourcing Front end development company will assist you in forming the best front end team for your project.

They can do this by helping you with the hiring procedure or by finding developers, designers, testers, and project managers from their own talent pool.

arrow new Don’t just depend on your partner vendor to handle everything because you are more familiar with your project and company.

arrow new For whatever positions you need to be filled, get active in the hiring process.

arrow new Check the abilities and experience of a candidate listed on their resumes.

arrow new To verify their soft and hard skills, you should interview them.

  • Specify Work Processes

Once your team is established, it’s time to outline how they will function moving forward. Various SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle) models are used during the software development phase. Each model adheres to a set of specific steps to achieve success in the software development process. Choose the one which makes front end development quick and effective.

arrow new You’ve probably worked out which methodology your vendor favors or promotes.

arrow new The most popular (and perhaps most successful) methodology is agile development.

arrow new In addition to agile, waterfall and prototype are widely employed these days.

  • Setup Infrastructure

The team you employ will be committed the entire time the project is underway. Therefore, it would be better if you dealt with them directly. This implies that, especially if they are far away, you should be able to speak with them clearly.

arrow new A single point of contact can significantly increase the effectiveness of communication.

arrow new Choose the frequency of your progress updates.

arrow new The most important thing is that everyone (hiring team, in-house team, vendor company) agrees on the tools.

arrow new The tools you use should cover three key areas: version control, issue tracking, and communication.

  • Quality Assurance

The last step before deploying your committed workforce is quality assurance. This enables you to catch as many errors as you can. The best way to ensure that your dedicated team does appropriate testing is to assign a quality assurance (QA) function to a single team member. This individual may help to ensure your app’s caliber at each development level.

arrow new Performance tests are required to guarantee that your software functions correctly in several scenarios.

arrow new Load testing can help you locate the weak place in your program to evaluate its dependability.

arrow new You can test your app on several devices to check for compatibility issues.

  • Release & Contract Renewal

You can judge how well this model has performed in regard to your project once the front-end team has finished their portion of the work. With the new contract, you can give the remote experts more authority, broaden the scope of your tasks, and earn more money.

Top 7 Tips to Structure Your Front End Development Team Effectively

Top 7 Tips to Structure Your Front End Development Team Effectively

Before thinking about hiring a front-end development team, be sure to read the below smart tips to build a robust team.

1. Promote a cross-functional team structure that will establish an environment where individuals can freely take part in various activities in addition to their team roles.

2. It’s best to play it safe and include any provisions to help your agreement better regulate your working interactions. The two most important ones are time constraints and financial costs.

3. Divide the total project into appropriate sprints so that you can deliver results within the allotted time. This can be possible with an agile approach in software development.

4. Set up precise specifications for a product to avoid misunderstanding between the client and service providers (like time and resource loss)

5. Teams working on-site and remotely must have mutual trust. To raise the general level of service and product quality, they must exchange ideas and experiences.

6. Give feedback quickly so that you may head off issues before they arise. The most important element you need to create a productive workplace for your team members is feedback.

7. Success depends on effective communication. Setting up a transparent communication system that will function throughout the project is crucial before you begin structuring your web development team.

Find the Cost to Hire Front End Development Team in 2023

Find the Cost to Hire Front End Development Team in 2023

The average cost to hire front end development team varies from $50,000 to $200,000 per month. The primary factors in the cost estimation are:

  • The competence and abilities of the developers.
  • The difficulty of the task.
  • The proper technological environment.
  • The location of the front-end development company.

Cost of Outsourcing Front End Development Team in Different Regions

Country Cost (Hourly Rate)
North America $120
Australia $100
South America $60
Western Europe $65
Eastern Europe $50
Asia $30

*Note- The price of a front-end team is affected by several variables. Therefore, before hiring a certified specialist, you must thoroughly plan your proposal, identify the main objective, and create a list of functions to be included. It will save you money and time if you already have a schedule.

Hire Front End Development Team Quickly and at Best Market Price!

Collaborating with the best front end development team may assist you in creating a front end that will enable you to earn a million dollars!

You can choose from in-house hiring, outsourcing, or a remote hiring approach to get the best front-end development team for your dream project. Outsourcing has proved to be one of the most cost-effective ways. According to Tech Crunch, major firms, including Google, GitLab, Buffer, Twitter, Zapier, etc., all go with outsourcing.

If you’re also thinking of outsourcing the front-end development team, eLuminous Technologies is the top choice. We are a leading outsourcing front end development company in India. We have customers in the USA, Australia, UAE, United Kingdom, and India. Our flexible and affordable hiring practices have led to a client retention rate of about 90%.

Let’s talk about your project, and we’ll ensure that our collaboration is affordable and productive.

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