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5 intimations that your business needs business intelligence for optimization

5 intimations that your business needs business intelligence for optimization
blog-author Sarah 8+ Years of Exp.

The survey shows just 21% of business leaders are really happy with the information their reports provide and 76% of those reports are found out from dispersed sources. This comes out disappointingly for each team member who has to waste their time in hollow meetings, going through an infinite number of excel spreadsheets, conversations. So, accessing, analyzing & understanding data becomes a full-time job for them.

However, when you have a right business intelligence solution, none of the stones will remain unturned. Business intelligence tools exclusively help you to do so. Your entire business & each little section of its puzzle comes together in an accessible platform. Let’s have a look into some pitfalls that incompetent businesses face:

  • Back-to-back Meetings:

It is very obvious that when one is managing the huge organization, he needs to have meetings with different department heads to take the review or make some changes or take some business decisions from the discussions. But it has been found that they waste almost 29 hours per month without any productive decision. I know it can’t be avoided completely, but if you have a centralized system to see, manage the data, discuss it with the people related to & make it simple for you.

  • Critical information drowns in emails & you have to wait so long for appropriate reports:

Today, it is the most difficult job to find out & work on the important emails from a stuffed inbox. With the centralized system, you can have your most recent search as your last search. Also, it is very disturbing when you wish to get a report in certain format or way & you need to instruct the analysts repeatedly if he/she couldn’t understand it in one go. To grow with the trends in the business market, you have to have the ability to access, formulate & transform your data into actionable insights.

  • Handling Emergencies:

When unexpected things happen with your business & the time when they occur when you don’t have control over it can affect it badly. It is just because you never knew that may happen & unfortunately you can’t do anything. Business Intelligence consultant will provide you the right information timely so that you can make right business decisions & get out of the misery.

  • Scattered Data & Collaborating own team is a battle:

Collecting data from emails, spreadsheets, CRMs, images & many other formats is crucial. I don’t need to tell you that your business suffers due to this. To make use of your data you should get it in one place. Due to organizational barriers, collaborating with your team can even make it ambitious and if you could get a solution to come across all those barriers then won’t you will be grateful?

  • Away from the workplace-unable to access data:

Though you have smartphones, but 68% of business leaders are not able to access all their business data on phone. Moving with this digital era, even if you are not at your workplace mobile bi solution would inherently help you to access business information 24/7. As you can do everything with your smartphone, use your smartphone to manage your business.

Is it sounding familiar to you? Find out the opportunities for your business from business intelligence services & grow it to the next level by getting right decision support from the right people.

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