E-commerce is booming in almost each industry domain and at the same time, cloud-based solutions facilitate the management of highly professional online shops at a very decent cost. As Amazon, Flipkart like big giants had already occupied the space, the independent ventures like you have two options- set up your own e-commerce store or become a seller on those platforms (Like Amazon. Shaking hands with this kind of platform have lots of benefits with easy process management. But if you are willing for building your own brand & want to have 100% control over it, then e-commerce website/mobile app is the better off. If you could hire web developer who can understand your business & implement it for you in the way exactly it should be, then you are almost done with your goal.

Go from Local to Global Seller:

In the local market, your customer base is usually imprisoned to the people leaving around you. Going online opens a door for you where you will get totally new customer base who is interested in buying the product you are selling. The optimal marketing strategies would let you grow your business further & hit success. Try to make a recognizable brand with the help of experienced front end developers who can help you in making your website more representable & making it that actually converts.

Easy to get up & running:

Tools for e-commerce have been a lot better over time. From selling platforms to marketing automation and SEO Tools, even bootstrappers can get up & running without breaking. The

Reduced Business Overheads:

For me, this is one of the biggest advantages for any seller which saves your cost of managing, running a physical store. You don’t need store manager, no high rents to be paid or land cost, or even keep the stock physically. All you need is just a storage space to keep your inventory and few people for managing the same. If you wish to expand your business to the new geographical region, it doesn’t require much effort as well. You can just have a delivery partner over there & that is done. Reduced overheads imply that you can effectively sell on a large scale which is cheaper than the physical store.

Ability to do business 24*7:

This is the most effective way to continue making sales, while your stuff is sleeping! All thanks to the internet which helps you to represent yourselves in front of your potential customers 24*7.

Be where your customers are:

The world has already been moving towards digital. The number of mobile phones is more than the population of the world.  The speed at which all are adopting the new trends in technologies is faster than ever. What can you do in such a storyline? Go where your larger customer base is present.

So, getting an online store for your business could increase your reach, ROI percentage by two digits rather than the slow single digit. If you are still having any doubts, feel free to question in comments or connect with our back end developers.

POSTED IN: August 7, 2017 Gauri Pawar