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The Key Elements of Education Portal Development

The Key Elements of Education Portal Development
blog-author Avdhoot TL, Technical Writer

Imagine a scenario where your staff, students, parents, and vendors receive seamless access to vital academic information. The satisfaction levels of all these groups are high, and your educational institute is experiencing a continuous flow of new admissions every year.

That sounds like an ideal situation, right? Well, the main point is – can you achieve this position in the competitive academic scene? In a word, yes. By availing yourself of services like education portal development, you can sustain the dynamic academic market.

Recently, around 20 million students enrolled in public and private US colleges (in an annual year). This statistic implies that college enrollments are steady, but you need to offer something unique to students and their parents to attract their attention.

Through custom web portal development, you can design an official online platform for your institute. This portal can offer customized services to the target audience, improving student retention and your organization’s reputation.

However, before reaching out to web portal development services, you should know the main aspects that define a reliable online platform.

This blog serves as a guide to all educational institutes who want to bolster their online presence.

A Quick Look at Education Portal Development

Before moving on, understand this:

A web portal development company can help create wide categories of online portals. These types range from ecommerce to corporate. As you can notice, every type of business or entity needs a team of experts who can make the best implementation of custom web portal development.

In the same way, academic institutes need to choose specialized professionals with expertise in education portal development. Why?

Different types of web portals have distinct needs. For instance, a corporate portal should have specific features that are not vital for an academic one. So, web portal development services aimed at your target audience should be your first preference.

Why develop education portals

Now, coming back to understanding the need for education portal development, here are the facets to consider:

  • An online education portal is a cohesive space for students, teachers, staff, and administration
  • These web portals are an all-inclusive source of information on the current and upcoming events pertaining to curricular and extra-curricular activities
  • Students can use features like knowledge base, attend online lectures, and make the necessary payments on an education portal
  • A good education portal helps solve several challenges or issues that any associate face at different levels

Get this – a portal is different than a website. The former are customized web pages that demand relevant information to log in from the user side. (For important information on the difference between portals and websites, you can explore our detailed blog on this topic).

In short, your education portal development requires careful consideration and guidance from information technology experts. So, academic institutions like yours should hire relevant web portal development services to offer a best-in-class learning experience to the target audience.

The Essential Features to Consider in Education Portal Development

The Essential Features to Consider in Education Portal Development

There are numerous website portals in the market. However, the ones that meet the requirements of the young generation and provide useful online posts stand out in the education sector. So, to create a portal that can join the ranks of NASSCOM, NPTEL, and Navitas, ensure covering the following modern features.

Convenient and Accessible Data Sections

Convenient and Accessible Data Sections

In today’s age, students, parents, and staff want to make the best utilization of time. Be it referring to case studies on a particular topic or accessing useful information on admissions, ease of navigation will always entice the end user.

During education portal development, you should follow the below points to provide the best information at a brisk pace:

  • Use of engaging UI and UX elements
  • Separate section for various activities
  • Distinct features for different end users
  • Responsive design and a unique discussion section
  • Simple navigation with minimal animations and graphics

All these aspects can enhance your custom web portal development profoundly. Consequently, you can offer various services through your portal in a streamlined manner.

Simple Design (Focus on Non-technical Users)

Simple Design (Focus on Non-technical Users)

The online existence of an educational institute depends on the nature of education portal development. Did you hire a knowledgeable staff to build an ergonomic portal solution?

Addressing this question is vital to standing out in the competitive field of education.

Your target audience is primarily learners whose sole purpose is to grasp knowledge from your institute. So, the technical proficiency of such users cannot match the level of engineers or corporate professionals. Consider this point in your custom web portal development.

Educational institutions like yours should thus include features like follows:

  • WYSIWYG Editing
  • Dynamic widgets
  • Special events manager
  • Easy log-in pop-up

You can cover all these facets during the software development phase. This way, it can be possible to shift your focus to creating the best learning material due to the simplicity of your web portal.

Collaboration and Sharing Features

Collaboration and Sharing Features

To provide the best education service, you need to understand the preferences of today’s youth. Most of your students will be Gen Z individuals. This generation is well-versed in the use of technology and mobile apps. So, the education industry must develop apt portals that offer a wide range of experiences.

The custom web portal development process should focus on including the following elements:

  • Payment gateway integration
  • Online training classes
  • Cross-browser compatibility
  • Document sharing features
  • File or cloud storage
  • Chatbots or internal messaging facility
  • Social media integration

So, along with developing a mesmerizing user interface (UI), your education portal development should enhance the experience of students. You can also develop a quality website simultaneously and use the portal as a digital service asset.

Support on Mobile Devices

Support on Mobile Devices

Today, over 86% of the global population has a mobile device. So, access to an online education program is simpler than ever.

Your online learning portal should not be an exact replica of an educational website. However, it should have essential portal development features like cross-platform compatibility.

(For top-notch educational portal development with cross-platform support, you can choose frameworks like Flutter. Recently, this open-source tool is showing great signs in customized mobile app development).

Here are the reasons to choose a web portal development company that can create a mobile-friendly platform:

  • Fast loading of vital information
  • Quick access of data to students and parents
  • Ability to offer instant push notifications
  • Easy log-in for any user type

Notably, you do not need to use a high level of advanced technology to create a mobile-friendly portal. After you approve a finalized design, a proficient developer can utilize the right tools to make the portal compatible with smartphones.

Integration with Learning Management Systems

Integration with Learning Management Systems

The purpose of a website is to provide in-depth information and boost the SEO aspect of various businesses. On the contrary, web portals are service-oriented platforms. They work as advanced applications with a single sign-on option to offer various services.

LMS integration is one such element you should consider during education portal development. In simple words, LMS stands for Learning Management System.

The best educational institutes use LMS primarily for teaching purposes. However, an LMS offers more to the target audience than plain audio sessions.

This software has the following two interfaces:

  • An admin platform
  • A user platform

With an LMS, you can build online course materials and practical sessions and monitor your target audience profoundly. So, web portal development services should consider easily integrating your platform with prominent Learning Management Systems.

Education Portal

The Several Benefits of Education Portal Development

By now, you understand the value of education portals in offering the best services to the target audience. With a robust prototype design, you can move one step closer to engaging students and building a brand in the education sector.

In addition to this primary advantage, an academic portal can benefit you and your team in the following ways:

  • Knowledge Management: Be it students, teachers, researchers, or extra staff members, an educational portal can prove helpful in knowledge sharing. Such portals can have online communities to share valuable details on specific topics. Further, portals have storage spaces that contain learning materials like PDFs, an online video, or other educational contents
  • Increase in Productivity: Features like attendance tracking, performance monitoring, online test, and digital portfolios enhance the efficiency of staff members. So, your institute can offer better services to students and shine bright in the Internet world
  • Streamlining of Operations: Portals are a single platform to access data like homework requirements, educational resources, exam reminders, and much more. This convenience streamlines your academic institute’s operations and plays a significant role in enhancing the brand reputation
  • Ease in Collaboration: Education portal development is not just useful for teaching purposes. Such platforms also include workspaces that can serve as a vital resource for various basis of discussion. This way, students from multiple departments can collaborate for shared events, projects, and other activities

So, in addition to developing a friendly website, you should connect with a custom web portal development company to build a solid educational platform.

In a Nutshell

Education portal development has become a vital asset for academic institutes in the era of the internet. These platforms or sets of web pages provide individual logins to different categories of users.

You must choose a dependable web portal development company to develop technically sound education portals. Such a vendor has team members who understand the needs of the academic institute. On the same lines, the dedicated developers of such companies can offer services like software development, graphic design, and content writing to create an impressive portal.

eLuminous Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is one such IT vendor that can offer top-notch web portal development services. Be it a higher education institute or an eLearning brand, team eLuminous can guide any business in creating an impressive academic portal.

To get the contact details and web portal development quote, click here!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the primary purpose of education portal development?

The main objective of creating an educational portal is to share the desired information of an institute with students, parents, staff members, and other associates. Admin can even upload vital documents on such portals to provide crucial insights on upcoming events and other important notifications.

2. Which are some of the most popular education websites or portals?

Skillshare, Byjus, Coursera, Duolingo, and Academic Earth are well-known educational websites or portals. Due to numerous websites in today’s era of the internet, it is vital to create a portal that can stand out in the market. So, availing yourself of custom web portal development services can lead to high ROI.

3. What is the use of a student portal?

You can create a separate student portal or a distinct student platform on the all-inclusive web page of your institute. In the case of such a portal, students can check their individual profiles, and exam schedules, use the helpline number, or message a particular teacher. A good web portal development company can assist you in this venture.

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