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Hire Dedicated Developers India: The Complete Guide For You

Hire Dedicated Developers India: The Complete Guide For You
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Currently, there are more than 1.90 billion websites and 1.6 million mobile apps on the App store and 3.5 million on the Google Play store.

What do you think about these numbers?

Your website and application must be unique to stand out from the millions of other digital products already on the market, so you must be considering how to do that. This can be possible only when you hire dedicated developers from experienced custom web application development companies.

Hiring dedicated developers is a trend that is quickly spreading, keeping up with the increasing demand from businesses across all industries to create software applications for expansion.

The demand for digital transformation is rising daily and has become the most effective way to increase ROI. However, web development companies worldwide have started producing highly qualified, equally brilliant software engineers that can provide you with a feature-rich website.

But if you are looking for cost-effective digital solutions, outsource developers from countries where the cost per hour is less, like hire dedicated developers India; so that you can achieve cost-effective, custom web application development.

When you hire a dedicated software development team in India, they not only aid in cost reduction. They also provide enormous flexibility for firms to succeed in adversity. Additionally, it is a self-sufficient business entity that oversees all aspects of IT, including product ideation, development, release, and support.

hire dedicated developers india

Dedicated developers who leverage the latest technology and deliver products on time are now more and more in demand from mid-sized businesses to startups.

For enterprises, however, it might be difficult to locate qualified developers. You must consider the developer’s expertise, experience, and cost-to-quality ratio. That’s why we came up with this blog to help growing businesses understand how and from where to hire dedicated developers in India and some smart tips to hire the right person.

Let’s first uncover who are these dedicated developers and what all benefits your business gain by hiring them.

What are dedicated developers?

dedicated developers

Dedicated developers are hired by businesses for a certain amount of time to fulfill their development needs while focusing solely on one project. Companies outsource dedicated developers to resolve problems with freelancers in accordance with their schedules and methodology.

According to experts, organizations that hire dedicated developers in India will gain flexibility, cost, and other aspects in the current environment. The dedicated developers work under the contract and follow the internal teams.

Such a framework is most effective for businesses and startups looking for reasonably priced, qualified developers. You do not, however, have to deal with the administrative, human resources, tax, or social advantages associated with this team, unlike other employees.

A dedicated team of developers is the most crucial element for effective web application development. To create unique digital solutions, committed developers are skilled at handling everything from app ideation to deployment.

Let’s discover some more top reasons to hire dedicated developers India.

Why Hire Dedicated Developers India?

Must Know Benefits of hiring dedicated developers in India

Regarding the success and desired results of the project development process, dedicated developers in India offer several advantages. Let’s comprehend each one of them:

  • Specialized Skills

The demand for skilled developers is expanding along with software development technologies like virtual reality, the internet of things, robots, artificial intelligence, and mobile-first development. India has a vast pool of talented developers proficient in various technologies. When you hire dedicated developers India, you achieve remarkable digital solutions.

  • Cost-Effective

One of the best strategies to reduce costs and assist organizations in achieving their objectives is outsourcing. The rate of hiring developers varies by location. The hourly prices will be higher if you recruit developers from the United States or other western nations. Developer fees, in contrast, are significantly lower in Asian countries like India. Hence hire dedicated developers India to get budget-friendly digital solutions.

  • Compatible Time zone

The difference between time zones is one of the main issues business units encounter when outsourcing. To ensure time zone compatibility, the majority of Indian development companies, however, employ flexibility. As a result, you don’t need to worry about how the team will operate together and achieve deadlines.

  • High Security

You can protect your project’s confidentiality using an NDA (non-disclosure agreement). You may adhere to a contract of services when you hire dedicated developers India from a reputable company to safeguard your rights. Additionally, you will be able to protect important or confidential data from any possible danger.

  • Enhanced Flexibility

The ability to add, remove, or amend project requirements is one of the main benefits of outsourcing dedicated software development from leading web development companies in India. The strategy allows for a variety of team sizes. You only need to let the outsourcing company know if, at any moment, the project needs to include extra UI/UX designers, testers, or other development expertise.

Top Options to Hire Dedicated Developers in India

Best places to find dedicated developers in India

  • Clutch

It is one of the biggest B2B platforms. All the leading web development companies are registered here. It serves as a bridge between customers and businesses that provide tech services. The top-rated Clutch dedicated developers have successfully provided world-class digital solutions to various clients.

The Clutch’s main goal is to make it easier for suppliers to find leads. Additionally, clients can evaluate potential partners based on feedback from prior clients. For example, check out the reviews and ratings given by the previous client to eLuminous Technologies, one of the leading web development companies across the globe.


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  • Upwork

Upwork is a freelance marketplace that links companies and individuals with freelancers who provide various services, including website development, mobile app development, marketing, writing, and other fields. The platform offers tools for freelancers to manage their work and get paid while enabling organizations and people to publish job postings, request proposals from freelancers, and receive responses.

Over 12 million freelancers and 5 million clients were registered on Upwork. This website’s incredible filters make it simple to find and hire dedicated developers India.


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  • Top developers

TopDevelopers is a platform that includes not only well-known names on its list but also has many fresh and inventive mobile app and web development service providers that are building a reputation for themselves and providing complete client service. Its profound metrics help you to shortlist the best-dedicated developers for your dream project.

TopDevelopers lists the best and most successful web and mobile app development businesses. You can select the ideal partner to technically progress your business with the help of verified reviews.

Top developers

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  • Google

Most dedicated software development teams and web development firms today use the internet. You can perform searches on Google and other well-known search engines. Check the evaluations and rankings of the available choices. You may also find various job boards and bidding websites where you can publish your requirements.

  • References

There must be companies out there that may have just employed a team of dedicated developers. It would be fantastic if you sought their opinions and inquired about their own experiences. However, it would help if you considered the kinds of projects for which they recruited the developers and determined whether or not they satisfy your needs.

How to hire dedicated developers in India?

5-STEP Process to Hire Dedicated Developers in India

Now that you are aware of the potential benefits of hiring a dedicated software development team. Make sure to adhere to the steps provided below in order to select the top dedicated programmers.

STEP 1: Requirement Analysis

Determining your project needs or the goal you want to achieve with your online application is the first stage in software development. In order to ascertain this, analyze your company’s goals and the skills, knowledge, and experience needed to meet those goals.

You’ll know precisely what kind of developer you need once you’ve identified what your business demands are and how you want your expectations to be realized.

STEP 2: Shortlist Potential Candidates

After analyzing the project’s goal, requirements, and scope, we now look for potential candidates with the required expertise. You can search for dedicated developers on various options listed above.

You can hire outsourcing companies to handle the work of shortlisting potential candidates if you want to save time. The vendor company begins assembling a team of software developers for you based on your provided data.

Make sure to convey your objectives and specifications to outsourcing companies in both written and conversational form. This will aid in streamlining the process and assist the vendor in finding the best developers.

STEP 3: Conduct Personal Interview

While your vendor assists you in hiring a team of developers, it is advisable to meet with each candidate. You need to make sure while going to hire dedicated developers India that they have the right mindset for the project and the mentality to get along with your in-house team because you’re essentially inviting new people to work for you.

Conducting interviews with the team members can help you and the team in the future have effective communication. Make sure to evaluate the candidate’s soft skills, along with their technical skills and professional traits, whether in person or over the phone.

STEP 4:  Onboarding & Integration

But to make the procedure even more straightforward, ascertain that your new team members understand the objectives and current state of the project. Additionally, give your new developer advanced access to the necessary resources and a list of tools. Also, let him through a step-by-step setup guide for your development environment. You can also set up a team gathering to introduce your new dedicated developers and review their responsibilities to the project’s internal team members.

STEP 5: Updating & Improvement

Once the developer is integrated, you should know how things are going and what has been accomplished so far. You will need to plan project updates because the dedicated developers may operate remotely from various locations. The project manager may opt to provide daily updates, either weekly or monthly. Make sure to communicate with your outsourced development team the same way you choose.

Things to Look for while going to Hire Dedicated Developers India

There are a few points which, if you consider while going to hire dedicated developers India, you’ll certainly find the ideal candidate for your upcoming project. Let’s have a look at the crucial checklist that we covered.

Essential Checklist While Hiring Dedicated Developers

  • Portfolio

Don’t forget to check the portfolio or past work of the developer. Looking into past work will help you understand what type of work he has done or what’s the success level of digital solutions he has developed so far. Moreover, you also get to know if he has done any project similar to yours or not. You should also check the reviews or testimonials given by previous clients.

  • Ability to Debug

Due to the complexity of bug handling, developers frequently refrain from debugging. However, businesses need someone who isn’t scared to get straight into the code and discover those annoying flaws. Thus, while going to hire a dedicated software development team in India, check candidates’ debugging skills by asking them to write sample test cases. Before beginning to write the code, they should be able to write unit tests and the framework for testing. In this manner, bugs can be avoided in advance.

  • Dedication

Every company would like to evaluate their employees on this factor, but it is challenging to assess in the short time of an interview. We can ask some questions to check the extent of the developer’s dedication. For example- Which cases did the developer find the most challenging? Did he have to stay up late to come up with a fix? A few real-life examples can help determine how far an individual would go to solve a problem.

  • Adaptability

The process of innovation is continual. New tools and technologies are released every year to offer increased functionality and efficiency. Developers are expected under these circumstances to pick up the new tech stack swiftly and get to work on the project.
More robust fundamentals greatly aid in adjusting to the latest technologies. During interviews, you can evaluate this quality by checking how solid dedicated developers’ programming basics are.

  • Soft Skills

Although soft skills are fundamental and necessary for any applicant hoping to join an organization, the level of these skills differs from person to person. One crucial component of soft skills is listening. Understanding customer requirements requires probing and listening to the consumer to make sense of his hazy ideas. Along with that, strong communication skills are needed to effectively coordinate all team members leaving no chance of doubts.

How to manage a Dedicated Software Development Team?

For your digital product to succeed, you must do more than just select the right candidate. Project management is one of the most challenging aspects of working with remote staff. When you hire a dedicated software development team from an outsourcing company in India, they are managed by vendor companies, but still, you make sure that the project development goes well. Discover how?

How to manage a Dedicated Software Development Team

How eLuminous helps in hiring the Top Dedicated Developers?

Since 2002, eLuminous Technologies has been involved in the digital transformation industry. We use a flexible hiring model when outsourcing dedicated developers. This helps startups and growing organizations hire dedicated software development teams according to their project needs and within the predecided budget.
We assist businesses in quick onboarding the ideal candidate. Using our engagement model, you can scale up your project or decrease the number of staff at any time. Connect with our expert team to get free consultation.

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