This post is very useful for those professionals who want to hire web developer for their website’s project. Many times companies who offer web developer for hire create a false picture in front of these customers that web development and designing is something very complex and needs a lot of efforts. Well, it isn’t an Einstein’s job but it may not be taken so casually looking at the current market standards. The web is going so complex, almost every sector addition to the IT’s are entering the web and promoting their websites and applications. While you evaluate and hire web developer from these companies, there are some very important things that are often implemented mistakenly by even clever individuals which you should know.

Know these mistakes that people make when they want to hire a web developer:

Hire designers to develop a complete website:

When I say this, I mean whenever individuals or companies want to get a website developed, they hire the web designers to do both; design and develop the websites for them. It’s like hiring a car driver and asking him to drive an airplane too (of course by paying him a few bucks extra). Understand people, both the things are completely different. A designer can make your website look good in every way, but they cannot guarantee to maintain a great level of coding at the backend.

Go for the lowest quote:

It’s quite a common thing. Most of the people choose to go for the proposals with the lowest amount. It’s not always the case that they don’t have enough budget, but maybe because the project is not so important to them. If this is the case, then it’s ok to choose the lowest bid. But if your website project is important for you, it can prove to be a very risky decision. Low price doesn’t always serve you with a great quality. Low price means low-quality resources and low-quality output (in most of cases).

Go for the highest-priced bids:

On the contrary to the fist point, some people always choose to go with the highest price regardless to its past records of quality or ROI measure. It’s not always that if you pay more, you get high-quality resources to get that work done. Many companies earn margin just on the basis of their brand names, whereas the quality they offer is the same. Going with the company that offers a number of features at a reasonable price that fits your budget and meets your expectation is highly recommended.

Don’t clear about the hidden fees initially:

Many of the companies from where you hire web developer fool people by showing an X amount at the initial stage and later invoicing a X+Y amount to their clients. This can happen to anyone. So clear about the hidden amount prior to signing up a contract. If there is any genuine amount to be paid, there is absolutely a problem with bearing it. But if that company is committing one thing and delivering other things, you should take serious action against them.

Don’t consider a CMS due to security concerns:

A CMS (content management system) is a tool that offers hundreds of website themes that you may install to publish it as your website. There are so many awesome CMSs like WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Magento etc. through which you may easily select a theme, add contents and pictures, and publish in your domain name. They are continuously improved in terms of quality, security, accessibility etc. and, therefore, there is no problem in considering it for your website. You get complete access to the contents of your website which you can edit at any point of time.

Don’t bother about the SEO and SMM:

If you are new to getting the websites designed, it is recommended to do online research about the factors required to launch and index your website on the search engines. Without search engine optimization or a social media marketing activity, your website won’t be entertained either by search engines like Google and Bing nor it will be popular among the users. If you hire web developer without asking him about the SEO and SMM tools that will be implemented on the website, you are on the wrong road, my friend.

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POSTED IN: March 26, 2015 Shweta Joshi