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Complete Guide on Hiring Dedicated Development Team for Year 2024

Complete Guide on Hiring Dedicated Development Team for Year 2024
blog-author Richa TL, Technical Writer

The FDA-compliant e-commerce platform was developed in 90 days with the aid of a dedicated development team.

Hiring dedicated development team is one of the most successful ways to achieve innovative, result-driven, and cost-effective digital transformation.

Whoever wonders why? Three cents from my side

  • Finding competent development partners is a significant concern for 50% of IT organizations.
  • According to Glassdoor, the average cost of employing a new professional is roughly $4000.
  • In the United States alone, the skills gap and talent shortfall are projected to cause a loss of $8.5 trillion by 2030

All the above points prove that finding the right talent to help you achieve your business goals is getting harder and harder.

Software outsourcing has become the new normal, with over 50% of US companies choosing this option. A dedicated development team is a team of professionals outsourced from countries like India who can help you with any of these objectives.

A common partnership model in software development for remote client collaboration is a dedicated software development team. This approach can provide your company with cutting-edge technological solutions and extensive domain knowledge. Both existing businesses, as well as emerging startups, should use it.

Dedicated Development Team compared to In-House Development

Let’s have a quick look at the features of Dedicated team & In house Development.

Dedicated Development Team In-House Development
A cost-effective alternative Higher management and development costs
A committed team that adopts your culture Team understands your company culture
Talent acquisition is easy and fast Lack of necessary skills
Team size is scalable Not easy to scale
Project priorities can be changed Team understands your company culture


Although robust software or application development is feasible with dedicated developers, the challenge is that many businesses are unaware of how to recruit dedicated resources.

If you’re one of those aspiring business owners with abundant creative ideas for building a solid online presence, keep reading this article. You are about to learn how to hire a dedicated software development team for your dream project.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll go into greater detail on where to get competent workers to scale up your business with top-notch digital solutions.

Dedicated Team: What is a Dedicated Team Model?

Who are dedicated developers

The process of developing software or creating an application necessitates a variety of talents and competence in different development domains, which you will gain from the experience and knowledge of skilled software developers.

The long-term outsourcing of proficient developers by a business to achieve its objectives is known as a dedicated development team. This team functions under contract and is similar to the internal teams.

Such programmers build a solid plan using the most recent market technologies and processes according to your business requirements.

Unlike your in-house employees, you are exempt from dealing with administrative, human resources, tax, and social advantages associated with a dedicated software development team. Such a model is most effective for startups and businesses looking for talented, affordable developers.

When you work with a dedicated software development team, you receive a group of experts carefully chosen to accomplish your business objectives. This team is comparable to an internal team.

Let’s discover what all are the members of a dedicated team.

Dedicated Software Development Team: Structure of an Outsourced

Structure of an Outsourced Dedicated Development Team

A dedicated team is typically made up of experts in the following roles:

  • Software Developers

They are typically full-stack, front-end, and back-end developers. For instance, you’ll need to recruit iOS and Android experts to construct a mobile application.

Major Tasks of Front-end Developer

  • Improving user experience.
  • Bringing concepts to life using HTML, JavaScript, and CSS.
  • Creation and upkeep of the user interface.
  • Control over software workflow.

Major Task of Back-end Developers

Developing, maintaining, testing, and debugging an application’s back end. This covers the central logic of the application, databases, data and application integration, APIs, and other background operations.

  • Project Manager

The entire team’s path is within the project manager’s control. Their primary responsibilities include:

  • Organizing production releases and rollouts.
  • Assigning work to the appropriate staff members.
  • Giving briefings on the status and outcomes of projects.
  • Q/A Analyst

At each stage of the software development process, QAs must examine the application for defects and faults. They find all the bugs and solve them before the project launch by comparing the product to the initial specifications.

  • UI/UX Designer

Identifying user problems and attempting to address them through design decisions is the major objective of UI/UX designers. Designers then produce the digital solution’s visual component (user interface) based on a clearly defined UX.

  • Business Analyst

This dedicated team member assists in analyzing your business needs, comprehending objectives, prioritizing features, and translating those specifications into functional ones. A business analyst’s primary responsibility is to guarantee that a product meets the company’s goalsand technical requirements in a high-quality manner.

  • DevOps Engineers

They collaborate with QA professionals and software development teams to plan the product’s creation and use and create an environment conducive to testing the project’s requirements.

Dedicated Development Teams: Why Should You Hire?

Although cost-saving is the main reason for hiring a dedicated software development team (70%), there are many other observable advantages. Let’s cover them all.

Why Should You Hire a Dedicated Development Team?

  • High Flexibility

The dedicated software development team hiring model is an excellent technique for evaluating the adaptability of outsourcing. Inform the contractor if the business wants to grow the outsourcing crew. It is not required to go through the laborious hiring process. You can quickly raise or decrease the team’s size according to the project’s demands.

  • Great Scalability

Scalability is one of the most crucial benefits of a dedicated development team model. To accomplish your goals and realize the company’s vision, quickly assemble a dedicated staff with as many skills as you require!

  • Faster Development

Hiring a dedicated team speeds up the development cycle because professionals manage the entire process and thus need less supervision. This shortens the development cycle and allows you more time to concentrate on other company goals.

  • Reduce Risk

An outsourced development team is the most excellent choice when it comes to risk mitigation. It’s because it is the responsibility of the outsourcing company to find the best professionals for your project. You don’t need to be concerned about HR-related actions and any risks.

  • Improved Interaction

Businesses that adopt dedicated team models achieve their objectives more quickly and effectively because of open communication and processes. A dedicated software development team fosters the most optimal situations for collaboration because of the regular feedback project managers and the business owner provide.

Dedicated Development Team: When to Hire Dedicated Remote Development Team?

Dedicated Development Team: Is it For You?

Many of you may still be unsure of your decision regarding the dedicated team model. Outsourcing a dedicated team is ideal if you are in one of the situations listed below.

  • If you are a startup company

A dedicated team is the right choice if you are a young startup expecting to expand. The augmented staff does the additional work while your in-house team concentrates on business-related activities. You can build a team more quickly, spend less on the hiring process, and deliver the final product faster.

  • If you are launching a new project

If you are launching a new project, hiring in-house developers takes a lot of time. Building a dedicated software development team is a successful strategy for businesses and startups to begin the development process as soon as possible.

  • If your project is large with changing scope

A longer development time caused by an unclear project scope is one of the greatest issues that tech companies face. In these circumstances, a dedicated development team can help you understand the particulars of a project, such as its goals, timeline, responsibilities, team structure, etc.

  • If your budget is limited

Outsourcing development teams is advantageous for startups and small firms with limited resources. Hiring these experts won’t leave you with a large financial hole. Additionally, you can save more money that you would have otherwise spent on the hiring procedure.

  • If your project needs more expertise

Hire skilled developers who can quickly expand your development skills if your firm lacks the talent pool to create the software you require. This will allow a startup tech company to gain clients and begin operations.

  • If you want to speed up time-to-market

Finishing your project on the projected timeline is essential for your organization’s pride and reputation from when your product is conceptualized until it is released on the market. If your in-house team cannot tackle difficult and large-scale projects, a dedicated team can complete them as quickly as required.

How to Hire Dedicated Development Team That Suits Your Needs?

We are aware that each project is unique. But regardless of your business domain, the procedures for hiring a dedicated development team essentially stay the same. So, the following is a tried-and-true step-by-step procedure for hiring a committed staff quickly.

How to Hire the Right Dedicated Development Team for Your Needs?

1. Define your Project Requirements

Determine your company’s needs before hiring a dedicated workforce. Objectifying to your company’s requirements will hasten the recruitment and training of devoted developers. Your project’s idea will be more profitable if you have a clear outline, making it easier to maximize efficiency and open new revenue streams.

To further assess the teams, you must have the following information on hand:

  • Project outline: your business objectives, the amount of money you’re willing to spend, technological needs, the number of professionals you’ll need, etc.
  • Evaluation Process: Choose metrics and criteria for your evaluation scorecard and decide what factors you should consider when employing software developers.

* It’s a good idea to create a document that includes all the key information about your project, your unique requirements, and a list of queries that potential IT companies should be able to address. Choosing the best team is much simpler when comparing the teams.

2. Look for Potential Partners

The next step is to look for the vendor market and search for a probable match if you know your needs. First, think about where your development staff is located. Onshore, offshore, and nearshore are the three options available here.

You must be thinking, how will you choose trustworthy and dependable developers from among the millions?

Visit the websites listed below and submit your request for a dedicated software development team. Filter outsourcing companies with prices, product descriptions, and valid client feedback. It makes your decision easier.

You should investigate the offerings available on these platforms that align with your goals and objectives. To do that, you must focus your search till you locate a trustworthy, dedicated team for your project.

Let’s explore more options to find the best team of dedicated, experienced developers.

Where to Hire a Dedicated Development Team?

When looking for trustworthy partners, word of mouth can be very effective. In addition, you can find skilled and knowledgeable development staff at the locations listed below.

Where to Hire a Dedicated Development Team?

  • Clutch

Clutch is one of the biggest B2B platforms. You can filter the top outsourcing or staffing company based on your location, technology, cost, etc. eLuminous Technologies was recently declared a top IT staffing company by Clutch.

Read more on the top-rated Clutch dedicated developers.

  • References

You can get recommendations from people you know or businesses that frequently recruit developers online. You can benefit from their advice and experiences in hiring and managing dedicated programmers.

  • Social Media

Checking social media is another good way to find devoted software developers. LinkedIn, a popular social network, is appropriate for business. To assist you in identifying the right developers, LinkedIn offers a variety of relevant discussions and interested groups. You can post a description of your project and get many responses.

  • Search Engine

A Google search can be a useful resource when engaging a professional development team. Once you get the search results, you can read reviews and ratings to learn how well they function. If good SEO techniques are used, which shows that a business values its reputation, works hard to expand, and is concerned with improving performance.

3. Choose the Top Outsourcing Company

It’s time to choose the top outsourcing web development companies from all your responses based on the parameters mentioned below.

  • Website

A few things to consider while carefully reviewing a company’s profile. They are:

  • To ensure they fit your needs, read their blog and examine their services.
  • If you require further project scalability, determine how many developers the organization employs and how the development process is run.
  • Examine the company’s ability to provide any other services you might require, such as business support, copywriting, marketing analysis, etc.
  • Portfolio

A portfolio is like a true copy of their work and expertise. Check the company’s portfolio carefully to be sure they have finished projects in your field. For example, read the case studies of eLuminous technologies. This will help you understand the type of products we have successfully done.

  • Reviews & Rating

You may learn about a company’s operations by looking at its website and portfolio. However, ratings and reviews reveal how a product is developed. The previous client gives these reviews and ratings based on how far the finished project matches their expectation. View the customer ratings and reviews posted on the Clutch website.

Reviews & Rating

Image source

  • Pricing

Finally, look into an agency’s pricing structure. Budget is always a crucial consideration; therefore, talking about it as quickly as possible is preferable. Depending on your needs, you can choose between a fixed price or a time-and-materials model.


Fixed Price Time & Material
Not Flexible Very Flexible
Best for small projects Best for large projects
Lots of Paperwork Clients have control over the process
More adjustments need to make Project split into separate task


4. Conduct Screening Process

The hard job of putting together a dedicated group starts after you’ve selected your provider and signed a contract. Keep in mind that you lack a team at this time. The vendor business will only help you create one. To do this, they might help you with the hiring process or find developers from their own talent pool.

Following technical and HR interviews, your IT provider first approves each candidate. These interviews are intended to determine whether the candidate has the necessary motivation and abilities to take on the assignment.

The hiring procedure is an excellent opportunity to confirm that you are working with the right outsourcing company. You can assess their performance by judging how they communicate internally and the general culture of the business.

5. Launching a Dedicated Team

Another important consideration is assessing the level of support that vetted developers or software firms offer.

Regardless of whether the dedicated software development team you hired responds to your queries and concerns about development or not, they should pay close attention to your project.

Therefore, ensure the dedicated development staff you engage is accessible through project management tools on the pre-agreed terms.

You can make a more intelligent decision with the aid of these details. You’ll be able to assess the likelihood of further collaboration. Pay no money until the requisite software developers are hired and insist that NDAs be signed prior to the interviews.

*You will already have a large number of capable people on hand if interviews go well. You may focus on other goals because the launch will be quick and easy.

6. Security & NDA

Before onboarding a dedicated team, it’s essential to agree on the responsibility distribution, understand the development process and decide who will be responsible for each task to avoid conflicts during crucial project moments. At this step, the outsourcing vendor deals with the legal nuances of your cooperation. The set of documents typically includes:

  • Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA)

It specifies what information and knowledge will be kept confidential.

Master Services Agreement (MSA)

It is a contract outlining the majority of the conditions of the collaboration. Payment terms, methods for invoicing and payment, dispute resolution, credit limits, and terms, intellectual property ownership, and liabilities are typically covered.

  • Statement of work (SOW)

This document explains and defines all the specifics and restrictions of your project. It clarifies the project circumstances, pricing, timing, special requirements, and deliverables.

7. Managing and Updating

It’s crucial to remain involved and keep lines of communication open to guarantee a successful development process with your dedicated development team. You may contribute to an effective result and establish a solid reputation as a helpful client by actively contributing and making yourself available to the team.

You must take the following action to manage the team effectively

Holding frequent online conferences to assess development and address any problems.

Encouraging the members of the development team to make inquiries and offer comments.

Keep in touch with the vendor’s project manager to ensure everything goes as planned.

How Much Does Hiring a Dedicated Development Team Cost?

The cost to hire dedicated development team varies depending on several factors. So, you will never find a universal answer to this question.

Here are the facets that influence the costing aspect:

  • Location of the dedicated software development team
  • Team strength and years of working experience
  • The complexity of your project and tech stack
  • Services like project management

So, the final price can vary significantly whenever you hire a dedicated development team from any location.

Still, if you want a general idea of the price range, assume it will fall between the $15,000 to $25,000 per month (or more) window.

Hiring Dedicated Development Team: Bonus Tips to Avoid Common Mistakes

Like any other IT outsourcing partnership, cooperation based on the dedicated team model carries risks and difficulties that may jeopardize the success of your project. You can overcome any potential challenges by being aware of them in advance.

Hiring Dedicated Development Team: Bonus Tips to Avoid Common Mistakes


  • Use Agile Technology

Agile approaches have proven to be the most effective in fostering a culture of continuous team improvement and adaptability. Therefore, it is advised to employ agile technology and holds frequent meetings between the teams when you engage a development team to supplement your internal team.

  • Up-to-date with latest industry standards

Get an estimated tech stack from your vendor whether you’re hiring for a front-end, back-end, or mobile app development project. If your in-house team has never worked with these technologies previously, ask them to be aware of it. To ensure that your internal development team is on the same page, you may also ask your vendor to produce a list of testing tools and scenarios they may utilize.

  • Create a detailed and transparent contract

All the working and payment terms must be clearly documented in your contract to help prevent future disputes

Your contract must include

  • Hiring model (Fixed/Time & Material)
  • Payment and invoicing protocols
  • Cost with detailed breakdowns
  • Credit periods and limits
  • Warranty conditions and periods


  • Employing a broad perspective

While a full-stack developer can manage some stages of the software development life cycle process, expecting one or two individuals to plan, develop, manage, and deliver a whole project may be impractical and unable to cover all the bases adequately. A project’s successful implementation depends on assembling a dedicated development team.

  • Choosing the cheaper option

Quality always comes with a price; there is no second thought about it. Choosing an unskilled and novice development team due to budget constraints will cost you more in the long run. How? The underrated digital solutions developed by the inexperienced team need more modifications in the future to match the increasing user needs.

  • Not doing a background check-up

Today everyone is smart enough to create fake reviews and testimonials. You don’t just have to depend on one prospective candidate’s references; you may also ask for random recommendations. Examine their LinkedIn accounts, and if possible, speak with some of their current or previous clients to learn more.

Unlock Your Potential: Hire Dedicated Software Development Team

The Dedicated web development team model is an excellent choice for developing digital solutions if you need to start a long-term project but are on a short budget or are unsure of the technical needs.

When you hire a reputable outsourcing company, you will have a partner who understands your objectives and vision and can assist you in developing a successful business strategy.

One such reputable and top outsourcing web development firm in India is eLuminous Technologies. With its quick and straightforward hiring procedure, you may immediately onboard a development team with the necessary skills for your project. We have introduced a two-week free trial in 2024 to aid growing companies in developing confidence in our offerings. Schedule your free trial now!


1. What is a dedicated team structure?

A dedicated team is a combination of professionals who utilize their working hours to develop and complete a client’s project. The assigned employees understand the client’s requirements in a more focused way and communicate instantly about the project’s status.

2. What is the difference between an extended team and a dedicated team?

An extended team has additional specialists who provide insights for your project. However, they can also work on the tasks of other clients. On the contrary, a dedicated team works solely on your project. The professionals have an undivided focus in this setup.

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