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Verified Tools to Increase Your Ecommerce Website Sale By 30+%

Verified Tools to Increase Your Ecommerce Website Sale By 30+%

Whether you own a small ecommerce website, or a million-dollar ecommerce business, the first thing you want to do is, beat the competitors and reach your best level. What if I say that you won’t need to hire backend developer and I have a verified idea which can help you increase your sale by 30% from visitors who land on your e-commerce website but don’t purchase anything. If you still don’t believe, here are some strategies that will definitely work for your e-commerce website:

Lead re-generator:-

Lead regenerator is a very important strategy for the ecommerce website owners today. Such kinds of visitors do not require much of your effort to get easily converted into an order, as they already have visited your website and searched for products on the website. These visitors can be converted into a customer by below methods:

A) Trigger Emails: – As the name suggests, it automatically triggers to send an email on the specific event has happened. It is a great marketing tool for any website. You can activate trigger emails when there is any action by the visitor which result for a lead such as abandonment checkout process or left an item in the cart, decline payment, customer added an item to their wishlist, etc. But care should be taken that trigger email will send relevantly and manifest emails as per the event occurred by visitors.

B) Exit Grabber: – It is a very effective technique to grab your visitor back to the website by offering a discount when a visitor is about to leave the website. It acts as an interaction with visitors on the website. It will help to identify exit rate of a particular page of your website; such stat will also assist your marketing team to take improved action.

Upsell & Cross Sell: –

This is keys success to increasing sale on the website. Upsell represent selling the same product in multiple forms in reference to the main product while cross-sell represents offering related products to its main product. Usually, these products are offered when a particular product is already added to cart. If this technique is well implemented, then it will lead to a great boost in revenue.

Awarding Coupon/Voucher Code on purchased item: –

Awarding Coupon Code for next purchase or current purchase for your customer will attract for recurring purchase indirectly increasing sale. You can offer coupon code like 10% off, Free Shipping, B1G1, etc.  It makes an impression of extra saving on purchase for customers. This is a technique of conversion from a good deal to a great deal.

A/B Testing: –

A/B testing is a tool which works on statistics technique for improvement in your web page, which directly adds a spark to the revenue. In this technique, it compares two or more version of web pages to identify which meet better sale conversion. It totally works on hypothesis and data collected by on this test. Even a small change in one of web page makes the positive outcome.

So the bottom line is, if you put proper techniques in a proper way and continuously interact with your customers, then your sale will increase enormously. Trust me, I am working as a Backend developer and applying such techniques to my client’s website adds a great deal of value to the client business. If you want to add something to this or want any additional answers to your queries, feel free to write me in the comments section.

Happy Selling!

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