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AngularJS: Top 14 Tools to Simplify Web Development

AngularJS: Top 14 Tools to Simplify Web Development
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Most businesses that operate, even if only partially, in the digital realm need to use technologies that offer high functionality and shorter lead times – leading to better products that can move in to gain market share as quickly as possible. This aptly describes the technology that’s the focus of this post – AngularJS.

Launched in 2010, the web application development framework has steadily grown in popularity and today powers over 1.1 million live websites globally. Its modular structure, declarative UI, TypeScript, and strong community support make it an excellent choice for developing complex, enterprise-grade web applications.

However, as simple as AngularJS makes it to develop such apps, there are ways to make the process simpler still. Yes, a good tool can improve the development process qualitatively and quantitatively, helping your business grow the top line and deliver better customer experiences.

As a custom web application development company, we’re always looking for ways to increase our productivity and that’s precisely what these Angular dev tools help you achieve when developing with AngularJS. So, here are our top 14 AngularJS tools to simplify your web development process.

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Top 14 Angular Build Tools

  1. AngularJS UI

Developing a quality product ahead of schedule is a dream scenario for any developer. However, AngularJS UI is one tool, or rather a collection of UI components, that can help you turn that dream into reality when it comes to angular web development.

AngularJS UI comprises utility directives such as UI-map, UI-calendar, and UI-router. Developers can use these raw directives in place of unnecessary widgets to make the development process quicker without compromising quality.

  1. Mocha.js

A JavaScript testing framework that runs on a browser, Mocha.js uses Node.js and allows you to carry out asynchronous testing, making the entire process more flexible and easier. Developers can also use Mocha.js to run tasks serially.

  1. WebStorm

WebStorm is an intelligent online editor for AngularJS that makes code debugging easier with its smart IDE. But that’s not the only reason why Angular web developers love it, as the tool works seamlessly with all modern technologies like JavaScript, HTML, CSS etc.

  1. Karma

One of the most popular tools to check Angular performance, Karma offers a near-perfect testing environment where you can test a web application on actual browsers and devices such as phones and tablets.

This is a more reliable way of gauging your app’s performance and user experience than using simulated environments. Karma also helps you carry out different kinds of testing, including unit testing, E2E testing, and midway testing, making it a thorough test runner.

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  1. SublimeText

Whether you code yourself or hire Angular developer, writing and editing code is one of the more time- and effort-intensive parts of creating a web application, a burden that SublimeText reduces to a great extent. It’s by far the most popular text editor among Angular build tools though you can use it just as easily for other programming languages and frameworks.

  1. Protractor

Created by Google, which also birthed Angular, Protractor is an end-to-end testing program that runs on WebDriverJS. The highlight of Protractor is that it runs the tests in an actual browser and simulates the behaviour of a real user interacting with your app.

Additionally, developers also don’t need to wait for a test or webpage to sync when using Protractor. Instead, the tool’s automatic waiting feature ensures that once a webpage is done with an ongoing or pending task, it automatically moves to the next step in the procedure. Both these aspects make Protractor unique among different testing tools.

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  1. Djangular

Though an essential part of the app development process, creating content for an app can often drive your developers up a wall. This is where Djangular makes life easier as it’s simple, easy to implement, and reusable whenever you create content for your AngularJS application. It also allows you to hire dedicated developer to create content per app instead of creating one large block of content.

  1. Jasmine

A popular AngularJS testing tool for experienced developers, Jasmine is often used together with Karma. It’s known for being customisable and as a test- and behaviour-driven testing framework. As Jasmine doesn’t rely on DOM, browsers, or any JavaScript framework, it can also be used to test any application that uses JavaScript.

  1. comprises mentions and macros widgets that are not jQuery dependent. Your AngularJS developer can directly add input to any desired element using this tool. Though is filled with functionalities, many of them can be exploited fully only by experienced developers.

  1. Angular Batarang

Available as a Chrome extension and developed by Google’s Angular team, Angular Batarang is a popular debugging tool used by developers to debug Angular applications. Top reasons to use Batarang include the ability to carry out multiple tasks, simplify the workflow, perform customised testing, and allowing your developers to control the inspection.

  1. Angular Kickstart

Among the more popular Angular performance tools, Angular Kickstart’s main calling card is that it offers a scalable build system that makes developing apps easier, essentially making your Angular development project faster.

  1. AngularFire

AngularFire enables your developers to create the backend of your Angular application easily. The tool’s 3-way data binding and flexible API help with a quicker development process, thus justifying the cost to hire Angular developer. Its main features include automatic data storage, synchronised real-time binding, and AngularJS binding support for Firebase.

  1. NG-Inspector

Available as an extension for Chrome and Safari, NG-Inspector lets your developer add an inspector pane to the browser, which helps develop and debug your AngularJS application. The tool quickly identifies and displays every scope through ‘Controllers and Directives’.

  1. Angular Material

One of the more popular Angular design tools, Angular Material offers a component library that helps you create website designs that are multi-browser compatible, device-independent, and offer graceful degradation.

With over 30 UI components and services, Angular Material gives your developers a lot of freedom to experiment with multiple elements and designs. Keen observers will notice that Google’s Material Design inspires Angular Material.

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Over to You

Are you about to start your new Angular project or looking to hire dedicated developer proficient in Angular to turn your idea into a profitable product? In either case, knowing that there are tools you can turn to for building your product faster and better is worth your while.

As a web design and development company, these tools have helped us speed up Angular development projects. And while we’re sure they’ll do so for you as well, your mileage might vary as each project is different with unique requirements, challenges, and resources.

If you’d like to know about our AngularJS development process and how and where do these Angular dev tools fit in, we are just a call away. While at it, you can also explore your AngularJS app idea with our developers.

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