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How MEAN Stack development technology would be a great option for new startups?

How MEAN Stack development technology would be a great option for new startups?
blog-author Sarah 8+ Years of Exp.

In the rapid growth of the entrepreneurial world, most of the founders are getting confused due to the enormous technology options are present to transform their ideas. Considering the technology trends as explained in my previous blog, it is necessary to go in the right direction from the start & adapt them to excel out in your business. Let us know about how MEAN (Acronym for MongoDB ExpressJS AngularJS NodeJS) Stack development technology for web application development for startups:

1)            Time & Cost Saving:

By considering the vision of most of the entrepreneurs today, they wish to have dynamism & great user experience to fascinate targeted audience within the best possible price. MEAN stack provides both, as you need only one language i.e. JavaScript development expert or a team to implement your ideas. Surely, it is nothing but the blessing for you, as you don’t need to invest much time in hiring dedicated programmers in various technologies & mug up the whole things to all without having a guarantee of the output. In this way, you can save your time & cost.

2)            MEAN Stack accelerates data storage:

The most significant change as compared to LAMP (Linux Apache MySQL PHP) is it uses the ‘non-relational’ database, unlike MySQL. This is really amazing, where there is no demand of having your business’s data in one particular format & manages on its own. Also, SQL requires more efforts to eliminate the redundancies while MEAN can perform data recovery faster & effective when schemas are present. MongoDB offers full cluster support which assures you to have data safety & exclusive capacity to handle the data of your startups if it increases inherently in future.

3)            Great MVC (Model View Controller) Structure:

There are four things to be considered while developing any web application & that are a database, server, client, client UI called as MVC. In MVC, there is full freedom for developers to develop the application model wise i.e. development can be done in parallel for different models in your project & their integration is quite easy. Again it saves a lot of time & gives structured output. For your startup, if you wish to do some changes in future for further enhancement, no other technology can help you to do it smoothly other than MEAN Stack.


4)            Comprehensive Benefits: 

The NodeJS is exceptionally scalable, reliable for single page applications with heavy traffic. In general web server techniques, each request generates new thread using available RAM & requires a fraction of seconds for execution which should not be preferred by startups in the first step. However, NodeJS allows an application to run thousands of requests on a single thread without hampering the RAM. AngularJS in MEAN offers excellent front-end framework to create User Interface (UI) in more innovative way.

Collectively, startups have an amazing platform to have their application scalable, flexible & powerful with the help of MEAN Stack. If you want detailed consultation regarding your ideas you can connect with our MEAN Stack developers .





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