If we pass through the last decade, it’s being a drastic change in our day-to-day life with the introduction & getting used to the smartphones, depending on smartphones, doing the things in an easy way with the thousands of choices in front of us. All of these were possible & increasing day-by-day with mobile apps development making simple & easy to operate. With the increase in the online market, each business has an ache for a mobile app as the best business promotion policy & beat their competition. Just to make your understanding clear about choosing the platform suitable for you, let us have a glimpse of things you need to consider:

  1. Features Supported by Platforms:

While choosing the platform, just make sure to have easy customization, testing, user-friendly administration by comparing such a solution on different platforms like Android, iOs, cross-platform with the help of mobile app developers. Also be aware of third party integration, storage abilities as per requirement of your business. Android is used widely due to its flexibility & is top app development platform according to recent data from statista.

  1. Target Audience:

Target audience is the one which needs to be considered on priority basis. If you have decided to develop a free app without monetization, it may create a trouble for you afterward. Mostly Android users prefer to use the free apps & Apple users are more likely to spend money on applications. Based on your target audience, select which platform could be suitable from both of you.

  1. App Development Cost:

After going through the features, you may decide to have the app (run-once-run-everywhere) cross-platform app as a cost effective solution by hiring only one cross-platform developer. Indeed, it is an attractive option but make sure that it is compatible to make the app perform in a way you want. Try to opt the app platform satisfying your budget & requirement.

  1. Supported Devices:

Android supports around 160 devices, iOS around 15 consisting versions on iPod, iPhone, iPad while windows work on 100 devices. Though it would be a challenge to develop an app that runs smoothly on each device. You can make a list of devices on which you want to run your app according to all the factors explained before & make the decision.

I hope it will help you to choose correct mobile apps development platform for your next project.

POSTED IN: November 14, 2016 Gauri Pawar