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How Pentaho helps in offering the perfect Business Intelligence Services for the Retail industry?

How Pentaho helps in offering the perfect Business Intelligence Services for the Retail industry?

If you are from Retail industry, you will know how the retailers have to deal with so many channels, departments, agencies, geographies etc. While dealing with it, they never fail to have their majority of focus on the vital business functions like managing their stores, merchandising, supply chain and most importantly, the customer relationship efficiently. For Retailers, there is always a need to stay updated with the current market trends, customer tastes, their demands etc., because that indirectly help them plan their next move, attract more customers and ultimately grow their revenues.

There is always a need for Retailers to expand their visibility into the market for attracting customers as well as the suppliers to improve their financial performance. Now, managing everything and plus concentrating on the business expansion is not as easy as it sounds. Therefore, Pentaho has come up with ideal business intelligence services where the retailers can manage their operations, marketing, merchandising, supply chain, and finance through a single dashboard. This creates a major impact as the Pentaho Business Intelligence ensures that all the vital segments of the retail business work well together.

Apart from this, some of the important features that Pentaho offers to the Retailers are:

  • Using Pentaho, one can develop an intelligent supply chain management system that works as per the indications received from the production department and market demand.
  • It helps you in segregating the market segments and understand what each type of customer is interested in and their buying behavior in different time periods.
  • Makes the retailers understand the market-driven pricing and implement it on similar grounds. The retailers can also focus on their promotional activities based on this.
  • Enables the management to have a close watch on the business operations, monitor costs and the capital spends.
  • Keeps a track on the total business function and enable the consistency between the corporate strategy and its execution.

Managing the store operations; whether it is online or in the physical store, is one of the significant parts of the Retail Market.  Pentaho Business Intelligence Services offers the Profit & Loss analysis which ensures that both the store operations are working according to the corporate targets. With the help of this tool, the Retailers will also be able to understand the periodic sales patterns and the product line performance. This creates a platform for the marketing team to create the promotional campaigns that match the customer behavioral patterns. The sales team can also develop a strategy for the up-sell and cross-sell offers based on the response of the past promotional campaigns.

If you have all these features in a Business Intelligence tool, what can stop you from managing your entire business efficiently and plus focusing on enhancing business productivity? If you are one of the retailers who want to implement a similar solution, get in touch with our Business Intelligence Experts. eLuminous Technologies has an experience of managing critical projects and successfully implementing it into a profitable solution.

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