Nowadays, faster technological advancement is reality and its implementation at each moment is rising in the industries like e-commerce, healthcare, utility, entertainment, finance. The goal behind it is simply to serve the people around the world in a better way. Let us have an overview of the emerging technology trends here:

1)    Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Advanced Machine Learning:

Artificial Intelligence & Machine learning involves neural networks, natural language processing. It is said that there would be more progressive techniques rather than traditional algorithms to create systems. These systems will work, predict & adapt the functionalities with slight help of human guidance or automatically. This is how AI & machine learning encourages the system to not only understand the core concept but also learn the behavior. With the smart machines, their intelligence would make highly accurate precision & can reach to the reduced error rate. Thus, it will bring out to have minimal cost & enhanced profit.

2)    IoT (Internet of Things):

Internet of things is evolving very rapidly. The concept of internetworking physical devices with the help of internet is going to make the things flexible & convenience for people at its best. Already, we are observing its reach up to smart homes & it is going to evolve by using various innovative approaches towards the IoT. All the leading technology giants are working to get more out of it. You can get a clear view of the connected devices by IoT forecast from statista below:

IoT Connected Devices

3)    Automation:

Automation is definitely not something new for every one of us. But with advancement in AI & machine learning, it will give rise to an extraordinary attempt for reducing manual efforts at the most. IT administrators need to transform from scripting to deterministic approach. This would boost the automation to the great level in the next 2-5 years.

4)    Augmented Reality:

According to Gartner Research, smartphones can also be effective for mobile virtual reality. Also, the popularity of game Pokemon go is the proof for the same. By connecting you to the virtual world, the screen of the device becomes the miraculous window. Research firm IDC predicts the market for AR hardware will grow roughly 190% each year from 2016 to 2020. Its integration with IoT, wearable devices, sensor-rich surroundings will be in the boom. The market for head mounted devices (HMDs) will emerge in the coming next two years. Given figure shows our forecast for sales of HMDs through 2020:

5)    Big Data:

No doubt, there will be regular increasing business/industry size in the world. And there would be the necessity of handling a huge data which could be possible with the help of business intelligence, big data. Big data would assist the owner to analyze his/her business in by keeping a microscope on each of the important factors related to it & making the business decisions in a more powerful way.  It is a blessing to for businesses to which provides them an ability to handle the unstructured data & getting worthwhile output from the same.


6)    Physical & Digital Integrations:

Growing digital market also includes shopping, payment transactions, online banking in our day-to-day life had already influenced the people today. Surely it will be expanding in the next year empowering the whole process with the combination of physical & digital things like amazon dash button & much more. Also, the physical brands would be focusing on digital features like store maps, a trial of products & local online advertising.

7)    On-demand Services:

People are too used to the services like home delivery of products, food or cab for going anywhere near places & they are enjoying it due to easy & simple ways. This would lead to legitimizing the mobile apps development industries by offering on-demand services to people in the following year. With the billions of apps available as of now, there is the very high probability of evolving it in different directions.

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POSTED IN: December 20, 2016 Gauri Pawar