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Top Technology Buzzwords for the Year 2018 (Part 1)

Top Technology Buzzwords for the Year 2018 (Part 1)
blog-author Sarah 8+ Years of Exp.

No one can predict the future, but we can make some educated guesses.

Pacing with the change in each passing year, if you don’t pay attention to these changes, it is easy to fall behind the times & market. We are here to amend the top technology buzzwords, that others are using in conversations to poise you to take advantage of new opportunities & conversations.

Get ready to step into future.

  • Artificial Intelligence

Already been buzzword for 2017, it will continue to be on foreseen for this year again. Computers are now able to learn as that of human & this advancement in AI has made possible by the enormous growth in data & computing power. Interest in AI is growing, as shown by an increase of more than 500% in the number of inquiry calls from Gartner clients about topics related to AI in the past year. 59% of organizations are still gathering information to build the strategies while the rest have already begun in piloting & adopting AI Solutions.

Today’s AI is narrow AI. Narrow AI consists of highly scoped machine-learning solutions that target a specific task (such as understanding the language or driving a vehicle in a controlled environment). Focus on business results enabled by applications that exploit narrow AI technologies, both leading-edge and older AI technologies.

Artificial Intelligence

Regarding the future growth of AI, it is undeniable. The research firm Markets and Markets for instance, estimates that the AI market will grow from $420 million in 2014 to $5.05 billion by 2020.


  • Internet of things:

Undoubtedly, IoT (Internet of Things) is one of the most influential IT & tech buzzwords of recent years and will continue to grow in popularity as its applications will become more and more tangible.

internet of things

This is because all smart devices are continuously collecting data, connecting to other devices & sharing that data-all without any human intervention. It is very easy to foster smart devices these days. For our homes, there are obvious smart products like TVs & less obvious ones like Yoga mats that track your downward dog. Allegedly, voice enabled personal assistants will continue to increase. Google, Apple & Amazon have their own ‘ecosystems’ that don’t play well with each other. Yet, this problem will be solved soon with the impact of innovation.


  • Blockchain

Blockchain is one of the trendiest buzzwords of the previous year & will keep growing. This IT word was on everyone’s lips already last year, after Bitcoin made history when it suppressed the price of gold for the first time.


Each of us has heard about blockchain but very few can  actually understand its working due to relative complexity. The blockchain works with Bitcoin. In order to clear up any potential confusion, Bitcoin is a system of currency that doesn’t rely on banks, countries, or any other institutions. This is very big deal, as there are many issues faced by people in developing countries, not being able to exchange their currency for others, & having to exchange currency on black market. Bitcoin can solve all these problems- but the technology underlying Bitcoin is blockchain, the real hero of the film. Blockchain is what enables Bitcoin users to be able to exchange currency without any fear of being ripped off or getting “counterfeit” Bitcoin. Thus, blockchain works by keeping a record of each transaction that happens using Bitcoin as a currency. This record is completely transparent to everyone.


  • Digital Productivity:

Digitization in the world brought a lot of positive things to our societies, facilitated exchanges & connections, work, management saved a lot of time & enable companies to grow & make a larger profit.

digital productivity

On the workplace side, many “digital productivity” tools and adds-on emerged as well, to contain the constant flow of news, beeps, emails, notifications, that disturb so many meeting or focused-work time. While in the 1970s, a top-executive would receive fewer 1,000 phone calls, telexes or telegrams per year, she/he has to face today a tidal wave of 30,000 emails and other electronic communications annually. Many tools are developed every year to facilitate communications and unclutter emails boxes, calendar meetings and foster collaboration “the old way”. At the same time, phone apps (only for Android) are emerging to block any type of notification that would disturb you from working, studying or anything else.

Change is only the Constant thing in each passing year. We will get to know more buzzwords in the next blog. Meanwhile, you may connect with me here, if you have any question.

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