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How is Node.js transforming the way web apps are developed?

How is Node.js transforming the way web apps are developed?
blog-author Sarah 8+ Years of Exp.

The velocity with which Node.js is growing in this modern age, preferred by all the back end developers. It is an awesome framework used for the real-time web application development. It offers the best support for huge sized applications which demand high performance & scalability.

Why has it become so popular?

Reduced costs, lesser time for development, enhanced productivity, huge community support are the main reasons that Node.js has gained popularity. Node.js has the ability to cater & adopt the fast moving landscapes by providing the optimal solution for the businesses who are looking for dynamic, large-scale, fast applications.

  • Reduced Costs:

Node.js applications require comparatively lesser resources & instances to host it on a server than the applications based on other platforms. It can map to cloud environments easily. Node.js application development is a swift & much easier process. Thus the resource cost gets reduced significantly. With a Node.js application, fewer cloud instances can serve a large number of subscribers keeping latency rate low. This results in improved application performance with less expenditure.

  • A Rich Ecosystem:

npm (Node.js package registry) is three times bigger than any other package ecosystem. Server-side development gets simplified with a Node.js ecosystem which supports programmers as well as front-end developers. It has got many dependencies which make easy to incorporate & adopt the same. This is how Node.js make up a rich ecosystem for application development.

  • Enhanced Collaboration:

Previously, only monolithic application development was possible with negligible sharing distinct functional components. But with Node.js, application development has gained speed that supports small as well as distinct functional components across the development team. This results in effective collaboration.

  • Light Weight & Extensible:

As we know, Node.js supports an exchange of data using JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) which makes it lightweight as compared to other frameworks. It is open source framework that enables you to expand it as much as your business requires.

  • Minimize the time to a Market application:

All the above aspects that are the rich ecosystem, less coding requirement, easy collaboration together make it speed up the time to market the applications. It is a dynamic framework that allows you to develop, test, build, and deploy new functionalities to keep pace with market trends & customer demands.

  • Speed & Best choice for Real-time Apps:

JavaScript is used in backend & I think that is more than enough to understand how fast it runs. It also runs on Google’s V8 engine & is known to compile the JavaScript into machine code which makes it faster. Node.js is the best choice for real-time apps like chats, games as it has an event-driven architecture. Client & server side JavaScript makes synchronization faster & better. This infographic may help you to know more about Node.js here.

Overall, Node.js breaks the traditional app development processes that require longer codes, large libraries, huge costs of deployment & resources. Make your next web application better, easier, cost effective, in lesser time with the help of our back end developers.

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  1. Awesome Post!Node.js is steadily getting into the mainstreams of latest web development affairs. Credit goes to the fresh and sweeping code reference environment and the resourceful package ecosystem it puts up with. Next, it is well known to deliver hyper tasking abilities when it comes to building JavaScript based real-time applications

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