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Top Points to consider Hiring AngularJS Developers

Top Points to consider Hiring AngularJS Developers
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With over 65% of developers worldwide using JavaScript, it has become the most used language in 2022. Although JavaScript is the most versatile and easy-to-use programming language there are some areas where it fails. It is not a good choice for developing SPA (Single Page Applications) requiring testability, modularity, and other features. The limitations of JavaScript are overcome by one of its popular frameworks- AngularJS

AngularJS is one of the top front end technologies in 2022 for application development. It is an open-source framework developed by Misko Hevery and Adam Abrons in 2009. It is mainly maintained by Google. Angularjs is a good choice if you want to develop mobile apps with stunning animation, single-page web apps, PWA (Progressive Web Apps) that work offline, e-commerce apps, and customized enterprise apps.

Do you also have such a type of app requirement?


Do you also have such type of app requirements


Then without a second thought hire AngularJS developers for your web and mobile app development. The dedicated AngularJs developers can develop highly scalable and robust applications using this framework. Because AngularJS offers intuitive interfaces that facilitate smooth and easy development of applications.


Top reasons to choose AngularJS Developers


When you get into the market you will observe that finding the best developer with the required skills and knowledge is like finding the needle in the haystack.

Why? Let’s understand.

Since the digitization of the world in 2000, the demand for top techies has increased significantly. Every business wants to develop unique digital solutions to attract more and more customers.

Talking about AngularJS there are more than 2.3 million developers on GitHub using AngularJS. Due to the increasing demand for AngularJS, every new or already established web and app development company started its AngularJS development services. According to LinkedIn, there were 1 million unfilled programming jobs in 2021. It means that developers are not looking for jobs.

Hence finding the best developer is quite difficult now with vast options in front of us. We have to be smart enough when choosing any AngularJS development company. You need to keep many points in mind while screening and interviewing the candidate.

Are you going to hire AngularJS developers? Yes! then this write-up is perfect for you. Pursue it till the end, as you will explore crucial points that you need to consider while hiring developers from a top AngularJS development company.

We have included all the essential points in this blog and some bonus tips to ensure your application will be in the hands of the right techie.

Before that let’s dive deeper into what essential skills and knowledge you should look for in an AngularJS developer you are hiring.

Hire AngularJS Developers: What to Look For?

Essential Skills to consider while hiring AngularJS Developer


An AngularJS developer is required to have some other skills too other than expertise in the AngularJS framework. We have covered all the skills developers need to create a unique, feature-rich application. Must check these skills while going to hire AngularJS developers


  • Deep Knowledge in Core JavaScript, HTML, and CSS

AngularJs Developer Must Have Expertise in


If you want to develop a website that includes video, audio, animations, and other features, this functionality can be possible with the help of JavaScript tools. As AngularJS is a JavaScript framework, developers working on this framework must have deep knowledge of the core JavaScript. AngularJS is best for developing fast and functional apps because it builds a user interface with CSS and HTML or displays the pages. We can consider any framework as a flower, and HTML and CSS are like the root of that flower. Hence the developer must also be good at HTML and CSS to develop fully functional apps.


  • RESTful API Interaction

RESTful API Interaction


The AngularJS developer must be aware of RESTful APIs. HTTP requests are required in incorporating RESTful APIs to POST, GET, DELETE, and PUT data. Hence while choosing any developer from an AngularJS development company must ensure that he has experience in RESTful APIs. Moreover, the developer can read the API documentation and implement it effectively.


  • Knowledge of Node, Webpack, and CLI

Knowledge of Node, Webpack, and CLI


Knowledge of technologies like Node, Webpack, and CLI helps developers to build applications effectively and effortlessly. These technologies provided extra features to the framework, like CLI can be used to add new components, services, modules, and many more to the existing app. Hence only hire AngularJS developers who are proficient in all of these technologies.


  • Expertise in Testing & Debugging

Expertise in Testing & Debugging


Testing and debugging are the basic abilities of a developer. Make sure when you hire AngularJS developers that they can deal with code developed by others along with debugging their codes. In this way, he can develop flawless applications.


  • Knowledge of TypeScript

TypeScript Expert


AngularJS is based on JavaScript, whereas Angular is based on TypeScript. Many large projects use Typescript because this language makes large-scale applications more manageable. Another main reason to use TypeScript over JavaScript is that it is easy to refactor code. By refactoring code, you can develop apps according to the user’s changing needs. Thus, TypeScript is an essential skill to consider while hiring developers from top AngularJS development companies.


  • Knowledge of Version Control

Knowledge of Version Control


The process of managing and tracking changes in the source code is called version control. Like Typescript enables developers to refactor code with the help of version control, developers can experiment with a portion of code. The best part is while experimenting if a code fails, it can be reverted to the previous version. Hence with the help of version control, developers can experiment with the features in the application without any fear of losing current code.


  • Strong Communication Skill

Strong Communication Skill


Along with the technical expertise, an AngularJS developer you hired must have strong communication skills. He should effectively convey his strategy to the other team members and be able to avoid issues that arise due to miscommunication. While screening, any candidate must check their soft skill.


  • Team Player

Good Team Player


It is also one of the vital soft skills a candidate must possess. As a team comprises individuals of different skills and backgrounds, keeping up with the whole team is equally important to keep up with the tools and technologies. Hence look for that AngularJS developer who can work effectively with the team.


  • Node Package Manager (NPM)

Node Package Manager (NPM)


Node Package Manager is the primary tool used to install client-side web development packages. Hence while going to hire AngularJS developers must ensure that he is aware of NPM and can install various non-Angular packages along with NPM packages

Checklist all the above-given essential skills while hiring an AngularJS developer for your dream project. Let’s cover the skills required as per the level of expertise of the developer, it will help you to judge the proficiency of the developer according to experience.


Angular Developer Skills

Essential Checklist While going to Hire AngularJS developer

Here we have included an easy and effective procedure to hire the right developer from an AngularJS development company. Follow them in the same sequence to quickly hire AngularJS developers to create web and mobile applications.

Important Points to consider while going to Hire AngularJS Developers


  • Understand your Requirements and Prepare Well

Before starting anything, it’s necessary first to have clarity on why you want to hire AngulaJS developer. Analyze your application requirements and decide whether you want to hire one developer or a dedicated software development team. There are various other points on which you need to do homework considering your business needs and deeds. We have covered here some major ones; go through them

  1. Decided your budget for application development
  2. In how many months do you want to launch the application?
  3. Number of developers you want to hire
  4. What experience level of developers do you want to hire?
  5. Decide your budget for hiring.
  6. Decide the time duration of the hiring process.

The hiring process differs based on your budget and time duration of application development. Let’s understand it in detail. For example, hire an individual developer if you are a start-up venture with a tight budget. The time taken to launch the app in the market will undoubtedly increase, and your application might not be highly functional and feature-rich. At least everything happens under budget, and later on, with the help of the senior-level developer, you can improve the scalability and functionality.

To develop a complex, user-friendly, and highly customized application, you must hire AngularJS development company. Hire dedicated AngularJS developers from an experienced web development company to achieve applications that can skyrocket your project and increase your ROI.

  • Prepare Job Description

Once you have answers to questions like- how many developers you are going to hire, if you need a full-time developer, and what should be their experience level, then it’s time to prepare JD. While formulating JD, ensure that roles and tasks are written in simple words so that candidates have an idea of what exactly they will do. Job Description helps your requirement team to be clear on what to look for in the candidate.

Must include the below-given points in the Job description

  • Your Company Background
  • Skills & qualifications
  • Roles and responsibility
  • Benefits provided
  • Get Ready with Personal & Technical Questions

Shortlist the applicants based on knowledge and experience. Now to judge the proficiency of the shortlisted ones, make a list of various technical and personal questions. Further, select the developer based on their answers and communications skills. Some examples of questions you can ask are

  • How does developing an application with Angularjs help upgrade my business?
  • How much time will it take you to complete the application?
  • Is there any difference between Angular and AngularJS?
  • How much transparency will there be in the project?
  • What are the components in AngularJS?
  • Explain dependency injections in Angular
  • Check the Past work & Portfolio

Now select the top 10 candidates by thoroughly checking their past work. Check their portfolio, if someone has done a project similar to yours select him. Moreover, check how active they are on community forums. You can also go through their social media profile (LinkedIn) and see how actively they are participating in solving technical queries. Make a list of the 10 best candidates based on the above criteria.

  • Give Assignment or Small Task

Give some paid assignments to check the technical expertise. It will help you select the right developer out of the top 10 candidates. Make sure to test all the technical skills of the developer through tasks. Along with the AngularJS framework, if you need HTML and CSS coding, include them in the screening requirements. Moreover, you can also give them a small portion of a current app and check how perfectly they fit in with your development team.

  • Form an Agreement

Once you have finalized the developer, get into an agreement with him as soon as possible. The agreement must include salary, job description, project duration, etc. so that you have everything in writing which be used in case of any confusion or dispute.

Hire AngularJS Developers: Common Mistakes

Avoid Common Mistakes While Hiring AngularJS Developers

People ignore some points while AngularJS development company and make the wrong selection. Let’s see what those are.

  • Limiting Search to Local Developers

People search for developers generally within their city or country. In this way, they restrict themselves from reaching the top talents of the other parts of the country or world. To get the best AngularJS developer, one should keep aside cultural, time zone, and language differences and choose the developer based on his expertise in the AngularJS framework.

  • Hiring Less Experienced Developers

It is one of the most common mistakes. Employers generally check the overall experience of developers in web and mobile application development. Instead, they have to check the expertise, particularly in AngularJS. As technology is evolving very fast, many versions of AngularJS have been launched in the market. Hence look for a developer who has a deep update of all the latest changes in the AngularJS framework.

  • Not Hiring Recruitments Specialists

Recruitment specialists have access to a vast pool of talented developers. Handing over hiring tasks to some specialists will save your time and energy and, over the top, find the best person for your dream project within your pre-decided hiring budget

  • Focusing on Faster Development

We can understand you want to launch your application soon in the market. But it doesn’t mean hiring AngularJS developers who can develop applications fast. It will result in costly errors that will ultimately reduce the return on investment in the long run. Hence hire dedicated developers for quality and competency over fast development.

Hire AngularJS Developers: Bonus Tips

Bonus Tips- Hire AngularJS Developers

Check out some amazing tips which will help you to hire a proficient AngularJS development company.

  • Prepare a list of those interview questions which can prove the candidates’ skills. Also, ask questions relevant to your project and avoid brain teasers.
  • If you want to hire a developer, you must consider the soft skills of teamwork, communication, and a coachable disposition.
  • The developer must have a deep understanding of JavaScript Angular, Typescript, and most large SPA (Single Page Applications).
  • Outline your development plan for long-term hires.
  • Must consider employee accountability as it will help determine if the developer will finish tasks on time or not.
  • Whether it is a long-term or short-term project, the most important thing is that the developer fits your company’s overall culture well.
  • If you are hiring offshore Angular developers, then you must have various payroll considerations to manage.

Final Words

Angular is one of the most popular frameworks among developers worldwide. Hence there is no scarcity of AngularJS developers. The market is full due to the increasing demand for this framework. But still, finding and hiring the best developer is not relatively easy. We hope this blog will help in choosing the right talent. If you have any doubt, read the step-by-step guide to hiring AngularJS developers.

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