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How to Hire Angular Developers? Step-By-Step Guide

How to Hire Anular Developers Step-by-Step Guide
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According to the Stack Overflow 2021 survey Angular is the 3rd most popular JavaScript framework among developers and entrepreneurs. Out of almost 50,000 people, 13,000 choose this tech stack for their web and mobile app development. Moreover, this technology gets 83.2k stars on GitHub. It shows while stuck working on the Angular framework, developers quickly get issues resolved.

The above-given stats prove that demand for Angular developers is increasing day by day. Thus, most AngularJS developers are not actively looking for work or have already been hired. If you are unable to find the best talent for your next project, don’t worry, this blog will help you hire Angular Developers who can build highly customized applications.

(Note: Many people get confused with Angular or AngularJS; for their information, both are the same, just AngularJS is based on JavaScript, and Angular is based on TypeScript.)

Angular has gained popularity since its initial release in 2016 due to the amazing features and functionalities of this framework, including,

Features of Angular


Let’s have a look at what we can develop using this framework.

Applications we can create with Angular


With these mind-blowing features, this framework is now taking firm leadership and is attractive for all industries. If you also want to stay tuned to technological innovation, hire Angular developers for your application development.

But not any AngularJS developer has the potential to skyrocket your application. The success of your project depends on the skill of finding a proficient developer.

Do you know that 7 out of 10 start-ups fail due to the inability to hire top talent for their project? The top reasons behind it are

  • Most employers don’t understand software development and hire an unprofessional or less knowledgeable candidate. Hence the application developed is featureless and not up-to-date with the market trends.
  • Due to budget shortages, they hire less experienced Angular developers. These developers prolong the project and result in breaking deadlines. It harms the project and increases the cost.

Hence to leverage the Angular framework entirely, hire dedicated Angular developers from the top AngularJS development services providers. This blog is an in-depth guide on how to find and hire Angular developers.

Before exploring the steps to hire dedicated Angular developers, let’s first discover the roles and responsibilities of Angular developers.

What are the Roles and Responsibilities of Angular Developers?

Angular developers are front-end developers who can build full-fledged UI for web and mobile applications. They work with module and component creation to create essential software. Let’s look at all the roles and responsibilities of Angular developers in your application development.

Roles and Responsibilities of Angular Developers


  • Take care of the interactive front end of the application
  • Deep knowledge of CSS3, HTML, and JavaScript.
  • Cooperate with backend developers to ensure the functionality and technical accuracies of the application.
  • Know how to optimize speed, memory, etc.
  • Create reusable, self-contained, and testable components and modules.
  • Regarding application logic and file relationships, Angular developers must ensure a clear dependency chain.
  • Write non-blocking code
  • Ensure the high performance of the application on all platforms (desktop, mobile, tablets, etc.)
  • Resort to the latest techniques like multi-threading
  • Communicate with external web services.
  • After the development phase, he should perform unit testing.
  • Aware of newer specifications of ECMAScript.

What are the top places to Hire Angular Developers?

Although an idle way to hire Angular developers is from a professional and experienced front-end development company. But it is not the only way; there are various other places or methods where you can easily find proficient developers for your next project.

Best places to Hire Angular Developers


  • Outsourcing Companies

It is one of the best methods to hire dedicated Angular developers. It is also a cost-effective method as money is saved on training the person or setting up the software/hardware for him. eLuminous Technologies is one of the leading outsourcing companies. It helps in screening and onboarding the right Angular developer for your project. You can easily and quickly hire developers for monthly/hourly/fixed projects based on your business needs.

  •  Clutch

Clutch is one of the leading B2B service provider platforms. Here you can find the list of top Angular development companies. For each company, portfolio, reviews and ratings from clients are available, which helps us judge a company’s expertise in the field.


Clutch Portfolio

Clutch Review

Image source


  • Job Portals

Job portals are also one of the effective ways to hire Angular developers. Various job portals provide you with an increase in your outreach. Some popular ones are Honeypot, indeed, Monster, Glassdoor, etc. Keep in mind that there is a limited search option for non-members, and to become a member, you have to pay some amount monthly or yearly.


  • Upwork

UpworkImage Source

It is the best place to find freelance Angular developers from over 150 countries. Posting job requirements on Upwork is free of cost. The payment model is very flexible; you can pay hourly or monthly.


  • Topdevelopers.co


Image source


It is the platform where you can find the list of experienced and successful web and mobile app developers, digital marketing agencies, UI/UX designers, and other IT service and solution providers. The verified reviews of the companies will help you hire dedicated Angular developers. Here you can hire developers in 4 easy steps.
1. Select a category
2. Search options
3. Check the rating
4. Hire the team


  • Social Media

Linkedin - eLuminous Technologies

Image Source


Today social platforms are the best way to find and connect with anyone. You can share a post for the requirement of a developer or dedicated software development team with the required set of skills. LinkedIn is an effective social media platform for finding the right talent. Here you can check the candidate’s profile and chat with him or schedule a meeting for further discussion.


  • Referrals

You can encourage your current employees by giving a referral bonus for referring to the Angular developers. But give the referral bonus when the candidate actually lands the job. In this way, everyone will recommend only the right candidate for the job.

STEP-BY-STEP Guide to Hire Angular Developers

Angular is one of the widely used frameworks. Due to its increasing demand, various freelancers and web development companies started their Angular development services. Out of all the numerous options available, today choosing the right developer or development team is quite tricky. Hence to simplify the process of hiring Angular developers, we have listed a step-by-step procedure to help you onboard the right candidate for your next project.

Steps to Hire Angular Developers

1. Define Project Requirements

Once you finalize the need to hire Angular developers for your dream project, the first step is to describe your requirements for the project clearly. By outlining the crucial points of the project, you will have an idea of what level (senior, middle, junior) of developers you need and why, and how to hire Angular developers. Besides this, defining project requirements will help you create the right JD (Job Description), which will help candidates to see whether they can match the project needs. Consider the points below while deciding on project requirements.

  • Want to build the new application from scratch or update the existing application?
  • Deadline for application development
  •  Budget for development
  •  Number of developers needed
  • Time duration to complete the hiring process
  • Level of expertise of Angular developers


2. Determine the Hiring Model

Based on your project requirement, you can decide on the hiring model. You can choose from independent hiring, outsourcing, or hiring with a vendor’s help. If your project is small or your budget is less, then freelancers are the right option. But if you want to develop a customized and feature-rich application, it’s better to reach out to the top Angular development companies or outsourcing firms. Let’s check the pros and cons of both options


Freelancer vs Web Development Companies

Freelancer vs Web Development Companies

Pros of Hiring Freelancers
  • Time and cost saving as no need to train and onboard the employee.
  • No contracts or commitments
  • Can hire immediately
  • Easily fit in your project based on experience and skill set.
Cons of Hiring Freelancers
  • Slow response time
  • Lack of proper communication
  • They take multiple projects at a time, so they will not give 100% to your project.
  •  The chances of errors are more as a single person is handling everything.
Pros of Hiring Web Development Companies
  • On-time delivery
    • Highly customized application as per your business needs
    • Support & maintenance even after project completion
    • High transparency is maintained throughout each stage of application development
    • Works as per your time zone
    • No communication gaps.
Cons of Hiring Web Development Companies
  • Costly as compared to freelancers
  • Time invests in documentation

*Decide the hiring model based on your budget and time duration.


3. Understand the Need for Developer Staffing

At this stage, decide the number of Angular developers you want to hire to complete your project. Keep this in mind the more developers you hire, the faster your project will get completed. For example, if you hire 4,5 developers, you can launch your project within 2 to 3 months. But if you hire only one developer, your project may take more than six months to complete.
It is better to hire dedicated Angular developers before the project starts, as more time and cost will be incurred when you hire in between.

Because you have to invest time in training and conveying the project requirements to the new developer, costs will also increase to set up the screening and interview the candidates. In short, proper planning makes the way to the right talent smoother and more effective.


4. Document Your JD

Documenting the job requirement will help your team have the same angle while screening candidates and also allow applicants to understand their roles and responsibilities towards your project. Hence make sure that tasks are roles are correctly mentioned in the JD.

Must include the following points in the JD

  •  The position you want to fill
  •  Skills and qualifications required
  • Role of candidate
  • Responsibilities at workplace
  • Company background information
  •  Benefits for the candidates


5. Start Search for Right Candidate

At this stage, begin your search for the right talent for your project. In this blog, we have covered the top options to hire dedicated Angular developers. But don’t restrict your search to just one option. Explore all the possibilities and leave no stone unturned to reach the potential candidate. Make a list of all the short-shortlisted candidates for further screening and interview.


6. Verify their Profile and Past Work

It is one of the crucial steps in hiring developers; thus, invest time in it. Properly verify each candidate’s background and thoroughly check the past work and portfolio. Check the type of web and mobile apps they have developed. It will give you a better idea of the proficiency of the candidate and helps you make the right decision.


7. Select the Right Talent through Interview

The interview process is a vital component of the whole recruitment process. Interviewing the person will help you judge him based on his knowledge level, professional attitude, and level of expertise. Moreover, it helps to know how effectively the candidate can communicate and put his point in front of other team members. A personal interview ensures the candidates’ soft and hard skills. Here we have covered some personal and technical interview questions; add them to your list.

Personal Interview

The personal interview provides you with deep insight into a candidate’s soft and team-based skills. It also asses the candidate’s cultural fit within the company. We have given below some examples to guide you.

• Have any issues happened with other team members, and if yes, how did you resolve them?
• How do you manage your time in multitasking?
• What do you prefer more, working as a team or individually?
• How do you deal if any team member is not performing well?

Technical Interview

Asking technical questions will check the candidates’ aptitude and expertise in the framework. Moreover, you can also judge how far he can resolve issues or bugs that arise during application development. Some examples of technical questions are:

Junior Level Question
  •  What are the benefits of using Angular?
  • Tell the top 5 features of Angular.
  •  What are the essential components in Angular?
  • How can you change the HTML element’s style in JavaScript?
  • What is the CSS box model?
  • Why use Angular directives?
Middel Level Question
  • How do we implement the lazy loading of modules?
  • When to use shared and core modules?
  • What debugging tools should you use in fixing issues?
  • What is the difference between end-to-end and unit testing?
Senior Level Question
  • Tell three differences between Angular 2 and AngularJS.
  • Give examples of the use of HTTP interceptors
  •  Tell the change detection strategies you used.
  • When do you use the change detection strategy?
  •  What modules are required for importing in Angular to use the reactive forms?


8. Select the Person and Get in an Agreement

After you finalize the developer based on the interview, qualification, experience, and talent, now, you need to make an agreement about the timeframe, work, and salary. The agreement must include all the relevant information regarding the job description and pay. This agreement helps both the developer and you remain informed and removes any chances of any dispute and confusion.
Your work will not end after onboarding the Angular developer; you should continuously monitor the developer’s performance and the progress of your project. Determine whether your decision to choose this person is correct.
Follow all these steps in the same sequence to hire the best Angular developers for your project. We are sure that now you must be looking for the answer to the question, how much does it cost to hire dedicated Angular developers?

cost to hire angular developers

Let’s cover this part in the next section.

Cost to Hire Angular Developers

How much does it cost to Hire Angular Developers


The cost to hire Angular developers depends on various factors like the complexity of your project, features you want to add to the application, time for development, etc. Moreover, the cost is also affected by the location and experience of the developer. For example, the cost to hire AngularJS developers India and the Philippians is less compared to other parts of the world. Let’s check out the cost to hire Angular developers of different experience levels, in the various regions of the world.

Cost to Hire Angular Developers


At eLuminous Technologies we provide developers at a minimum price of $18per hour.

Let’s cover how to decide the outsourcing country to hire Angular developers

How to choose the outsourcing country to Hire dedicated Angular Developers?

Points to consider while choosing outsourcing company


While outsourcing from other countries you are not restricted to the options in your country only and expand your reach to highly experienced developers from all over the world. But the question is which country to choose for outsourcing? There are various factors we should consider to choose the outsourcing country, those are:

Flexibility of Time Zone

Choose a country having a time zone similar to yours, so that you can work more cohesively and communicate quickly and easily.

  • Cost-Effective

    Developers in each country have different salary expectations. Hence choose coders from a country that suits your budget.

  • Access to Growing Tech Infrastructure

    Developing countries invest in the tech infrastructure which results in the higher growth of talent and skill in software development. Hire dedicated Angular developers from these open markets.

  • Employee Retention or Flexibility

    Hire Angular developers from a country that provides you with a flexible hiring model as per your business needs.

  • Reduce Time to Market

    Look for developers who can increase your speed to market while not increasing the overall budget.

Word From Author

Angular is one of the leading platforms of today. Using it, you can develop applications that take your business to its deserved heights. But that can only be possible with the help of dedicated Angular developers.
This blog will help you find the right Angular developer for your project. But before that, first, understand your project requirements and decide the type of application that goes best for your business. If you have any difficulties understanding your business need for application, connect with our Angular development team.

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