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Laravel and Vue: A Deadly Combination for Web Application Development

Laravel and Vue: A Deadly Combination for Web Application Development
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Any developer must have a solid understanding of web frameworks and how to use them while creating software apps. It’s these technologies that are used to develop modern websites and applications. They save time, are bug-free, and make your code clean and accessible.

In fact, businesses are constantly in search for advance technologies that will help them to provide users with greater sophistication and ease of use while retaining optimal speed and performance in their development processes. Most businesses are hesitant to invest in technology that isn’t up to date with today’s web and mobile interface needs.

PHP has been on top of the game for website development since it came into existence. Laravel is an open-source PHP framework specifically designed to build full-featured web apps. It simple and expressive toolset to help developers rapidly create intuitive applications. Hire dedicated laravel developer who provides elegant features which cover all elements of everyday use cases, allowing developers to have a truly satisfying creative experience. Laravel is PHP’s fastest-growing framework because of its simplicity and scalability.

We need to grasp the individual possibilities of these two technologies before advising this combination as the best full-stack solution for modern web app development.

Vuejs is a component-based JavaScript framework which can be used to create large-scale applications with high performance, speed, and complexity. It is also used to create user interfaces and single-page applications that are progressive, accessible, and adoptable. The framework’s core library is focused on the application’s view layer; therefore, it is incredibly simple for a developer to pick up and connect it with other libraries of existing projects. In contrast to other JavaScript frameworks there on the market, it is usually recognized as the most capable front end development technology. For developing robust web apps with most secure features, hire dedicated developers from the best custom web application development company with a proven record of successfully delivery web application solutions.

Laravel is a popular backend development framework with strong performance and features. It remained popular as an unavoidable choice in full stack development as one of the major open-source PHP-based web frameworks. When it comes to backend development, Laravel follows Model View Controller (MVC) model, which reduces development work and time.

Full-Stack Developer Approach

Full-stack web developers can create feature rich web apps. They work on web applications or websites’ frontends, backends, databases, and debugging. Luckily, Laravel and Vue.js work together seamlessly to create high-performance applications using a full-stack development strategy. Let’s have a look at how they’ve come up with such a winning combo. Combining Laravel and Nodejs in your project will provide you unrestricted power to construct a world-class online application


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Why build apps with this deadly combo?

· The Internet Prefers Frontend

With JavaScript everything now happens on the front-end, users never have to reload a website. The majority of today’s Internet apps are triggered by events. That is, they are designed to make users feel as though they are going from one application on their computer to another, rather than utilizing the Internet. Vue enables developers to create a full-fledged events-driven applications with all activity handled on the frontend. Its Composable Components are utilized as specified by the Developer. Thanks to Vue’s Composable Components, Vue and Laravel Framework are a great combo. Any request for data from the Laravel web app requires only a few actions when using Vue with Laravel. Updating the UI is as simple as swapping components, without any need to reload the page improving your application’s User Experience. You can hire frontend developers to develop such event driven apps for your business.

· Efficient handling of updates

With each update, the data volume consumes more resources throughout the web application development process as the application scales. The web performance begins to slow down with each incremental load. As a result, instead of responding quickly to updates, the page begins to lag. While this is a common problem with most JavaScript libraries, it does not occur with Vue.JS due to its virtual DOM. Using a Virtual Dom effectively update the real DOM when needed, this is a basic feature of Vue.js and a significant component in its efficiency and scalability. When you run an update, it just changes the data that needs changing without influencing the application’s performance. This occurs behind the scenes during the rendering of component templates. You can develop single page applications with Vue.js as the frontend technology and Laravel as the backend technology, which work inside the browser and do not require reloading the Full Page. Resources like HTML, CSS, and all the Scripts load only once in SPA Applications, therefore it does not reload pages for component updates. It merely receives and sends data. A single page app also has no waiting time, which draws more users to the program.


Source: Freepik

Highly Secure Apps

Security flaws are closely linked to the development of every web application. The OWASP Foundation, a non-profit organization based in the United States, identifies the most important web application security vulnerabilities as: SQL injection, cross-site request forgery, cross-site scripting, and other attacks are all possible. Laravel is a PHP framework that is absolutely secure to use. It protects your app from malicious attacks. With Eloquent ORM, Laravel protects SQL injections. Its Cross-Site Request Forgery Tokens protect your application from malicious implementation by third parties.


It’s important to keep in mind that integrating these two powerful technologies into the a single development stack requires a significant amount of talent and expertise. You’ll need to assemble a knowledgeable and experienced team of VueJS and hire dedicated laravel developer, as well as guarantee that the functional core of the app is built quickly, with the rest of the app being built incrementally as the project advances.

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