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Effective Strategies for Hiring Top Angular Developers in Digital Agency Space

Effective Strategies - Hiring Top Angular Developers For Digital Agencies
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Do you need an Angular developer’s skills for your next project but are unsure how to find the right person to join your team? Then, using this guide on how to hire Angular developers, you can give your project the right strategy and competence!

Angular is now leading other app development options thanks to its highly scalable architecture, versatility, and user-friendliness. However, there is still one more major factor pushing businesses to hire angular developers.

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In this fiercely competitive digital environment, everyone aspires to offer novel solutions. The focus of AngularJS development companies has shifted from being product-centric to being customer-centric to help the organization stand out from rivals.

According to 58% of business leaders, “Customer-centricity” is the key to establishing a true digital culture.

Being customer-focused entails continuously assessing the potential effects of decisions on customers and putting this process at the forefront of all decision-making.

Among the many benefits of implementing a customer-centric business strategy are,

  • Higher retention rates
  • Position yourself in the marketplace
  • Give initiatives that relieve client pain points top priority
  • Aids in quickly identifying growth opportunities
  • Builds a unique relationship with and for the customer

If you want to build interactive SPAs, PWAs, or Native Mobile Apps and make the most of this framework, you need the assistance of a leading AngularJS development company for your project.

Finding and hiring Angular developers with many options available in the market is easier said than done. Do you know the worldwide developer population is expected to reach 28.7 million (Source: Statista) by 2024?

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Although many candidates are available, the secret to a fluid development process is hiring a great Angular developer who uses cutting-edge methods and best practices to adhere to high coding standards.

If you’re wondering what skill sets to seek while hiring an offshore angular development team, this blog is for you! This piece of writing will discuss-

  • Roles and Responsibility of an AngularJS Developer
  • Essential Qualifications for an AngularJS Developer
  • Effective steps to hire Angularjs developers

Let’s Begin!

Roles and Responsibilities of a Angular Developer

Why should an Angular Developer do?

The top JavaScript developers work with Angular and deeply understand theoretical concepts and technical details related to custom web and mobile app development.

The main responsibilities of Angular developers include writing unit tests for the performed code, generating custom directives, and creating and implementing user interface components utilizing Angular directives. Additionally, they will have access to the most recent version of Angular and the most excellent Angular tools. As an Angular developer, he will also oversee resolving any problems that may come up while working on the project.

While going to hire Angular developers, do ensure they are knowledgeable about TypeScript, JavaScript, and web development principles. They also need to be able to collaborate well with others and communicate clearly.

The primary responsibilities of Angular developers are listed below and can be seen as the foundation of their work when working on a project. Therefore, let’s go through them.

Angular Developers Responsibilities

  1. Creating web apps with interactive and engaging user interfaces that are simple to modify and adapt to meet
    changing business needs
  2. Creating HTML, CSS, and JavaScript elements that have been tested and documented
  3. Working closely on the product’s look, feel, and design.
  4. Running the product through unit testing to see if it complies with the criteria.
  5. Carrying out code analysis.
  6. Ensuring the programs’ excellent performance and platform compatibility, including desktop and mobile
  7. Presenting quick fixes, such as breaking down the existing process into manageable steps or leveraging other
    technologies or frameworks to make the complex works being done more understandable
  8. Ensuring a clear dependency chain, both in terms of file relationships and application logic
  9. Supporting the synchronization of the workflow between HTML programmers and graphic designers
  10. keeping the workflow with back-end developers’ process while creating and running RESTful API
  11. Extending the functionality of the codebase by integrating external libraries.
  12. Ensuring that all codes adhere to the standards and best practices established by the business or organization
    they work for.
  13. Using cutting-edge methods like multi-threading to produce non-blocking code
  14. Using the Angular command-line interface, developers may code and configure web applications.
  15. Making decisions about the Angular project’s technical and design features
  16. The application will be updated frequently to reflect new technology.
  17. Providing code documentation and other materials for technical papers.
  18. Configuring, creating, and testing scripts in a continuous integration environment
  19. Use best practices, templates, styles, and libraries to keep the UI uniform and to produce a consistent user
  20. Taking part in the system functional requirements description.


Now move on to discuss the top skills to seek while going to hire Angular developers.

Top Skills to Look for While Going to Hire Angular Developers

To become skilled in any technology and create perfect applications of any complexity utilizing it, you need to have a better understanding of it. When going to hire Angular developers, be sure to check the following: a set of abilities to evaluate their proficiency with the framework.

Top Skills to Look for While Going to Hire Angular Developers

  • Well Versed in Core Java, HTML, & CSS

If you need a developer for Angular, React, or Vue.js, the candidate should be familiar with JavaScript’s essential concepts. Moreover, one of the most crucial abilities for Angular developers is an understanding of HTML and CSS.

Although Angular offers a framework for creating interactive applications, HTML & CSS are still used for rendering. Therefore, the angular developers you hire must have training and expertise with these core web development tools.

Note *Although Angular can help you create an appealing and interesting user interface, additional knowledge is required to make it come to life.

  • Knowledge of Version Control

A version control system (VCS), commonly referred to as source control or revision control, is a tool used to track changes made to websites and applications. Each revision under version control has a timestamp and the author’s name.

Version control is crucial for tracking changes and ensuring all team members use the most recent code version. Faster product development and delivery are benefits. This is significant, especially for DevOps teams. Thus, just confirm with your AngularJS development company that the developer has hands-on on this system.

  • Aware of Angular CLI

Doing new projects with the best Angular tools, templates, and Angular best practices is one of the key duties of an Angular developer. One tool for doing that is Angular CLI.

Your developer needs to be familiar with installing Angular CLI, one of the most important packages used in Angular development. When Angular CLI is properly integrated, it guarantees easy app configuration through coding, a shorter time to market, app customization, and bug-free functionality that complies with industry standards and best practices.

  • Understand Angular Application Lifecycle

Every component in Angular has a life cycle or a series of steps from initialization to destruction. The component lifecycle has eight distinct stages. The term “life cycle hook events” refers to each stage. Therefore, developers can leverage these hook events at various points in the application’s lifecycle to get precise control over the components.

All the components must have a constructor method because a component is a typescript class. Before any other life cycle hook events are executed, the constructor of the component class is called first. The constructor is the ideal location to inject dependencies into the component if we need to do so. After completing the constructor, Angular executes its life cycle hook methods in a certain order.

When you hire AngularJS developers, ensure they know the below-given stages of the Angular lifecycle.

Angular component lifecycle stages

  • Deep Understanding of Testing & Debugging

After the developer finishes the front-end development, QA engineers evaluate the code in various ways to look for faults. The AngularJS developer is responsible for finding and correcting any issues as soon as they are discovered.

Therefore, when going to hire Angular developers must check if they can detect and fix any flaws so that their software, websites, or apps function properly.

The two essential skills for an Angular Developer are- Being able to go through other people’s code with pinpoint accuracy and having a deep understanding of how programming works. Based on these two skills the top AngularJS development companies filter the best talent.

  • Knowledge of RxJs

One essential Angular developer skill is the ability to consider how to handle the data when creating an app. A reactive stream is provided by the RxJS library, which is used in many modern frameworks like Angular.

The Angular framework and the reactive programming library Reactive Extension for JavaScript offers various operations and operators. It helps programmers to manage HTTP data requests and AJAX queries. Therefore, hiring an AngularJS development services provider well-versed in RxJS is essential.

  • Develop Highly Responsive Applications

Technology and mobile app development are constantly evolving, as per the user’s preferences. Therefore, these changing demands should be taken into account when hiring Angularjs developers.

Your users will use your application on various platforms; therefore, the angular developers must create apps that work on mobile, tablet, and laptop devices. An effective Angular coder can create a responsive website and ensure everyone reaches out to your product and services.

Learn Step-by-Step How to Hire Angular Developers in 2023

Learn Step-by-Step How to Hire Angular Developers in 2023

Remember that finding the right talent to fit your project needs is challenging. As a result, you might need to take the following steps, which will end-up meeting the right candidate with the required qualification for your project

1. Analyze Your Project Needs

Analyze Your Project Needs

Once you realize that you must engage Angular developers for your project, it will be impossible to find the ideal fit without a detailed project description. You can better determine what developer experience you require by listing all of the project’s essential components.

Understanding your project does not require you to become an expert in Angular. It all comes down to knowing what you’re searching for beforehand. As a result, make a list of the following things before you start looking for an AngularJS development company to hire the right candidate.

  • Complexity of project
  • Deadline of project
  • Team strength
  • Time frame to complete the hiring process
  • Experience of developer
  • Budget for hiring developer

Once you’ve listed all these components, you’ll have a clear glimpse of how, when, and why you’ll need an Angular developer.

Moreover, this list can also help Job candidates conclude whether they are qualified to work on your project and are interested in it.

2. Identify Hiring Strategy

Identify Hiring Strategy

Which staffing type you choose will depend on the requirements of your project. Although there are different hiring strategies—outsourcing, offshoring, freelancers, or internal employees—you should analyze your project’s requirements before going with anyone.

For more details on each hiring method, read our comprehensive guide on different hiring models to hire Angular developers. Out of Outsourcing vs Offshoring Angular development, outsourcing is a cost-effective and easy model according to various leading enterprises. According to Statista, by the end of 2023, revenue in the IT outsourcing segment is expected to reach US$430.50 billion.

Read the benefits of outsourcing software development to India.

3. Examine Number of Developer Needed

Examine Number of Developer Needed

It is crucial to determine how many software developers are required for your project to carry it out as effectively as possible. This approach will be a lot more doable if the project is divided into smaller phases. When performing the calculation, be sure to recognize the value of assembling a well-rounded, well-managed, inclusive team with the appropriate baselines in place.

Calculating the workload needed for your project will help you determine how many Angular developers you’ll need to hire.

For example, if you hire just one developer, it will take more than six months for project completion, while if you hire more developers, the project will get completed on time.

Remember that a front-end developer won’t work on the project’s back end. Therefore, if you want to employ 1,2 developer, hire a full-stack Angular developer for efficient application development

4. Document Job Description

Document Job Description

Now that you’ve written down all of the crucial information. you should be able to tell –

  • Number of Angular developers you required
  • Experience of developers
  • Want Temporary or Permanent employ

The next step is to create a job description for the Angular Developers. To help candidates understand exactly what they will be required to achieve on the job, ensure the tasks and duties are written precisely. The job description will also help you analyze how Angular developers will contribute to your future expectations and needs.

A JD must include

  • Experience Required
  • Education & Training Required
  • Estimated Salary
  • Expected Responsibilities
  • Company Background
  • Employee Benefits

Have a look at the below example –

Example of JD to hire Angular developers

Duties & Responsibilities:

  •    Create scalable and reliable digital solutions considering the target audience’s preferences.
  •    Ready to test, debug, make it less prone to errors, and then implement the necessary adjustments as and when they arise.
  •    Managing all technical facets of the CMS, ensuring excellent performance and availability
  •    Assist in creating an efficient, responsive design and converting it into a functional theme and plugin.

Requirements & Qualifications :

  •    Has excellent working knowledge of front-end technologies like HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, and jQuery
  •    UI design expertise for websites and web applications
  •    knowledge of creating websites using responsive designs
  •    The capacity to comprehend CSS alterations and their effects to guarantee uniformity of design across systems and browsers
  •    Experience of working with debugging tools like Chrome Inspector, Firebug, etc.
  •    understanding of how to communicate with JSON and XML formats as well as RESTful APIs
  •    the capacity to translate extensive layouts and wireframes into functional HTML pages

Job Types:    

Full-time, Regular / Permanent, Freelance


INR 8lac to 10 lac/ per annum


  • Cell phone reimbursement
  • Work from home

Flexible shift

Supplemental pay types    

  •    Commission pay
  •    Performance bonus
  •    Yearly bonus

Ability to commute/relocate    
Pune, Maharashtra: reliably commute or plan to relocate before starting work (Required)

Bachelor’s (Preferred)


  •   AngularJS development: 1 year (Preferred)
  •  web development: 2 years (Preferred)
  •  Total work: 1 year (Preferred)

Company Background detail

Start Date: 15/08/2023


5. Start Search for Right Candidate

Start Search for Right Candidate

The actual work starts now at this stage. First, decide whether you will manage the hiring process independently or need the help and guidance of an outsourcing vendor. Employing independently is best for businesses that aren’t in haste.

Hiring through a vendor reduces the time and effort spent looking through CV databases, scanning for pertinent variations, getting in touch with applicants to set up interviews, and onboarding the finest developer.

The most popular way to find proficient Angular developers is to post a job posting; however, working with an AngularJS development company is the most efficient approach.

A custom web app development company has numerous active web development projects. Thus, they employ Angular developers who can handle almost any requirement. Additionally, these developers work dedicatedly on one project at once.

However, if you’re looking to hire independent contractors, check out websites like Upwork, Clutch, Fiver, Topdevelopers.co, and Glassdoor.

6. Check Portfolio & Online Reviews

Check Portfolio & Online Reviews

Now it’s time to look into the work of shortlisted candidates. You can ask for their portfolio and also must go through the outsourcing company’s website.

One of the most important facets when hiring Angular developers is to look at the websites the potential developer has built. You’ll be able to examine websites where the developer has contributed when you hire a developer from an AngularJS development company.

Companies today request customer testimonials. Check out the testimonies; they accurately describe their job. Additionally, look at the company ratings on the b2b site like Clutch. If that company is listed among top-rated Clutch dedicated developers, it’s like pie for you.

Note* Shortlist the top 5 candidates based on past work and online reviews.

7. Conduct Job Interview

Conduct Job Interview

Your next step is to interview the prospects who made it beyond the first round of hiring. Before hiring a candidate, the company must personally meet with them or conduct an online interview to get to know them. This will allow businesses to demonstrate their expertise and test some important hard and soft abilities.

Taking Vendor Help

You only need to prepare your questions and show up for the in-person or online interview because recruiters will choose a convenient time for both you and the prospects.

Doing it Yourself

You plan all interviews and conduct all negotiations with the applicants by yourself. Even in the latter stages of hiring, such communication may need a lot of work time, especially if you have a large pool of prospects.

Note* Based on the expertise, qualifications, and skills you verified, you must choose the developer who meets your criteria.

8. Onboard Angular Developers

Onboard Angular Developers

After interviews and practical tests, the best candidate is hired, which is the last step in the recruitment process. After you’ve decided on a developer, you’ll need to reach an understanding of the project’s scope, timeline, and requirements.

Get into an agreement that contains all pertinent details, such as the salary and work description. This agreement will help keep you and the developer on the same page and avoid future conflicts.

In addition, there is some administrative work, such as finishing a contract, officially adding the new hire to your company’s staff, completing all tax and payroll paperwork, and so on.

But if you outsource developers from a leading AngularJS development services provider, you can get rid of all of this. The hiring procedure is convenient since the Angular programmer you hire actually becomes the vendor’s employee. As such, the vendor is in charge of their official employment, salary, taxes, setting up their workspace, and providing the necessary software and gear.

End Note

Angular has proved to be one of the most well-liked programming frameworks. If you are interested in hiring Angular software developers for your upcoming project, keep in mind that hiring is a lengthy procedure that may be expensive and time-consuming.

So, if you need to hire Angular developers who are experienced and have done at least one project similar to yours, seek professional aid without further delay.

eLuminous Technologies is a top-class Angular outsourcing company in India. Our dedicated Angular developers have completed over 100 projects in different industry domains. You can easily and quickly hire Angular developers for your project without getting involved in a hectic hiring process.

Our team of skilled Angular developers uses this state-of-the-art tool and their expertise in the field to deliver innovative solutions that will boost your company’s performance.

Learn more about our AngularJS development services!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much does it cost to hire Angular developers?

The cost to hire Angular developers depends on various factors like developer location, the project’s complexity, development time, and many more. Read about all such factors affecting cost in our blog- Cost to hire Angular developers in 2023.

  • How does the Angular framework handle security?

By default, Angular is configured to defend you against XSS attacks. This is because all data values posted to the DOM are subject to input sanitization and output encoding. It lessens the possibility of injecting malicious data and other security risks into your application by classifying all values as untrusted.

  • How to choose the best Angular outsourcing company in India?

India has a vast talent pool, so it is always confusing whom to choose and whom to leave. Read our blog- “How to select trusted Angular outsourcing company in India?”. It will prove immensely helpful.

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