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The Impact of AngularJS Development on User Experience & Engagement

The Impact of AngularJS Development on User Experience & Engagement
blog-author Richa TL, Technical Writer

Do you require a user-friendly design for your web application? Or else do you want to give your visitors a fantastic experience?

If you answered “YES” to both of these questions, keep reading to see why you should hire an AngularJS development company to enhance user engagement and experience.

An online presence is crucial in today’s world if you want to expand your business. That’s why companies are looking for an ultra-effective internet presence these days. Thus, the requirement for a sturdy web development framework with cutting-edge capabilities is at an all-time high.

JavaScript is the best option when it comes to web app development technology. In the family of JavaScript, there are various framework options, but AngularJS is the top choice.

AngularJS is a highly popular front-end framework that offers rich user experiences, code maintainability, and fast responsiveness.

According to Statista 2022 report, it is the fifth most used front-end web framework. Speed, which is the key concern of any web application, is improved if you go for AngularJS development.

Really? How?

Programmers can use this framework to create single-page HTML for dynamic views in web apps. Most conventional websites constantly load and reload full pages, which slows down the website, and puts needless stress on the server. However, single-page applications, which load only a small portion of a webpage at a time, quickly resolve this issue. An AngularJS development services provider can improve speed in SPAs by reducing server load and speeding up the website to improve user experience.

The dedicated AngularJS developers using the AngularJS tools develop a robust application that adversely impacts user engagement and experience, which we will discuss in this blog.

Let’s first examine the top advantages of AngularJS application development for your company in 2023

Top Benefits of AngularJS Development in 2023

  • Fast Application Development

The extensive AngularJS tools reduce essential development time, effort, and resources. The reusability feature of this framework also makes it possible for the AngularJS development company to develop websites swiftly. You might say that AngularJs is a platform that quickens the development of web apps and ensures that the application is built efficiently.

  • Improved Application Performance

Using AngularJS, continuously maintaining the DOM tree hierarchy is not needed. Because of its two-way data binding technique, developers can update the DOM more quickly and with less coding. The caching functionality of AngularJS is another performance-enhancing feature. As this framework primarily works with static files, there is less load on the servers, thereby improving server speed substantially.

  • Develop High-Quality Apps

Out of AngularJS vs ReactJS, React wins the prize for being the simplest to learn while comparing the learning curves of ReactJS and AngularJS. But developer abilities are also crucial in producing web apps with outstanding user experiences.
An AngularJS developer finds it easier to work with any other JavaScript language, the more knowledgeable and skilled they become with Angular. In addition, customers can use AngularJS to build any kind of application they can think of, due to the abundance of built-in functionality.

  • Optimal Application Management

Generally, AngularJS developers must separate the code into three parts: Model, View, and Control (MVC). The code of those components is then manually merged by developers. But this framework automatically connects the code and saves time.
The application data is managed and maintained by the model component. The users can see all the data or only a subset when using the view component. At the same time, the model’s and view’s connection is determined by the control component. This MVC architecture simplifies handling the application’s Interface and database.

  • SEO Friendly Application

If your application is SEO-friendly, it will easily rank in the SERP and reaches a larger audience. An AngularJS development company will create web applications that are search engine friendly or not.
According to Google, AngularJs will offer SEO-friendly web applications and websites. Currently, you will see that Google crawls intelligible JavaScript, so your AngularJs website will be indexed swiftly. Hence AngularJs can be used to create SEO-friendly online applications and websites.

How Does AngularJS Development Company Improves User Experience & Engagement?

Web app performance is essential. When the company’s revenues depend on users’ engagement with the website and their continuous return, it counts much more. Poor loading times increase bounce rates and lower user satisfaction.
Angular is a tested tool that makes developing applications incredibly simple. Moreover, Angular allows developers to create applications that work well on both desktop and mobile platforms. In this writeup, we will cover how AngularJS development services provider helps improve the user base using this framework

The following are the top 6 factors that support using AngularJS in web development and can assist you in creating attractive and engaging website designs.

1. AngularJS Directives Provides Better User Experience

Angular Custom Directives

The most intriguing aspect of AngularJS is its directives. It can improve user experience (UX), for example, by displaying user avatars to make a page appear more individualized. Your sign-in form might have an avatar next to an email field to let users know they entered the proper address. If your form has optional input fields, you can conceal them by default and make them visible only when clicked, allowing you to concentrate on the first one immediately. These methods can be used repeatedly with AngularJS directives and help improve user engagement.

Here are 3 AngularJS directives that we found effective for enhancing user experience.

  •  Gravatar Image

A globally recognizable avatar is a gravatar. When you interact with websites, a small picture known as your “avatar” appears next to your name, which shows you are online.
An AngularJS development services provider creates a web application that supports Gravatar. Users’ Gravatar pictures will immediately follow after submitting an image and creating their public profile. This attracts more visitors to your online store.

  • Focus-Me

It is small but one of the amazing AngularJS directives. Let’s say you have a form with numerous input fields and text boxes, and you want to automatically focus a textbox on the click of a button or after choosing or inputting a value in the preceding input box. You can do this with this AngularJS directive.
In this manner, the user clicks on a link, causing input to become visible and automatically focused. As a result, when the input field appears, he needn’t click on it.

  • Contenteditable Element Model Binding

The dedicated AngularJS developers prefer to utilize a contenteditable element rather than a textarea one to have no restrictions on style and user interface (UI). Using the new HTML5 contenteditable capability, they can alter any text inside DOM elements that aren’t editable (as input or textearea).
A professional AngularJS development company uses this directive to achieve two-way binding between the ng-model and the HTML of the contenteditable element.

2. AngularJs is Best Choice for One-Page Applications

Single Page Application Using Angular

AngularJS is one of the best front-end technologies for developing Single-Page Applications (SPA). It is a web tool for building quick, responsive, and simple-to-maintain websites. SPAs are essentially web applications that only open one HTML page at a time and dynamically change it in response to user input.
Single-page applications only load one file; as the user navigates the program, they add to that one file. These programs use HTML5 and AJAX to build responsive, fluid web apps without requiring frequent page reloads. Single-page applications can deliver rich user interfaces in a few different ways. Those are:

  • The first is removing the annoying page switch that occurs when you click a link. When you click a link in a single-page application, the navigation controls and primary interface usually remain in place; only the specific piece of content you are looking for changes.
  • While developing SPAs, an AngularJS development services provider extends HTML using directives that give your markup more capability and help you make robust dynamic templates.
  • The last but not the least benefit of having SPAs is the speed improvement, which you get from a lighter server response payload for the piece of content vs a whole page. Instead of completely redrawing the page, the browser can swiftly incorporate the new piece of content because the payload is lighter and transmits across the network more quickly.

3. Optimized Server Communication in AngularJS

Optimized Server Communication in AngularJS

For data downloads and uploads, as well as access to other back-end services, the majority of front-end applications require HTTP protocol communication with a server. The HttpClient service class in @angular/common/http is Angular’s client HTTP API for Angular applications.

The following are the main functionalities that the HTTP client service provides.

  •  the capability of making written answer object requests
  •  streamlined handling of errors
  •  testing capabilities
  •  Interception of requests and responses

AngularJS removes the additional CPU load by enabling the creation of static files. With AngularJS, caching is a piece of cake. Also, AngularJS responds to API requests reasonably quickly. In Angular apps, the pages from the document object model are rendered for user activities. As a result, the user will have a rapid response and you won’t have to wait for the app to engage them fully.

4. Next-Gen Ivy Render

Angular Next Generation Compilation & Rendering Engine

Ivy is the pipeline of compilation and rendering of the next generation. It is extremely sophisticated and provides cutting-edge features that weren’t before. It offers incredible speed. Even in slow networks, the loading is extremely quick. Ivy render provides outstanding code debugging if you want a user-friendly app experience.
It has no difficulties and is relatively easy to use. With its aid, the bundle size is also decreased. It appeared in Angular version 8 with the Angular Ivy opt-in.

Rendering Pipeline In Angular

It only got better as further versions of AngularJS were released. For instance, the most recent Angular 14 upgrade, released on June 2, 2022, was one of the most meticulously planned Angular updates yet, adding features like isolated components, improved template diagnostics, optional injectors, and much more.

5. With Angular’s Material Elements, Create a Modern UI

Angular Material Design

User interfaces have an ultra-modern vibe due to the usage of Material design which includes the paper metaphor, bold intents, and significant motion. Because Angular is under Google’s management, it adheres to Google’s material design guidelines. Hence web apps created with AngularJS may quickly embrace these design concepts.

Angular Material UI Components

Angular has pre-installed data tables, buttons, indicators, layout elements, and navigational components. The AngularJs development company will leverage defaults and context to construct the UI you require because it is a declarative UI. Declarative UI, as opposed to imperative UI, would place more emphasis on the aesthetics of an application

Various famous apps are built using the AngularJS framework, including Google Drive, Gmail, and Google App. These apps have become a crucial part of people’s lives, and AngularJS allows you to get similar functionality in your application.

AngularJS’sModel-View-ViewModel Can Separate UX from Business Logic (MVVM)

AngularJS MVVM Architecture

The industry-recognized software architectural pattern known as Model-View-ViewModel (MVVM) fixes all the problems of MVP and MVC design patterns. An MVVM architecture recommends isolating the application’s essential business logic from the views or user interface (UI) that presents data. The view is independent of the model platform. It transforms the data objects, so they are simpler to present and handle.

The MVVM’s several code layers are:

Model: This layer is responsible for abstracting the data sources. Here, the model and viewmodel collaborate and save the data.

View: This layer’s function alerts the ViewModel to the user’s action. This layer only keeps track of the ViewModel and includes no application logic.

ViewModel: It makes available the data streams that the view needs to function. Moreover, it connects the Model and the View.

When you hire AngularJS development company, they will be more comfortable creating a clean user interface made up of seamless business logic distinct from the UI components. The view component displays the data as quickly as possible due to the controller’s quick communication between the model and the view component. Such architecture helps developers to create an amazing user experience in your application.

End Note

Your online store serves as the online representation of your company, showcasing to visitors your best products and services. So, it is now crucial to create a user-friendly application that is simple to navigate and provides users with all information in only a few clicks.

One of the finest tools for building a strong application that will win the user’s heart is AngularJS. This framework has a wealth of capabilities and functionalities, some of which we’ve covered in this article.

With the assistance of a skilled AngularJS development services provider, you can achieve engaging and appealing website designs for your project. Find out how much does it cost to hire AngularJS developers in 2023.

If you’re looking for dedicated AngularJS developers, eLuminous Technologies is the best AngularJS development company. We offer customized solutions for your project using recent tools and technology. Book your free consultation today!

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  1. I was very much delighted to read your article. You have mentioned good points about AngularJS impact on business. I would like to add some easy points which are as follows:
    1. Mobile responsiveness and support
    2.Code reusability
    3.Reduced development costs
    4.Scalability and performance optimization
    5.Real-time data binding and updates
    6.Enhanced security features
    7.SEO-friendly with server-side rendering capabilities
    These are some of the points which I wanted to include in your article. Readers, If you want to develop your website, you can visit an IT company like Alakmalak technologies. They have a good experienced team.

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