Gauri Palkhedkar
6 Smart Shopify Ecommerce Personalization Examples
6 Smart Shopify Ecommerce Personalization Examples

As consumers, we live in an age of abundance. It doesn’t matter what you want to consume or buy, there are countless options to choose from. While this is great news for consumers, it also presents a problem for sellers – or in this context, eCommerce sellers. With a fair…

Shopify Checkout: 7 Ways to Boost Your Conversion Rate

You’ve painstakingly built your new Shopify online store. You’ve worked with expert Shopify developers to get it right and have also spent money and time in promoting the store through SEO and social media. Your efforts start paying off and the Shopify store starts getting a steady stream of visitors….

Stop Making These 7 A/B Testing Mistakes Today

‘Perfection is a process’ Replace ‘perfection’ in the above quote with ‘A/B testing’ and it would still make eminent sense. Achieving the perfect website, mobile application or marketing campaign requires you to tinker around with several facets. This helps you understand which changes find approval with your users, thus allowing…

4 Key Questions on Reliability That Digital Agency CEOs Must Ask Themselves

‘Reliability!’ That right there is one common concern that binds modern software teams across different service categories and rapidly-evolving architectures. For someone who’s tasked with leading the organisation into the future, it is easy to overlook routine issues like capacity constraints, defects and regressions and irrational workloads. And when you…