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Different Hiring Models to hire AngularJS Developers

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Your web and mobile app functionality is determined by the framework you use, which enables you to add more features. AngularJS is one of the most used front-end technologies among worldwide developers (Source: Statista). Hire AngularJS developers if you want to develop a highly dynamic website that can be easily updated as per the user’s needs.

AngularJS is an open-source JavaScript framework that is used to create robust web and mobile applications. The number of ground-breaking solutions created with AngularJS is increasing day by day (currently, 353425 websites run on the Angular framework).

It’s not the best choice for just one type of software, but it offers a wide range of AngularJS development tools to carry out various web development tasks and enhance the app or website with the necessary functions.

In order to leverage the overall features of this JavaScript framework, hiring a highly qualified Angular developer who can increase the productivity of browser-based apps, deliver excellent outcomes, and create unique solutions is essential. The best way to develop feature-rich, highly customized applications within your budget is to outsource angular development.

Your project often requires just a few developers, but if you want to scale up your project, more developers need to be added later. This requirement is easily catered to if you hire AngularJS developers from leading outsourcing companies. These companies offer different hiring models; thus, you end up hiring only the required number of developers as per your preferred time and working hours.

Here in this blog, we will cover in detail the top 3 hiring models to hire AngularJS developers from a leading AngularJS development company.

Let’s first briefly overview AngularJS- A leading JavaScript framework.

Quick Overview of AngularJS


The first version of Angular, known as Angular 1, was developed by Google employees Misko Hebery and Adam Abrons in 2009 and released to the public in 2010. The Angular development team has released multiple updates since then. The first iteration of Angular, dubbed Angular, was essential in developing dynamic SPAs (Single Page Applications). Then, in 2016, Google introduced Angular 2 after entirely rewriting its Angular framework. The term “Angular” is used to refer to Angular 2, as well as every version that has come after.

Whereas many JavaScript frameworks concentrate on enhancing the capabilities of JavaScript itself, AngularJS instead offers techniques for boosting HTML. HTML can now do more than just markup things thanks to AngularJS. AngularJS enables developers to avoid the complicated workarounds typically required when constructing responsive web apps with HTML front ends by introducing features like data-binding. There are various key benefits of AngularJS development in 2023.

Unlike other frameworks, AngularJS has its own guidelines that programmers can follow to make the most of the framework and develop web applications that satisfy all client demands.

Working with this framework takes more than just being a proficient JavaScript programmer. When you are going to hire AngularJS developer, make sure he is familiar with every element of this framework in order to use it effectively. Therefore, you’ll need to do more than just post a regular JavaScript coder job ad if you need to hire dedicated AngularJS developer.

Read our step-by-step guide on hiring dedicated AngularJS developers.

Top 3 Hiring Models to Hire AngularJS Developers

The best way to reduce the overall project cost is by recruiting dedicated AngularJS developers from any country with lower labor prices. For example, when you hire AngularJS developers India, you can limit schedule and expenditure deviations and spare the business from rising costs caused by urgent development needs.

When you outsource Angular development, you just need to pay a specific salary for the number of hours they put in. Furthermore, you may successfully handle any changes in project requirements because remote developers give the project flexibility.

Let’s dive deeper into the top 3 models to hire dedicated AngularJS developers.

Top 3 Hiring Models to Hire AngularJS Developers

1. Project-Based Model

When hired dedicated development team manages the entire software development process as per your specifications; this is known as project-based outsourcing. Project-based outsourcing is the most traditional and passive of the three outsourcing methods.

You hand your outsourcing partner the requirements. After that, an outsourcing AngularJS development company will allocate a team of AngularJS developers to your project who will manage the entire development process and deliver the finished product on time and in accordance with your specifications.

With project-based outsourcing, even if you have the least control, your internal Project Manager/Product Owner will stay in touch with your outsourced partner. Based on your project outsourcing partner will decide how frequently you will communicate.

When Use Project-Based Model to Hire AngularJS Developers?

  • A project-based strategy is appropriate for businesses with minimal experience in software development because the outsourced provider owns the responsibility and development process.
  • Simple projects have needs that are known in advance and are not expected to alter. Thus, it can be done by a project-based outsourcing business without your involvement.
  • If a product doesn’t require administration and needs to be produced fast and effectively. You can transfer the project to dedicated developers and relieve yourself of the burden of management.

2. Staff Augmentation Model

Staff augmentation is the hiring technic where Angular development outsourcing companies provide the client organization with a fully operational dedicated team of AngularJS programmers. This team will work as an adjunct to the client’s primary team, concentrating only on their initiatives. To increase the efficiency and communication of the entire team, a dedicated developer from the client’s core team would be included in the dedicated development team.

The client company is actively involved and entirely in charge. The dedicated software development team adheres to the core team’s business culture, standards, and procedures. The extended team does not depend on a particular project and continues even after it is finished. Your core team and your offshore team are always working together.

This hiring model is incredibly cost-effective as the outsourcing partner provides the essential software, hardware, and office infrastructure to set up the office. Hence if you are a start-up and hire dedicated AngularJS developers from this model, you can save money on overhead and opening a new office.

The extended team supports in-house staff rather than taking their place. The extension team works remotely to fill in the skill gaps in your core personnel while the important business and technical capabilities are onshore.

When Use Staff Augmentation Model to Hire AngularJS Developers?

  • When you have a tight deadline and the hiring process takes a long time, you can quickly hire more developers using the staff augmentation model, regardless of the type of contract.
  • This model act as a bridge for hiring Short-term employment and, later on, based on performance, turn them into more permanent relations.
  • When specific expertise is required, you must immediately add qualified engineers or technicians to your team through a staff augmentation model.

 3. Managed Team Model

In managed team hiring model, you have access to a group of highly competent AngularJS developers. In this model, you and your outsourcing partner share the project’s accountability, ownership, and deliverables. It’s a hybrid of a project-based and staff augmentation approach. The managed team approach is distinctive because you and your external partner share the risk and accountability for the outcomes.

In the managed team model, you and the managed team will agree on the scope, roles, deadlines, deliverables (such as deliverables), and service-level agreements. When you hire dedicated AngularJS developers from this model, throughout the software development process, they collaborate with your in-house project manager and product owner, helping to steer and make decisions about the product.

The managed team works independently, and your outsourced project manager communicates regularly with your in-house project manager and product owner. These teams are frequently cross-functional. No matter the demands of your project, leading angular development outsourcing companies will be able to modify the team composition for the finest outcomes.

When Use Managed Team Model to Hire AngularJS Developers?

  •  This model is best for long-term projects involving significant and unpredictable changes.
  • Use this model when your internal staff cannot execute the project due to a lack of experience or knowledge.
  • This model is best when your team can’t focus on one more project because they are already working on other development projects.
  • When you still want to be in charge of making decisions and developing your product’s vision, but most tasks can be completed without your input.

Important Checklist While Going to Hire AngularJS developers

Important Checklist While Going to Hire AngularJS developers

While hiring any developer, we have to make sure that he is capable enough to develop a feature-rich application that has the potential to skyrocket your business. Finding the best Angular developer to handle your Angular Web development can take time and effort. Hence before hiring a dedicated AngularJS Developer, it is best to consider the fundamental abilities given below. Consider the below points to ensure that your dream project is in the hand of the right talent.

  • Well Versed in core JavaScript, CSS & HTML

Make sure the dedicated AngularJS developer has a solid understanding of JavaScript. Moreover, he should be well-versed in HTML, CSS, and UX ideas to provide high-quality solutions. Request their former work history so you can properly evaluate them and get a better understanding of the level of competence they possess.

  • Deep Understanding of RESTful API Interaction

HTTP requests to DELETE, PUT, GET and POST data are part of the process of creating a RESTful API. It is better to work with an Angular developer with a lot of experience with REST APIs who can understand the API documentation and apply it effectively.

  • Experience in Technologies like Node and Webpack

The technologies Node and Webpack have the potential to enhance the functionality of the AngularJS framework, thus making the process of development much simpler and more efficient. Hence, knowing these related technologies can be helpful for dedicated AngularJS developers.

  • Strong Communication Skill

The AngularJS developer you hire must be good at communication; then, only he will be able to convey his viewpoint towards software development. He should be able to describe the job procedure to the clients clearly. If he got stuck in any issue, he should effectively present it to other team members and devise a solution.

  • Ensure Product Security

Data today is vulnerable to various online attacks, so you must take strict precautions to safeguard it. It is your duty as a business owner to ensure the security of web and mobile applications. Hence make sure that the AngularJS developer you are hiring is familiar with security procedures and has the skills necessary to create a secure app architecture. This makes it even more essential to consider and assess the developer’s past work and portfolio.

In a Nutshell

Outsourcing developers with the above-mentioned hiring model helps organizations to find the right development partner for their next project. Moreover, the business can save significant money and time that can be utilized in other core activities. Thus understand your project need and decide whether you want to hand over your project fully or want partial help from a dedicated software development team.
If you are unable to figure out your project need, don’t worry; our skilled AngularJS developers are just one step away. Book a free consultation today!

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