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Top AngularJS Development Company in 2022- 23

Top AngularJS Development Company in 2022- 23
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In this digital world, without an online presence, the reach of your business is limited. Creating an online presence through a user-friendly and responsive website is as essential as overseeing other business operations!

Do you know, other than stunning functionality, what is common between popular apps like Upwork, PayPal, and Netflix? The answer is they all developed using one of the top front-end technologies– “AngularJS”.  

You can also make a remarkable online presence with the help of a leading AngularJS development company that can assist you in completely utilizing this framework and reaping its benefits.  

AngularJS is an open-source JavaScript framework for developing rich internet solutions. It is mainly used for creating single-page apps and highly scalable desktop and mobile web applications. Google supports this technology. It is quick, developer-friendly, robust, and reliable.

According to Statista 2022 research AngulaJS is preferred by 20.39% of worldwide developers. Moreover, there are almost 2.3 million AngularJS developers on GitHub. You must be thinking about why it is so popular among the developer community 


The extensibility of AngularJS is a top benefit for an AngularJS development company. With AngularJS, any aspect can be easily changed or removed, resulting in readable and expressive environments tailored to your particular development processes.  

Angular supports mobile, desktops, and web platforms. Additionally, anyone who wishes to use Angular tools can receive maintainable assignment design templates. It is simple to use classes and methods in an Angular application that has been well-built.  

Due to AngularJS increasing popularity among enterprises finding the right AngularJS development company for your project is quite challenging. We have to consider various factors while hiring AngularJS developers. That’s why we came up with this blog to introduce you to the top AngularJS development company in 2022 that will provide high-quality digital solutions for your business. 

We will also look into why you should invest in AngularJS development services. First, let’s have a short tour of the market popularity of this framework.

Market Popularity of AngularJS

  • According to Stack Overflow 2021 Developer Survey, around 26% or 13000 of developers preferred Angular over another JavaScript framework 

Stack Overflow 2021 Developer Survey

Image Source

  • Currently, there are 346,539 websites built using this framework (source: Similar Tech).

Wesbites build with AngularJS

Image Source


  • Top industry verticals where AngularJS is being used. (Source: SimilarTech)

Trendsbuilt AngularJS usage statistics

Image Source

  • According to trendsbuilt.com, AngularJS usage statistics have increased over the years.

AngularJS Statistics Graph

Image source

We are sure the above stats inspired you to learn more about this framework, and you will soon hire an AngularJS development company for your next project. So, let’s dig deeper into the top benefits of hiring an AngularJS development company for your next project.

Read our step-by-step guide on how to hire Angular developers.

Why You Should Invest in AngularJS Development?

There are various features of Angular that make it everyone’s favourite. Let’s cover some major ones.

  •  Easy to Implement MVC Framework

Angular JS is one of the MVC frameworks that many applications use. The key benefit of utilizing Angular JS is that MVC is accomplished by dividing the web application into different MVC components, each of which will automatically carry out the remaining work.

Without being expressly stated, Angular JS manages the MVC elements, acting as a pipeline to merge them into independent elements. This intermediary point of contact ensures the components’ appropriate fit and integration. By doing this, the developer can focus on creating high-quality applications without worrying about integration.

  • Unit Testing Capabilities

Testing is crucial in any application and essential in locating errors and issues. That’s why AngularJS is created, keeping testing needs in the account. Unit testing in Angular JS is possible both with and without the Karma framework. Typically, unit testing for Angular JS controllers and directives is done separately

Additionally, you may test the Angular JS application by creating individual test pages that help make a particular component of the application, adding interactivity to it, and then determining whether it functions well or not.

  • Dependency Injection

Dependency Injection is used to bind the AngularJS application (DI). This is due to Angular JS’s integrated DI system. DI is a design pattern that explains the components and their dependencies. DI assists the developers in building components, providing necessary components, and managing their dependencies. It makes sure that managing controllers within their specific scopes are simple. This is because the controllers rely on DI to transmit data to them.

  • Optimal Maintenance Required

Generally, in MVC architecture, web developers separate the code into three parts: Model, View, and Control (MVC). The code of those components is then manually merged by developers. Talking about AngularJS, this framework saves time because it automatically connects the code. This MVC architecture makes it simpler for developers to handle the application’s UI and database.

  • Promotes Code Reusability

One of the best benefits of using this framework is its ability to reuse previously written code and code fragments in new projects. Due to this feature, Angular JS development has become a distinctive framework.

  •  Declarative UI

HTML is used by the AngularJS framework to create templates. HTML is a declarative language, and because of its scalability and natural intuitiveness, it is widely used. A declarative user interface makes things easier to comprehend and manage. Developers and designers can collaborate using HTML. Designers can concentrate on UI creation while developers utilize declarative binding syntax to link the various UI components with data models.

Make sure to hire AngularJS developer only from an experienced and proficient AngularJS development provider which will help you develop a top-notch AngularJS application utilizing all the above-mentioned benefits of the framework

eLuminous Technologies, A Leading AngularJS Development Company

eLuminous Technologies, A Leading AngularJS Development Company

eLuminous Technologies is an experienced and reputed AngularJS development company that strives to provide the best solution for enhancing your company’s success. The dedicated developers of eLuminous are experts at developing seamless applications with perfect structure while providing top-notch Angular development.

We combine the innovator’s approach, agile concepts, and in-depth industry experience to create high-performance applications integrated with MVC, MVVM, modular structure, and declarative UI elements.

What we have achieved

eLuminous is included in the list of top-rated Clutch dedicated developers. Moreover, it is one of the top custom web application development companies in the USA, India, South Africa, UK, and many other developed countries. Our Angular JS experts have expertise in two-way data binding, normal DOM, and MVC capacity to create real-time apps.

At eLuminous, you will get an end-to-end digital solution. You can easily hire AngularJS developers in simple steps to get highly customized web and mobile applications comprising user-friendly features, seamless performance, quality code compliance, and timely delivery.

eLuminous team carefully sculpts an idea into a new, futuristic application. We use cutting-edge tools and technologies to ensure high app performance. Check out the tools and technologies we used for developing feature-rich web and mobile applications.

Tools & Technologies used for AngularJS Application Development

eLuminous is a globally renowned AngularJS development company committed to providing premium AngularJS web development solutions to clients from various industry verticals. The dedicated software development team of eLuminous excels at delivering the best-suited bespoke solutions to a wide range of sectors in accordance with their unique requirements, regardless of whether it is a startup in its ideation phase or an organization that wants to scale its business. Have a look at the industries we have served till now.

Industries eLuminous Technologies Served

Being an off-source AngularJS web development company, eLuminous offer an array of business hiring models to suit your budget.

  • Hourly Hiring Model
  • Full-Time Hiring Model
  • Fixed Price & Fixed Timeline
  • Part-Time Hiring Model

Let’s dive deeper into the AngularJS development eLuminous proficient development team provides.

eLuminous Technologies Customized AngularJS Web Development

When you hire AngularJS developers from a top AngularJS development company, eLuminous Technologies, you will get top-notch AngularJS web development solutions with stunning design and performance. All of the JavaScript technologies are familiar to our proficient AngularJS developers. We create responsive, quick, and highly engaging applications that are simple to maintain. As an experienced AngularJS development company, we provide a full range of AngularJS development, including

1. AngularJS Consulting

Our AngularJS consultants will assess your business objectives and unique requirements and discuss with you the advantages of creating an AngularJS application for your enterprise. To rebuild the dynamic areas of your website, we provide expedited AngularJS development.

2. AngularJS UI/UX Development

We develop a user-friendly, feature-rich, and eye-catching UI/UX design for any online portal, application, or widget you wish to create. We consider Usability when our UI/UX designers produce stunning designs.

3. Web Portal Development

Our AngularJS developers can deliver unrivaled solutions for your business, whether you need a customized web portal for customers or a web portal for internal use. We come up with innovative ideas and handle all challenges in your project aptly.

4. AngularJS Web Application Development

As a professional AngularJS Development Company, we create dynamic, fast-loading, and scalable web applications to attain your business’s specific goals and needs.

5. AngularJS Mobile App Development

Our expert, dedicated software development team helps aspiring businesses streamline their operations with scalable, high-performing, and customized mobile applications using the AngularJS framework.

6. AngularJS API Development

We create easier-to-use APIs that meet your business’s demands. With the aid of our unique API, your internal team will be able to oversee work and change the procedure to make it more effective and quicker.

7. Ecommerce Application Development

By merging AngularJS with other front-end and back-end technologies, we develop reliable e-commerce websites and applications that are simple, intuitive, and user-friendly. Our developers implement the best features and functionalities that increase personalization.

8. AngularJS Porting & Migration

eLuminous Technologies offers on-demand migration and porting services. With the quickest turnaround, the dedicated development team of AngularJS developers lets you easily port or migrate your current web application from one platform to another.

9. Social Interactive Apps

We develop robust and best-in-class AngularJS-based social networking websites or apps for user engagement. Our experienced developers can create highly customized social media platforms, websites, and web applications.

10. Plugin Development

To increase the functionality of your AngularJS web application, we design and create bespoke plugins. Our experts provide the best solution to fit your business needs after fully comprehending your development needs.

Why Choose eLuminous as your AngularJS Development Partner?

With more than 20 years of experience in the field, we have successfully provided digital transformation to 500+ industries of varied domains. We have an 80% of client retention rate. The following points prove why we are the top Angular web development service provider in the market.

  • Vast Domain Experience

Vast Domain Experience

We have accumulated extensive domain experience over more than two decades. We can provide specialized technology solutions to any domain.

  •  On-Time Delivery

On-Time Delivery

We use a tried-tested development methodology to ensure the highest level of software quality while guaranteeing project completion within the allotted period.

  • Powerful Mobile Application Development

Powerful Mobile Application Development

eLuminous  is a highly esteemed AngularJS development provider. The dedicated development team has expertise in developing interactive, highly robust, and structured web applications using AngularJS.

  • Transparency & Integrity

Transparency & Integrity

To conduct a regular scrum call and ensure our communication with the customer is effective, productive, and transparent, we utilize well-known PMS like Jira, Trello, and more.

  •  Dedicated Developers

Dedicated Developers

Our certified, dedicated AngularJS developers have a wealth of expertise in developing high-quality digital solutions. They carefully craft each application and optimize it to the highest standards. Our developers have provided many cutting-edge solutions to various enterprises across the globe.

  • Faster Loading Time

Faster Loading Time

We know that faster loading times lead to increased user engagement. Hence, we carefully develop the AngularJS application. We put a lot of effort into the application’s optimization and feature integration to improve the app’s speed.

  • Competitive Pricing

Competitive Pricing

We are focused on delivering cost-effective solutions that rigorously adhere to business needs while keeping the customer’s satisfaction and the project’s quality in mind. Our cost for developing AngularJS web applications is reasonable and includes all fees.

  • Flexible Engagement Models

Flexible Engagement Models

Depending on your company’s needs and budget, you can hire AngularJS developers from eLuminous hourly, monthly, and full-time.

AngularJS Application Development Processes at eLuminous Technologies

In order to produce top-notch solutions on time, our AngularJS web application development approach adheres to industry best practices. We adhere to perfection in every aspect, from requirement collecting and analysis to deployment and maintenance.

AngularJS Application Development Processes at eLuminous Technologies

STEP 1: Analyse Business Requirements

Our dedicated software development team initiates the application development process by analyzing your business requirement for the application. Our team does deep competitors and market research to provide your enterprise with the best possible digital solutions. A document is developed for all the requirements and delivered to the client for approval.

What do we do in this step?

  • Understand Project Requirements
  • Analyze User Needs
  • Define Project Scope
  • Choose Tech Stack
  • Determine Budget

STEP 2: Wireframing & Designing

Based on the details collected in the first step, a strategy is planned to develop the robust application within the predecided budget and timeline. A blueprint and prototype are created and passed to the client for approval. Any changes required are easily adjusted in this step.

What do we do in this step?

  • Mapping UI Flow
  • Blueprint Structure Build
  • Wireframing
  • Prototyping
  • Adjusting Changes

STEP 3: Development

Once we receive approval from the client, our dedicated developers incorporate all the viable features and functionalities to develop the most intuitive user interface that delivers an enhanced user experience.

What do we do in this step?

  • Start App Programming
  • Front-end Development
  • Backend Development
  • Design Database

STEP 4: Testing

As a renowned AngularJS development company, we test thoroughly and iteratively to find faults and issues. It is done to find problems impairing the web application’s performance.

What do we do in this step?

  • Usability & Performance Testing
  • Security & Compliance Testing
  • Final Bug Testing

STEP 5: Deployment

After the testing process has been verified and all the errors are fixed, the application is deployed to the client server. Regular performance and changes are also seen following real-world operations. We updated the application and made it completely user-friendly based on users’ feedback.

What do we do in this step?

  • Deploy Project on Server
  • Make it Live for End Users
  • Analyze User Response & Feedback
  • Update with Version Controlling

Frequently Asked Question

  • What project management tools do you use?

We use the top industry-standard project management tools like Trello, Jira, Asana, Pivotal Tracker, etc. With these tools, you’ll be able to keep tabs on the daily development of your project and the developer’s productivity. You can create the assignment, delegate the work, and monitor the development status.

  • How do you ensure the security of my project?

Your Angular project will have 100% ownership. NDAs, copyrights, source codes, and other forms of intellectual property are included to ensure security.

  • DO the web applications are mobile-responsive?

Yes! We developed utterly responsive web applications that are mobile-friendly. We also ensure that these applications run on all platforms.

  • Do you provide AngularJS migration services?

Yes, we can assist with migrating your current application to Angular. Applications built with AngularJS can be organized in several ways. Even before the migration, you may make your apps future-proof by implementing a few techniques and practices. Following relocation, we offer full maintenance.

  • How long will it take to hire AngularJS developers from eLuminous Technologies?

You can hire a single developer or an expert dedicated software development team within 24 hours. Feel free to connect with AngularJS development team to get more details.

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