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Top iOS Application Developers in India in 2023

Top iOS Application Developers in India in 2023
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The best way to launch your business on the online platform is by creating an iOS app. The iPhone continues to set the bar and gives your app access to a valuable user base. You will have no trouble finding iOS users for your app if it has a high experience rating. To make that happen, you’ll need the best iOS application developers in India.

Why India?

There are more IT professionals in India today than there are in the United States as a whole. According to a recent survey, 80% of US and European businesses opt for India as their first outsourcing destination. This is so because India is home to some of the most talented developers in the world, along with cheap labor.

Additionally, according to research by the National Association of Software & Service Corporations (NASSCOM), nearly half of all Fortune 500 companies have chosen to hire iOS application development services providers from India.

Why iOS applications?

According to Statista, iOS accounts for around 28% of the mobile operating market. The success of the Apple store have proved how dominant the platform is for top-notch mobile apps. You have the chance to market your application to a large customer base through the iOS ecosystem.

The Apple app’s long-established design and functionality standards continue to maintain influence. Around 48.7% of Americans now own an iPhone. Moreover, the number of apps available in the Apple App Store has exploded since 2008. View the graph below.

Number of available apps in the Apple App Store from 2008 to October 2022

Image source


Every business, old or new, now has an interactive iOS application; therefore, having an app for your company is no longer optional; it’s necessary if you want to stand out.

For that, you need the guidance of leading iOS application developers in India with extensive expertise dealing with simulators, UI/UX technicalities, APIs, complimentary frameworks, and more to fully utilize this ecosystem’s enormous potential.

Here in this blog, you will discover the best iOS application development services provider in India.

Before that, let’s first understand how hiring iOS application developers in India helps to grow your business.

Why Hire iOS Application Developers in India?

There are several advantages of outsourcing mobile app development to India. Let’s look at some of them:

Why Hire iOS Application Developers in India

  • Increased user efficiency

The main objective of an iPhone application development company is to make the user experience more straightforward. Indian programmers have a solid understanding of platforms. Hence while creating different software, specialists in their disciplines apply logical reasoning and have in-depth expertise. With such experience and knowledge, the end users are pleased with the outcomes.

  •  Cost Effective

This is one of the biggest reasons today enterprises hire iOS application development companies in India. Compared to hiring full-time engineers internally, many businesses find that outsourcing to India saves them enough money and, in parallel, provides better software quality.

An iOS developer typically charges $160 in North America, $80 in the United Kingdom, $50 in South America, $35 in Eastern Europe, and $110 in Australia, but an iOS application developer in India charges just $25.

  • High Flexibility

Another factor for hiring iOS application development service providers in India is flexibility. Compared to developers in other countries, the US, the UK, and other Western countries, they are more flexible and adaptable. Moreover, it’s not unusual for Indian software professionals to have other qualifications. For example, a developer might possess a dev-ops certification and other technical abilities.

  • Quick Turnaround

Indian software engineers have specialized skills in enhancing products and services worldwide. They constantly strive to innovate in the fields of web design and software development. Indian iOS developers promise a quicker turnaround time for issues and upgrades while working on your custom software development.

  • Easy Government Policies

The “IT Acts of 2000” state that India is now an excellent place to invest. The government fully supports IT infrastructure development and offers 100% foreign equity. As a result, you are also receiving significant tax savings, etc.

If you want to leverage all these advantages, hire the best iOS application developers in India. Let’s discover one of the leading iOS application development companies in India in 2023

eLuminous Technologies, a leading iOS Application Developers in India in 2023

eLuminous Technologies, a leading iOS Application Developers in India in 2023

eLuminous Technologies, an award-winning iOS app development firm, continually incorporates new technologies into its development process to provide clients with top-notch digital solutions. We are listed among the top-rated Clutch dedicated developers. From planning to design to execution, launch, and ongoing success, eLuminous iOS developers offer the expertise, capacity, and zeal to help you. Our track record is self-evident.

Features of our iOS Applications

Being a top iPhone app development company in India, we make sure to create iOS applications that are fully feature-rich for both startups and businesses. All of our clients have expressed satisfaction with our ability to develop apps operating on many iOS devices and providing positive user experiences. This motivates us to improve by utilizing the most recent iOS technology in our app development services.

Industries We Serve

We use advanced methodologies and technologies to make apps with path-breaking interfaces and advanced features. Our core team of the best iPhone app developers in India uses the latest technologies like Swift, Objective C, OpenGL, ES CoreGraphics API, Cocoa Touch Development, SQLite database, Programming Tools: XCode 7, and Interface Builder to make exceptional iPhone apps.

By providing cutting-edge iOS application development services for iPhone, iPad, wearables, and TV, we assist businesses in being at the forefront of the Apple ecosystem. Our iOS dedicated software development team is an expert at using Apple and Mac-only technologies and supports our iPhone app creation services.

Let’s check out our top-class iOS application development services

Top iOS Application Development Services

We have a track record of providing upper-edge iOS application development services worldwide. Our iOS app services are high-performing, scalable, and user-centric. We are experts in-

Top iOS Application Development Services

  • Custom iOS App Development

We provide customized iOS applications as per your business need. Our expert iPhone developers using years of expertise can deliver feature-rich, dynamic mobile apps.

  •  iPhone Application Development

As a leading iPhone application development company in India, we are dedicated to developing apps that are driven by innovation. We develop cutting-edge iPhone applications utilizing the most recent advancements in Apple technologies to create feature-rich and user-friendly digital solutions.

  • iOS App Testing

Our testing services ensure that your software runs on all popular iOS devices without a glitch. Our QA staff has extensive knowledge of both manual and automated testing software, such as XCode, which helps improve your iOS applications’ speed.

  • iOS App Upgrade

Using the newest versions of iOS technologies like Swift, Objective C, Xcode, and SQLite, our dedicated iOS developers update the current apps. Hire our iOS developers to upgrade your iOS apps to the newest version without any issues.

  • iPad App Development

Our iPhone developers are competent and skilled enough to create apps that are used on iPad in addition to creating iOS Apps for Windows. With our iPad application development services, you can take advantage of unique features like a larger screen size and fluid processing for improved functionality and the greatest user experience.

  • iOS AR/VR Development

Our developers are skilled in both iOS VR and AR development. Hire our iOS application developers in India to create cutting-edge, compelling Virtual and Augmented Reality.

  • Native App Development

Native app development, which can be created to run just on the iOS platform, is one of our best iOS app development services. Although native apps frequently make the most of an operating system’s advantages, maintaining them can be time- and labor-intensive

  • iOS Maintenance & Support

eLuminous dedicated iOS developers help you maintain your iOS app by fixing errors and releasing frequent upgrades to keep it current with your users’ expectations and the newest business trends.

Why choose eluminous Technologies, your iOS Application Development Partner?

eLuminous has more than two decades of experience providing digital transformation to start-ups and established businesses. This iPhone application development company offers reputable iOS application development services for functional mobile apps. Look at some top reasons to prefer us over other development partners.

  • Quality Standards

Quality Standards

For the optimum usability of your software, eLuminous iOS application developers in India are trained to adhere to the highest quality standards.

  • Technical Expertise

Technical Expertise

Our multifaceted iPhone developers have a wide range of expertise working with industries from various verticals which will significantly contribute to the growth of your firm

  • End-to-End Development

End-to-End Development

We manage all facets of developing iOS apps, including building strategy, evaluation, testing, and technical delivery.

  • Certified Developers

Certified Developers

To provide best-in-class service, we have qualified iOS developers who are talented, creative and can develop applications considering potential customers’ needs.

  • High Security

High Security

With the help of our great development team, we can provide secure & scalable iOS application development services. Thus, you will be assured that the iOS applications you receive have been thoroughly examined and secured.

  • Flexible Hiring Model

Flexible Hiring Model

We offer different hiring models, so you can easily hire developers on an hourly, monthly, and fixed project basis based on your project need.

  • Budget-Friendly


We understand the client’s project requirements and integrate the necessary features into the application while keeping the budget in mind. No hidden fees are included in our policy.

  • App Store Assistance

App Store Assistance

We have a successful track record of releasing iOS applications to the Apple Store and making them available to users.

eLuminous iOS Application Development Processes

We believe that the creation of any digital product demands a focused strategy. As one of the leading iOS application developers in India, we follow a structured process to provide high-quality results, beginning with;

eLuminous iOS Application Development Processes

1. Ideation

This step includes understanding what our clients want, their precise goals, who they are targeting, and how they want the app to help their business grow. We do the proper market research to understand the users’ needs and current market trends.

2. Analysis

Without preparation and research, we can’t achieve 100%. This serves as the framework for the planning that we follow. The scope, deadlines, redundant data, and risks associated with developing iOS mobile applications must be fully understood during this phase.

3. Team Development

Every project is different, and it should be developed differently. Thus, choosing the right people for the jobs is crucial since they are the foundation of any development effort. We go above and beyond to secure the top talent in the industry.

4. Development & Deployment

The main development process begins, which uses the greatest tools and techniques. We create a user-friendly, distinctive, simple-interface, scalable, business-centric application by merging art and technology. After deployment, we seek the client’s feedback to adjust the changes they feel.

5. App Testing

We test, identify the errors, fix them, test again, and repeat this process until we have an app that is error-free, robust in function, and scalable in use.

6. Support & Maintenance

After releasing your app to the store, our work is not done. We are available around the clock to provide all the help you require to get the most out of your iOS app.

How to Hire iOS Application Developers in India?

You can quickly and easily employ highly qualified iOS developers from eLuminous Technologies in just a few steps. Share your project requirements, and we will pick the right iOS developer from our team who fits the best.

How to Hire iOS Application Developers in India

Connect with our support team if you need further guidance on iOS application development!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which Languages Are Best for Developing iOS Apps?

Languages like C# and HTML5 are excellent choices for constructing a hybrid iOS application. Swift and Objective-C are the most significant programming languages for creating native iOS apps.

2. What are the responsibilities of iOS developers?

An iOS developer’s primary responsibility is to create apps for mobile devices running the iOS operating system. They work with other engineers and developers to design, develop, and maintain iOS apps. They also guarantee the effectiveness, responsiveness, and quality of applications.

3. Why customize your iOS applications?

Invest in iOS apps to ensure the spread and expansion of your company. The advantages of creating a custom iPhone app include affordability, functionality, beautiful UI/UX, ease of use, competency, and optimization.

4. How Much does it cost to hire an iOS application developer in India?

The cost to hire developers depends on various factors such as application complexity, features, target market, developer location, etc. At eLuminous technologies, you can hire iOS developers at a minimum price of $ 18 per hour. Read more on the cost of custom mobile app development in 2023.

5. Is it possible to develop scalable iOS applications?

The eLuminous dedicated iOS developers are experts at creating highly scalable applications with a lot of scope for future growth.

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