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Ultimate Guide to Hire and Manage Dedicated Developers

Ultimate Guide to Hire and Manage Dedicated Developers
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Let’s all acknowledge that, eventually, a business will require the support of top talent to perform its complex task. In-house teams may fall short of meeting the client demands or market demands. At that point, you need to accept the fact and think of outsourcing or you can hire dedicated developers.

Globally, there is also a growing need for dedicated developers. When performing any IT operations, companies prefer to hire dedicated programmers that can handle the project with attention to detail. However, it might the process to hire dedicated developers may be a long and tedious one.


Let’s get a clear picture of what dedicated developers actually do.

Most businesses, particularly startups and mid-sized companies, struggle to keep up with the speed of developing technology even when they have adequate resources. All due to the incredible speed of development in the technology sector. As a result, choosing to hire a dedicated developer becomes important. Hiring remote developers or a dedicated development team is an emerging trend that fits corporate cultures that are increasingly focusing on teamwork, mobility, and flexibility. Let’s take a close look at the whys, what’s and hows, of hiring dedicated developers so that you can decide whether or not to adopt this approach.


Why Hire Dedicated Developers?

Manage Large Projects

The dedicated software development offshore model is often chosen by businesses when they foresee that a software development project will take a long time to complete (perhaps more than a year). One factor for it though is that there is no method to estimate the project’s total development costs. The company would be better able to control expenses if it paid the dedicated developers a set salary every month.

Projects with Unclear Scope

When a company is unable to specify the project’s scope, how can it consider the fixed-price model? By hiring dedicated developers, the company would be free to proceed with the project without worrying about budget or schedule changes. Additionally, the business would also be able to deal with project needs that can change during the course of development with ease.

Long-run Relationship Maintenance

An organization may require the services of a development team for an extended period of time, during which it may be necessary to add or reduce the number of experts in the team. In the future, it could also require specialists for software maintenance, updates, improvements, and other requirements. The business can engage in a strategic partnership with the outsourcing provider and have all of its needs met without any difficulties by hiring dedicated developers.

Shortage of Skills

A Future Workforce Report claims that nearly 52% of recruiting managers identify shortage of skills and expertise as one of the key reasons for choosing a “flexible” workforce, which includes hiring dedicated developers. Businesses worldwide are struggling to hire skilled developers locally; as a result, they have to hire dedicated developers remotely with knowledge and expertise in a wide range of technologies.

Agile Development Methodology

The agile software development process is rapidly replacing the waterfall methodology. It uses an iterative development process where testing and coding are done simultaneously to make sure the software is being built in tune with the requirements of the business. The obvious choice for this approach would be to hire dedicated software developers as they provide continuous support and resources vital to the development process.

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What are the Benefits of Hiring Dedicated Developers?

Focused Approach

The fact that they are entirely dedicated to your project and therefore act as an extension of your organization is one of the dedicated development team model’s most important advantages. A dedicated professional also grows familiar with the values, traditions, norms, and guiding principles of your company. They adhere to the management methodologies you prefer. Your dedicated staff is fully at your disposal, devoted to completing your project on time, and only focused on your project. With such a high degree of involvement, the team can better understand the needs of your business, enabling them to be more efficient and productive in getting your work done.


The process of assembling a team for a project could be time-consuming and expensive. Finding people will need a major investment of your time and money, taking into account their experience and hard and soft skills. Putting together a team requires significant administrative costs in addition to the costs of searching for candidates and hiring them. These expenses include additional office space and management, tools, training, HR, and IT support, as well as hardware.

On the other hand, you won’t have to worry about finding, hiring, or administration when you build a dedicated team. All of the potential candidates are equipped with everything they need to work on your project, and prepared to start as soon as you need them. As a result, resources can be dedicated to more critical things like marketing and business research.

Complete Control

You have complete control over the dedicated team of developers you are working with on the project by choosing, motivating, and managing them. Everyone from developers and designers to business analysts and project managers will be managed entirely by you. The company will decide each team member’s schedule and workload as well as processes, task management, communication, progress reports, and performance assessment. The amount is control over the dedicated team is similar to your in-house team.

Improve Productivity with Adaptability

Productivity and faster development speeds provide a competitive edge in today’s fast-paced software industry. This is where a dedicated development team model thrives. A dedicated team of developers is committed to your business and the tasks given to them; they are well acquainted team players who have already worked on other projects, share similar goals, follow established procedures, compete and inspire each other to be efficient; Your vendor can quickly adapt the team to any modifications.

Proactive support

When you hire a skilled development team, you can benefit from greater performance and almost zero downtime. The hired team will be able to foresee issues and offer a fix to keep your system operating and problems at bay. When you hire expert professionals, you can get exceptional advice or assistance whenever you need it during or even after the project development process.

Risk Mitigation

When you hire dedicated developers, they complete tasks while considering the risks involved in operations and transitions. You don’t need to worry about trying to do things on your own. As a result, a professional team can help you reach your goals with few to zero risks.

Access to many skills

Some tasks need expert knowledge. When you work with a team of dedicated developers, you don’t have to be concerned about hiring full-time employees. Additionally, by hiring professional developers, you can benefit from their wider range of abilities.


Depending on where you are in the product development process you can upscale or downscale your resources as efficiently as possible at any given time.

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How to Hire Dedicated Developers?

Create a List

There are countless companies that provide services for outsourcing developers and dedicated teams. Focusing on businesses based on their expertise and the sectors they work with is one of the easiest ways to narrow down your list.

Start by browsing websites for your sector, like Clutch, GoodFirms, Upwork or Freelancer.com, where software companies list their services by services, industries, rates, etc. To ensure that all of the businesses you’re evaluating match your needs, it’s crucial to pay attention to the markets those companies operate in as well as the technology, services, and strategies they use.

Analyze their Portfolio and Customer Reviews

When you finally choose some companies, it will be wise to see whether they have relevant experience for your project. The easiest way to do this is to check the company’s portfolio. Many businesses share their case studies on their website and you can also ask for a detailed portfolio by contacting them. It’s critical to determine whether the company you finally select have experience related to your project while making your final decisions. Examining the company’s portfolio is the simplest approach to do this. A lot of companies post their success stories on their websites. However, using the contact form, you can also ask for a comprehensive portfolio.

You should obtain proof of a company’s efficiency. For that you can check customer reviews on their business website. It is advisable to the verify a company’s ability to deliver by checking their reviews on third party websites like Clutch. Clutch has a reputation to protect and hence they personally interview clients to verify company claims or customer reviews posted by them.

Connect with the Companies

It’s time to get in touch with corporate representatives of the companies. At this point, you’ll need to outline the specifics of the development process for the organizations you’re interviewing, explain your project to them.

Typically, if you decide to work with a company, you won’t need to interview dedicated developers and other team members because you’ve already spoken with a representative of the company about questions on their area of expertise. Overall team composition for the project is entirely the responsibility of the company of your choosing. However, team members can be interviewed if you’d want to make sure they’re a perfect fit for your project’s requirements.

Interview Members of the Development Team

If you choose to personally get to know dedicated developers or members of the team and assess their abilities.

Identify their domain expertise and skill set first; anybody you recruit for your project needs to be an expert in the particular area of development. Their knowledge of its most recent advancements, methodologies, tools, and programming will be crucial in creating an efficient product. You should check out the website and case studies of the software development company to learn more about the expertise of the dedicated team members. If there is just one dedicated developer, request the project managers about their portfolio.

Security and Contracts

Make sure the outsourcing company is contractually obligated to your business before you turn over your project. In the event that someone tries to steal your work, legal contracts allow you to enforce your rights.

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Final Thoughts

By choosing to hire dedicated development team, you can take advantage of low-cost, high-quality services can be a great starting point for your project. This strategy is effective short-term, and long-term as well as one-time projects. However, in order to take full advantage of it, companies must be well-versed in all aspects of selecting and managing their outsourced teams.


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