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How and from where to hire the Dedicated Software Development Team?

How and from where to hire the Dedicated Software Development Team?
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Are you going to start your new project and looking for a dedicated software development team? If yes! Then pursue this blog to discover the right way to hire dedicated developers or else the whole development team, which has the potential to skyrocket your dream project.

The dedicated development team model provides businesses with access to a wide pool of offshore developers at a cost lower than keeping an in-house team. A dedicated software development team holds the advantages of both in-house and offshore development, such as

  • High Transparency
  • Proficient & Experienced Developers Team
  • Better Project Management
  • Project Stability
  • Team Flexibility

Hiring a dedicated team is the right approach to achieve fast, reliable, and result-oriented software development within your budget. Although a dedicated software development team works autonomously, it leaves no stone unturned to deliver customized software solutions catering to all your business needs. They rely entirely on discoveries and feedback made during testing to shape its functions and design. Hence hiring a dedicated development team is best for both growing startups and well-established businesses.


Typical Software Development Team Structure


Software development with the help of a dedicated developer’s team is a partnership model majorly used in web and app development for remote collaboration with a client. You can easily hire dedicated developers from reliable and proficient outsourcing firms for your dream project.

Today 2 out of 5 companies hire dedicated developers. The lack of local technical talent is the major reason for building a dedicated team. At the same time, some companies hire them to stand ahead of the competition, while others to get customized software development to handle their specific business requirements. Moreover, 24% of the companies do it to enhance efficiency, and 18% do it to get assistance from an expert.

Let’s have a look at the top reasons why companies (worldwide) hire dedicated software developers.


Statista 1

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Many of you still may have doubts, like does working with a dedicated team provide the desired results or not? How can I hire dedicated software developers? From where can I get highly proficient developers having experiences similar to my project?

Don’t worry; all these questions are addressed in this blog. But before that, let’s first understand what exactly a dedicated development team is and how hiring one will benefit your business.


What is a Dedicated Software Development Team? Is it the right approach for your business?

dedicated software development team


A dedicated development team is a team that is hired to strategies, plan, develop, and implement projects inclined to their experience and expertise in the field. Moreover, it is basically focused on successfully solving the client’s challenges.

For example, if you desire to develop any software using Python, then hiring a dedicated team who has previously developed numerous software using Python will help you create the best digital solution for your business. Hence without any doubt, we can say that with a dedicated team, we can get a team of professionals focused on achieving your business goals.

In simple words, we can say that a dedicated development team is a collaboration model where a virtual team is interwoven into a client’s project but works out of the vendor’s office. The vendor is responsible for candidate sourcing, synchronizing internal and external teams for the client, and establishing the workflow. This model can work on time & material (T&M) and fixed prices.


A Dedicated Software Development Team Include


With a dedicated development team model, you don’t need to worry about HR, administrative tax, or social benefits issues. Hence you can entirely focus on other high-level business issues. Let’s look at what more benefits you will get by going with a dedicated software development team for your next project.


Top Reasons to Hire a Dedicated Software Development Team

Must Know Benefits Of Hiring Dedicated Software Development Team

1. Cost Effective

Hiring dedicated developers can save money or resources spent on housing, hiring, or equipment. You can select an outsourcing vendor to help you get the right talent for your upcoming project but indeed provide efficiency that you can’t get with your in-house team.

2. High-Speed Development

A proficient dedicated team communicates effectively and works in perfect synchronization. Moreover, when you hire dedicated developers, they are 100% focused on your project and will not take on any other project. All this speeds up the development processes.

3.  Full Transparency

A dedicated development team is just like an in-house team with no difference in work and productivity; the only difference is that it works in a separate office. A dedicated team offers total transparency in each phase of software development. The dedicated team updates you so that you know where they stand on the progress scale at that moment.

4. Time-Saving

A dedicated team model saves the organization time in screening, hiring, and boarding candidates. You just need to reach out to a reliable outsourcing company to find the right talent for your future project. Thus, without any hassle, you can easily hire qualified and experienced developers while ignoring the costly long hourly rates and long-lasting hiring processes.

5. Get Access to Experts

With a dedicated team model, you are not limited to professionals available in the same city. You can reach out to a highly professional and experienced development team in other cities and countries.

6. Team Scalability

In a dedicated web development team model, you can easily decrease or increase teams based on your enterprise growth. In the future, if you have plans to grow, you can rely on these dedicated development teams.

How to Hire a Dedicated Software Development Team?



To build a dedicated development team, source dedicated developers who can provide wings to your project. The customers (hiring companies) and providers (outsourcing firms) are the two major players in this process.

The customer provides information on project scope requirements, measurement, team effectiveness, company culture, etc. While the provider is responsible for IT infrastructure, office space, talent acquisition, payroll, team building, paperwork, and employee benefits.

Before hiring any software development team:

  • Decide your budget
  • Decide your goals
  • Understand your requirements

Let’s cover all the steps to onboard the best dedicated software development team for your project.


Step-1 Define Your Project Requirements

Convey all your project requirements to the outsourcing firms, including features you want to add to your software and the tech stack to develop the software. Along with that, provide information about your business and user requirements. The more information you give, the more chances you will get the right dedicated team.

Step- 2 Choose the Right Cooperation Model

With a dedicated software development team, there are three models of cooperation:

1. On-Demand

In this model, you can hire dedicated specialist or specialists for any specific task like designing software, developing code, etc.

2. Maintenance

The main motive of the maintenance team model is to provide support after the initial launch of a project. In this model each team has a lead engineer, project manager, quality analysts, front-end and back-end staff, and support staff.

3. Full-Service

With this model, you don’t need to look for other specialists. Here you will get a dedicated software development team that will provide you will all the services you need – design, development, management, analysis, and support.

Based on your business requirement, decide on a cooperation model. For example, a dedicated maintenance team is the best option if your project is already ready and you are just looking for support. 

Step- 3 Choose and Interview Potential Team or Candidates

The hiring process of a dedicated team consists of many rounds of interviews. First, candidates are verified by the vendors through HR and technical interviews. The candidates who cleared these rounds are forwarded to the client for further interview.

Once you get a list of potential teams, you can start looking at their profiles to get information about the team experience, their knowledge level, what project they have done previously, testimonials and reviews from previous clients, etc. You can then take interviews of shortlisted candidates to check if they have a problem-solving mindset, strong communication skills, and technical proficiency.

Step-4 Launch Dedicated Software Development Team

If you are at this step, we believe you have selected the right dedicated team for your project. If you have made this decision wisely by looking into all the factors (including outsourcing firm background, candidate verification, vendor policies, etc.), chances are more your dedicated development team will be a success.

Although you onboard the right talent for your dream project, your work will not end here. Have regular communication with the dedicated team. It will help you monitor and control each development process’s progress.

After understanding the hiring process, we are sure one question scribbling your mind is- from where can I find the right dedicated development team?

you're absolutely right

Let’s move on to discover the best place to hire the best talent for your enterprise. 

Best options to find the Dedicated Software Development Team in 2022



Getting the best dedicated development team for your dream project is not as simple as it looks. However, there are various options where you can try your hands to hire the right talented team. We have covered some of the most reliable options for locating and hiring dedicated web developers.

1. Clutch

It is a platform where you can come across the top companies with different areas of expertise. If you want to hire a dedicated development team or dedicated developers, you will get a long list of genuine IT talent outsourcing firms. The best part is you can quickly check the reviews, ratings, and testimonials provided by clients of all these organizations under one roof, with no need to check their website individually.

Like, check the reviews and ratings of eLuminous Technologies on the Clutch. We are glad to share that we have got excellent reviews from our previous clients. Around 60% of our clients worked with us again.


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2. TopDevelopers.co

TopDevelopers.co includes the list of top custom software development companies. These companies help businesses to hire dedicated developers on a monthly, hourly, or fixed project basis. TopDevelopers.co bridges the gap between the client and the right talent. The process of hiring a dedicated software development team here is as follows-

  • Pick your service category
  • Choose the company that matches your requirements
  • Using the inquiry form, drop your project requirement


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 3. Good Firms

Good Firms is a research and review platform, or else we can say a dedicated community of IT companies. It helps organizations to find a dedicated team of developers. Here you can check the categorized catalogs, company content, resources, and customer reviews that help judge companies’ efficiency. Hence, you can easily get the top outsourcing company on Good Firms that will help you screen, interview, and onboard candidates.


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4. Other Freelancing Websites

Upwork and Freelancer are the most popular marketplaces for hiring freelancers. You can hire dedicated developers at hourly or fixed prices based on your project duration and complexity. The freelancing option is suitable if your project is small or less complex. But to develop highly scalable and customized applications, we advise you to go with professional web development companies.

5. Communities on the internet

There are various online communities where you can find dedicated developers to develop software applications for your enterprise. Specialists share their practical skills and knowledge with the community on these sites. Hence you can easily judge developer is proficient for your job or not. The two best communities are:

i. GitHub


Image Source

ii. Stack Overflow

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Important Points to Remember while Hiring a Dedicated Software Development Team

bonus tips

There are some crucial points to keep in mind while hiring a dedicated team. We are covering here some common ones.

  • Understand the hiring and your in-house team’s responsibilities to avoid misunderstanding.
  • It is vital to protect your organization’s confidential information and ensure to sign NDA.
  • Get a transparent and detailed contract with a clear description of payment and invoicing protocols, development rates, credit periods and limits, etc.
  • Check the previous work or portfolio of candidates before hiring them and ensure they have done at least one project similar to yours.
  • Personal commitment is the foremost thing to consider these days. Do check if the selected dedicated team is not having any other project in hand while working on yours.
  • Check with the vendors; if any developer cannot continue after hiring, how soon can he be replaced by someone with almost the same background and experience.


Finding the right team for your project is like taking the first step toward success. Only the right group of developers, designers, and QA analyst has the power to develop the best software for your business. Hiring a dedicated development team always benefits your business if your project is complex and you have limited time and resources. Building a team from scratch will incur additional financial expenses and delay the project.

We believe this blog will help you find proficient and experienced dedicated developers. If you have any queries feel free to reach out to us, we would love to expand our guide.

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