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Custom Web Application Development – When, Why & How

Custom Web Application Development - When, Why & How
blog-author Richa TL, Technical Writer

According to Statista, on average, any organization around the world uses 29 web applications throughout various aspects of its operation your business can also be one of them; take advantage of this opportunity and leverage the digital platform.

Looking back, we will notice numerous technological options in the software development process have emerged over the past ten years. The current development methods are irrevocably altering as a result of a variety of tools and frameworks. Different companies and developers are advancing and supporting custom web application development solutions.

This blog is a comprehensive guide on custom web app development. After reading it, you will be able to decide whether to go with customized applications or generalized ones using website builders.

Today in this digital world, you cannot dispute the reality that having a robust online presence is more crucial than ever. But just making an online presence is not enough. Rather than a one-size-fits-all approach, you need a combination of web, native, and hybrid mobile architectures.
Do some of you still doubt moving your brick and motor shop to an online platform?


Girl Yes

Look at the graph below, which shows that you can find your potential customers on the digital platform.


No of internet usersworldwide 2022

Image source


No of internet users 2005-2021

Image source


With a web presence, you can increase the reach of your business and the list of customers, ultimately increasing your ROI. Customizing your web application according to your target audience will be like icing on the cake for your business.


If a user finds everything precisely in the way they are looking for, it is evident that they will keep exploring that site and end up buying your product and services. With custom web app development, you can easily scale your business and stand ahead of your competitors.
Let’s move further and dive deeper into custom web application development.

What is Custom Web Application Development?

What is Custom Web Application Development?

Web and applications were two distinct things in the early 90s. While applications were native software installed on operating systems, the web was filled with static HTML text pages. Later on, dynamic web-based applications ultimately became the standard as new technologies were introduced, making the web more advanced, quicker, more productive, and better for users.

In simple words, a web application is an interactive program that utilizes web technology and a web browser to perform specific tasks over the internet. This process is called custom web application development if these web applications are developed keeping in mind a group of users to cater to their particular needs.

A custom web application development company understands the requirements, uses the proper technology, and comes up with a solution specially made to address the particular issue. For example, a tour operator that sells tickets for a well-liked tourist attraction can create a unique web application to sell the tickets online. Customers could quickly make purchases and get their tickets without leaving the website because the app would be connected to the ticket inventory data.


Image source


Similarly, Uber is an example of custom web app development, as this application is designed to achieve the specific purpose of giving access to users to check and book a ride from any place at any time.


Image source


Irrespective of your domain, you can customize your application according to your users’ needs and enterprise deeds. Let’s move on to cover the different types of custom web application development.

What are the types of Custom Web Applications?

What are the types of Custom Web Applications?

Web apps can be employed in a variety of ways by business owners. In several ways, they aid your company in being more organized, streamlining activities, or expanding into new markets. However, it can be helpful to have a general understanding of some of the popular web applications that company owners utilize most frequently.

  • E-Commerce Web Application

E-Commerce Web Application

A custom web app that directly advertises goods or services to potential clients is called an e-commerce web application. It is just like an online store. The few essential aspects of the e-commerce web apps are- a user-friendly interface, handling payments, enabling electronic payments, and adding new products. Example- Amazon, eBay, Flipkart, Walmart, etc.

  • CMS Web Application

CMS Web Application

A content management system (CMS) allows users to edit content without the assistance of the technical staff. The content can be changed using the admin interface without knowing any programming languages. There are numerous CMS variants with varying features and layouts. Some of them include WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, etc.

  • Progressive Web Application

Progressive Web Application

The PWA (Progressive Web Application) uses advanced technologies to create a product that combines web applications with native mobile apps for you. Like live webpages, these applications are accessible from anywhere at any time. You can also save it to the computer you are working on. We can use PWAs right away without needing to be downloaded. Example- Starbucks, Pinterest, Spotify, etc.

  • Portal Web Application

Portal Web Application

A portal web application offers a secure platform where users can log in using their ID and password to access the information. Web portals are best for companies and organizations that like to create specialized user interfaces to meet the needs of their target market. Only registered users are permitted access, and once a user checks in, the service provider can monitor the user’s activity. Examples- Student Portal, Patient Portal, Customer Portal, etc.

  • Animated Web Application

Animated Web Application

With these animation applications, you can display your content with animation effects. These applications provide design and creativity that are unique to web applications. The only issue is that the data gathered by search engines is unreadable, making it inappropriate for web positioning and SEO. Top animated web applications are Genesis, KIKK Festival, etc.

  • CRM Web Application

CRM Web Application

Most organizations need a system to track prospects, clients, referrals, vendors, and other people and businesses with whom they do business. A CRM tool is practical in this circumstance. Although there are many CRM solutions available, based on the requirements of your organization, you can either create a custom CRM tool or connect your present CRM tool to other tools. For example, Ontraport, Pipedrive, etc.

  • Business Process Automation System

Business Process Automation System

Certain specific tasks have to be done to process new business. With the help of specialized software applications to manage that automation, your company can operate more effectively, save more money, and have your workers concentrate on higher-level, more valuable tasks that increase revenue.

  • Membership Web Application

Membership Web Application

Finally, you could use the expertise in your field or other knowledge you have to share with others. A membership website is a suitable choice in this scenario. As an illustration, if you offer local training to professionals in a particular field, you could supplement (or perhaps completely replace) that with an online membership website that enables users to study your content at their own leisure.

Top Benefits of Choosing Custom Web Application Development

Top Benefits of Choosing Custom Web Application Development

With the help of a custom web application development company, you can create a website optimized for specific business needs. There are lots of benefits of custom software development for customers and businesses. Let’s cover some major ones.

  •  High Scalability & Flexibility

When you hire a custom software development team, they create a website that is adaptable and can assist in adding new features. You will be able to add the particular features you need to expand your firm.

  • High Security

The online presence comes with the concern of security. Every firm must consider the danger of losing sensitive data due to hostile assaults and spyware while developing a web application. However, the custom web app development services keep these difficulties in mind and utilize strong firewalls to protect the data. This subsequently guarantees the security of your application.

  • Unique Application

Custom web app development services give your web application strong and distinctive features. This enables you to make your brand stand out in the marketplace. Your website will not only have a distinct appearance and feel, but you can also set up the navigation to meet the demands of your consumers. Additionally, you’ll be able to design bespoke third-party connectors, dynamic e-commerce pages, and fillable forms with the precise data you require.

  • Enhanced Customer Experience

By custom web app development process, we can keep the search for the necessary products minimal because many design possibilities and functionalities are available. Hence you make your customers’ journey easier and the customer’s experience simpler. It enhances the user experience and encourages customers to return and use your application frequently.

  • Improved Business Function Automation

A personalized or tailored web application enhances the user experience because businesses can optimize internal and external processes. Thus, customized solutions can reduce the amount of work required for data organization and assist you with lead generation and prospect attraction.

  • Great Functionality Control

Optimization should be taken into account when developing a web or mobile application, along with marketing and branding. The custom web application can work more efficiently due to optimization, which can help you deal with common issues like unexpected failures and delays in output delivery.

  • Faster Loading Time

According to researchers, a visitor takes an average of 5 seconds to respond. It suggests you lose most of your existing customers since your website loads slowly. It is the rationale behind choosing a custom web application development company for your enterprise. You can be sure you’ll use the necessary features and avoid the site’s speed issue.

Top Technologies used for Custom Web App Development

Top Technologies used for Custom Web App Development

The decision on the technology stack used for application development is a crucial step when it comes to custom web application development. Here we will cover the top front-end technology used for developing customized applications.

Top Front end Technologies

The front end is the face of your application which is visible to the user and has a noticeable influence on user experience. The front-end developers ensure that the user experience must be smooth and seamless. Some of the top front-end technologies they can use to make a robust front end are

• React JS

React JS

Image source

React JS is a JavaScript-based UI development library. Facebook and an open-source development community control it. The library was made available to the public in May 2013 and is currently one of the best front-end libraries for web development. It includes several extensions supporting the architectural design of complete applications, including Flux and React Native. Learn how to outsource React JS development.

  • Angular JS

Angular JS

Image source

AngularJS, a client-side JavaScript MVC framework, is used to create dynamic web applications. It was earlier developed as a Google project, but it is now an open-source framework. Using Angular JS, it is not required to learn another syntax or language because it is based on JavaScript and HTML. Find the top 7 Angular JS service providers in 2022 in our recent blog.

  • Vue JS


Image source

Vue.js is also a JavaScript framework, and it is used to create single-page apps and user interfaces (UIs) (SPAs). Vue.js is free and open-source. The model-view-view model (MVVM) is the architectural design pattern used in this framework. It was created by Evan You and launched in 2014. Vue.JS is a direct result of his experience with AngularJS while working at Google. He desired to design a completely new framework that was noticeably lightweight while yet retaining the elements of AngularJS that he loved. Read more on why Vue JS is the best front-end framework in 2022.

  • Flutter


Image source
Flutter is an open-source, free mobile UI framework built by Google in May 2017. This framework enables you to develop a native mobile application using only one codebase. This implies that you may construct two separate apps using a single programming language and codebase (for iOS and Android). Flutter comprises a software development kit (SDK) and widget-based UI library. The reusable UI components in this package include sliders, buttons, and text inputs. Check out the top apps made with Flutter.
Get into the details of all the front-end technologies in the blog- Top 7 Front-end Technologies to Develop Web and Mobile Application in 2022

Custom Web App Development Processes

There is no “one size fits all” method when we create customized web apps. All custom web applications have two features: they’re very user-friendly and can be tailored to meet your specific needs. We have divided the process of developing customized web apps into 5 simple steps.

Custom Web App Development Processes

1.Business Analysis & Planning

First, analyze your business requirements. The chances that your application will have the style and functionality you want will increase as you become more explicit about your company objectives. A professional custom web application development company will help you understand your user’s requirements and current market trends.

2. Planning

You have the concept, the information, and the knowledge of what has to be produced. Now Directions for design, development, and project management are included in the planning phase. This guarantees the project’s efficient execution.
Choosing the right technology stack, setting up milestones and project sprints, defining the user flow, allocating resources, app architecture, wireframing and prototyping are all parts of general project planning.

3. Development

Once all the planning is done, the design is formulated. After that, the foremost step (development) starts. It is one of the prime and most time-consuming steps. Thus, the custom web application development company ensures that the codes and every piece of the design layout are flawless in the development phase.

4. QA Process (Testing)

Of course, we all desire a successful result. The rigorous QA professionals of a dedicated custom web app development team will examine how your online application functions in numerous settings, browsers, and devices. The QA process is essential to creating web apps since it ensures that your customized app is flawless and free of bugs.

5. Release

The most awaited part of the custom web app development is deployment. Once thorough testing is done and all the bugs are fixed, the web application is launched. Customer feedback is collected, and accordingly, the app is updated. Make sure to choose the custom web application development company which provides support even after project completion.

Things to consider after Custom Web Application development

Things to consider after Custom Web Application development

An application must be improved and maintained over time to function effectively and remain secure from online threats. It is essential to effectively monitor and manage changes to the program’s code using version control. Moreover, it is critical to consider how to manage and fix bugs and other issues impacting the application to guarantee that custom web apps operate without hiccups during post-development. Let’s put some more light on them.

  • Version Control

Version control helps software development teams keep track of code changes while fostering better teamwork and communication. With the help of version control, we can develop software in a simple, continuous manner. It enables the development team to explore without worrying that their actions may damage the code. Popular systems for version control are Git, CVS, SVN, etc.

  • Bugs Tracking

To guarantee that the application keeps operating smoothly and securely, we need to develop a plan to efficiently and effectively address emerging bugs and issues. To ensure that users can continue to use all of the features and functionality of the application and that both the company’s and users’ information is safe and secure from potential cyber-attacks and data breaches, it is crucial to debug and fix bugs in the application as soon as they are discovered.

  • Avoiding Security Issues

One of the effective ways to prevent security concerns and downtime is to work with the firm that created the custom web application and utilize their software testing & QA services. The development team which created the application can find the bugs in the application more quickly and with less difficulty. A different organization would need more time to familiarize itself with the application’s design and code.


There are almost more than 2 billion web applications in the world. If your application does not have uniqueness, it will not be able to win the heart of users. With customized solutions targeting a group of users, although we are narrowing the application reach, we are increasing the chance of converting potential leads into customers.
A professional and experienced custom web app development company can provide customized digital solutions considering your business needs. We are aware that, given the growing demand for digitization, it can take time to find the ideal development partner. We hope our blog- Tips to choose the best web application development company, will prove helpful for you.

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