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Front End Development Outsourcing: A Detailed Guide

Front End Development Outsourcing: A Detailed Guide
blog-author Nitin 20+ Years of Exp. Delivery Head

Entreprises are moving towards outsourcing in light of customer demands for an intuitive and responsive user interface along with rising demand and greater salary expectations of front-end developers. If you’re new to front end development outsourcing, this blog is a comprehensive resource for you.

Front-end development is one of the most critical aspects of the web project and plays a significant role. How a user engages with an app is decided by the front end. It is not just about the design but also the clear and responsive user interface.

Although outsourcing has become more commonplace over time, it is still wise to concentrate on the back-end development of your project while leaving the more time-consuming front-end development to external service providers.

Some businesses still hesitate to outsource web developers from front-end web development companies because they believe outsourcing is just a fad. But this is not true since front end development outsourcing has established itself as a sound business strategy, saving companies time and money while also opening new development markets.

The statistics also concur, so let’s see what they indicate!

According to Statista, the global outsourcing market had a value of $92.5 billion in 2019. It is expected that in 2027, all revenue segments will significantly increase.

IT outsourcing services market revenue in the world from 2022 to 2027

Image Source

Earlier, it was observed that the IT outsourcing market has the potential to increase by USD 98 billion over the projection period of 2020-2024, according to a different Technavio analysis titled “IT Outsourcing Market by Service, End-user, and Geography – Forecast and Analysis 2020-2024”.

Global IT outsourcing market 2020 - 2024

Image source

Given the current push among business organizations to digitize and optimize their business processes as the cornerstone of their digital transformation, the need for front end development outsourcing also increases.

Moreover, the struggle to find the right talent has compelled businesses to look at alternative locations for software outsourcing. However, choosing the finest outsourcing site and selecting the best vendor to hire the best professionals can be difficult.

Considering all these concerns of businesses, we have written this article to give you extensive information about front end development outsourcing in 2023.

What is Front End Development Outsourcing?

What is Front End Development Outsourcing?

First, let’s understand what outsourcing is.

Using service providers to supply IT-dependent business processes, application services, and infrastructure solutions is known as information technology outsourcing (ITO).

Simply put, software development outsourcing is an arrangement in which a company works with an outside software development firm to efficiently complete entire project-related tasks that may be completed internally instead.

Previously, a straightforward web design was enough to keep visitors interested in your website, web, or mobile app. However, the need for a distinctive and user-friendly front end has increased with the competition.

Businesses must outsource front end developers from top-end development service providers worldwide to meet this demand. Outsourcing front end development is the practice of hiring software engineers from external vendors.

Benefits of Choosing Front End Development Outsourcing

The following are some of the main justifications for outsourcing developers from a top front end development company.

Why Should You Choose Front End Development Outsourcing?

  • Saves Your Time & Cost

No delay could be allowed in this highly competitive digital landscape, given how quickly technology develops and new products hit the market. Here the front-end development outsourcing is the winner because it will save the time that would otherwise be spent seeking and hiring professionals, assembling your development team, and overseeing project-related processes.

Outsourcing for front-end development aids in reducing money and development time. Regarding the budget, it’s important to note the variation in developer fees globally. The prices could differ even within your location. To lower the budget, you can outsource to other nations like India or search for more reasonable rates in the local market.

Find the cost to hire dedicated developers in India.

  • Rebuild Existing Front End

If a product doesn’t achieve your business objectives or fails to satisfy growing customer demands, it frequently has to be improved. For instance, the product’s back end may run smoothly, but the client side is missing crucial functionality. When the client side is underperforming or needs improvement, businesses typically go for outsourcing.

It is preferable to outsource the development when your team has constructed a project from the bottom up, and you are dissatisfied with the front end rather than asking your internal team

  • Meet Higher User Experience

A poorly designed UX can confuse users and create annoyance, while a well-designed UX can make an application or website clear, logical, and enjoyable.

Working with skilled offshore developers who prioritize building aesthetically beautiful and user-friendly interfaces can help you meet user expectations. These experts know the technology that will best serve your company’s objectives while boosting customer engagement and experience.

  • Improved Speed & Quality

The development process can be easily improved using front-end outsourcing. You may quickly and easily raise quality by working with experts with more excellent experience.

You can employ a professional development team anywhere in the world by outsourcing. Therefore, there’s no need to sacrifice product quality to stay within your budget and accomplish flawless front-end functionality.

  • Remain Competitively Savvy

Using a pool of skilled experts in their fields, you can stay current with the most recent advancements and best practices in front-end development. Outsourcing companies make significant investments in the training and development of their staff. It ensures their team is current on the latest front-end development techniques and technologies.

Top Corporation Model for Front End Development Outsourcing

Three models of outsourcing are most frequently used to describe how two parties can work together. Let’s scrutinize each to see the best front-end development outsourcing option for your dream project.

Top Corporation Model for Front End Development Outsourcing

1. Staff Augmentation Model

When your development team needs one or two specialists, hiring an entire team makes no sense, but it would be great to expand it with some developers with specialized knowledge.

Staff Augmentation Model

Staff augmentation involves temporarily bringing in external programmers to accomplish the necessary work for your team. If they can finish their work in that amount of time, you could even outsource programmers for a week. The customer has the option to select the composition of the team thanks to the staff augmentation model. It is the most used model for outsourcing because of this.

Find the top 10 Staff Augmentation Companies in 2023.

Staff Augmentation Model

Pros Cons
Quickly scale resources up or down.                Take a lot of time in onboarding
No need to train the hired person               Resources lack internal knowledge
Reduce the cost and overhead Time invests in oversight and management

2. Project-Based Model

Project-based outsourcing refers to a client handing over complete project control, from planning to execution. A project manager or tech lead is provided by an outsourced front end development services provider who regularly reports to your PM.

The last control is given to you with this outsourcing model. Of course, your PM and the vendor’s PM report to you. However, since each developer’s action does not need coordination, this saves you time.

Project-Based Model

This model can be used in either a fixed-cost or a time-and-materials manner.

  • Fixed Price Model

A fixed price is pre-negotiated. You need to estimate how long programmers will take to do each work before the project begins.

  • Time & Material Model

This model is significantly more flexible because, when discussing major projects, it is virtually impossible to estimate the precise number of hours or even days spent on development and establish the fixed price in advance.

Project Based Model

Pros Cons
Easy to choose and pick number of resources. Additional charges with change in requirements
Projects get started quickly Due to time zone difference, lack of effective communication
Flexibility to scale projects in future High time commitment for managing work

3. Dedicated Team Model

In this outsourcing approach, you employ a dedicated front end developer that works on your project with an outside team under your supervision. You must be more engaging in this strategy than in the project-based model but less than in the augmented model.

Dedicated Team Model

The dedicated team model is, however, similar to staff augmentation. The only difference is that software developers are not part of your internal team. They operate independently. The front-end development services outsourcing provider chooses whether the hired staff will answer to your PM and CTO or those on their side. Therefore, you will have control over the development process regardless of whether the developers report to you or their PM.

Dedicated Development Team Model

Pros Cons
Client can manage the project directly Expensive than rest two models
Easy to scale the team up or down Time invests in directing and managing the team
Outsource resource work as an extension of your in-house team Flow of work is not uniform resulting in project delay

Note* Whatever kind of outsourcing you select, consult with your front end development service provider upfront to determine the responsibilities and delegation.

Outsource Front-end Developers from the Top Locations

Find Top Places for Front End Development Outsourcing

After understanding the different front end development outsourcing models, let’s move on to finding the ideal location to look for front end development companies to outsource developers or development teams

  • Asia

Do you know seven of the ten nations ranked by Kearney GSLI as the best for IT outsourcing in 2020 are located in Asia? These nations/regions have plenty of resources with strong technical knowledge. There are more than 30,000 professionals in China and over 114,000 experts in India.


Around 6000 Indian front end development companies are listed on Clutch. Check out the list of the top-rated Clutch dedicated developers.

  • Eastern Europe

Eastern Europe has drawn a lot of enterprises recently because of its affordable costs, qualified tech skills, and business-friendly environment. Poland and Ukraine, two Eastern European nations, are highly known for their IT talent. More than 50,000 front-end developers can be found in both nations.

Eastern Europe

Eastern Europe has fewer digital giants and major corporations with greater resources to outsource programmers. Consequently, there is less rivalry among front-end developers than in other parts of the world.

  • South America

Mexico and other South American nations are renowned for providing top-notch nearshore development services, particularly front-end development. Over 61,000 professionals work in the area.

South America

More than 2000 businesses are providing outsourcing services. These businesses make sure to provide you with the greatest experience, even though the majority of them are small businesses with fewer than 250 employees.

Once you have decided on your outsourcing location, the next step is understanding how to outsource or hire front-end developers from top organizations.

Without further delay, let’s dive in!

How to Successfully Outsource Front End Developers?

Outsourcing front-end development could appear complicated. However, to clearly explain the procedure to you, we have attempted to break it down into small steps. Here is a step-by-step guide to guarantee a smooth front-end developer outsourcing procedure in case you’re unsure where to start.

How to Successfully Outsource Front End Development?

STEP 1: Choose the Front End Development Outsourcing Companies

You need to pick the service provider first. Even though this step is perhaps the most obvious, it is still essential. Finding the best developers for your project depends on selecting the right outsourcing company. Finding talent that can positively impact your project must be your priority because the workforce you choose will significantly affect the entire development cycle.

The process of finding an experienced and professional front end development company is pretty simple. Make a quick internet search for the desired location in your mind. Popular front end development outsourcing firms can be found there. Shortlist the top 10 companies and check their portfolio online reviews and ratings on platforms like Clutch, Goodfirm, and Topdevelopers.Co, etc.

Make sure to check the below points while selecting an outsourcing vendor

  • Check experience in the relevant technology
  • Check the size of the company
  • Check business reputation
  • Check their mode of communication
  • Check if the work culture and time zone match with you
  • Understand their onboarding process
  • Ask about their risk management
  • Ask how they overcome the time zone differences
  • Ask for privacy and security policies
  • Check the financial stability of the service provider

Here is the whole list of factors to consider while selecting a front-end development company to outsource programmers.

STEP 2: Share Your Development Strategy

Once you’ve identified the specialists you’ll collaborate with, it’s essential to inform them and give them access to the development strategy created during the discovery phase. This phase, frequently referred to as the “discovery phase,” entails communicating a plan that includes user stories, roles, permissions, acceptance criteria, wireframes, etc. This information will help the prospective vendor understand the product you’re working on and make developers-suggestions properly.

STEP 3: Receive a Detailed Estimate

The pre-sales team of your vendor will often be in charge of this stage. This team works with you or the project’s tech team leader to create the estimate. This estimate will include information on the developers assigned to work on your project and how long they expect it to take them. This estimation will help determine the cost. If you agree with the proposal, the next phase will begin.

STEP:4 Get in Agreement & Start Development

After you agree on the estimates or proposal, you must establish a contract with specific deliverables, deadlines, payment terms, failure consequences, etc. This understanding between the parties will lessen future disputes. Once everything is in place, you can sign the agreement and start the development.

STEP 5: Keep Regular Communication

Regardless of your outsourcing model, it is essential to maintain effective communication because it entails working with a third-party team. Your final product will still be your responsibility, even if some of the work is delegated to other developers.

Therefore, getting an update on the project’s progress is in your best interest. To track the progress and make sure that you and the outsourcing team are on the same page, weekly or daily calls are effective

STEP 6: Revise the Integration with Backend

It’s vital to check that everything functions appropriately together once you have the finished front-end component of the program. The front end has to work with the back end to create a well-functioning product that meets your desired goals; it cannot operate independently.

So, after making sure the application functions as intended in accordance with the created documentation, you validate it with the hired team and go on to payment.

So, these are the essential steps to follow if you’ve decided to outsource front-end development. During the first call, you and the front end development service provider will be able to agree on future collaboration and discuss other details

4 Limitations of Front End Development Outsourcing: Learn How to Overcome

4 Limitations of Front End Development Outsourcing: Learn How to Overcome

  • Cultural & Time Zone Differences

Businesses usually outsource front-end development to far-off nations. You must therefore take into account both their cultural and time variances. Even though the IT industry is adaptable enough to work with different time zones worldwide, engagement levels must remain strong. But occasionally, there might be some miscommunications due to cultural variation.

The biggest variations might be how you approach the working process, how involved you are, and how dedicated you are to your job. Therefore, it is advisable to discuss the cultural and time difference and obtain clarification.

  • Finding a Reliable Service Provider

However, selecting the finest front end development company might be difficult with so many options available in the market. Remember that a reliable and trustworthy front end development service provider won’t disappoint you no matter where or how you choose your outsourcing partner. You will never forget the human element or the special care they take with your project. Your faith in them will lead to successful collaboration and partnership.

Always remember that the ease of communication and trust between the client and the service provider matters considerably more than the budget and time calculations when making a choice.

  • Backend Integration

One crucial consideration that must be kept in mind when hiring front-end developers is seamless back-end integration. After all, it is the final aim leading to a successful outcome.

You must ensure your outsourced development team gives the API documentation to integrate your back end with the front end. Swagger UI, Spotlight, and other well-liked API documentation tools are a few examples. These technologies allow front-end developers to analyze how the back end is written and design the front end accordingly.

  • Synchronize & Organize

When you outsource programmers, a third-party service provider handles the front-end development services. You must therefore be as exact and explicit as possible when expressing your vision, ideas, and project needs.

Always consider front-end and back-end development constantly must complement one another. This can be ensured by having effective communication with back-end developers. For a successful output, you must comprehend the outsourced developer’s workflow, working style, and approach for simple collaboration.

Find the Cost of Front End Development Outsourcing

Find the Cost of Front End Development Outsourcing

Front end development outsourcing costs vary greatly worldwide, and cost plays a significant role in your outsourcing decisions. For instance, it might fluctuate widely, from $15 to $175 per hour.

The type and period of your project are key factors affecting pricing. Compared to straightforward, uncomplicated ones, a complex project will cost more. Hence it isn’t easy to find the exact cost.

Compared to other front end development companies in Asian countries, eLuminous Technologies offers straightforward pricing, secure code, and a properly executed NDA agreement.

Read about react native app development cost in India.

The cost to hire frontend developers in Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, and other Western European nations ranges between $50,000 and $70,000 annually. The cost ranges from $20,000 to $25,000 annually in Eastern Europe.

The front-end development team’s experience might also impact the cost. Junior front-end developers are paid about $65,000 in the US market and about $80,000 in Switzerland annually. While in Australia Junior developers are paid about $45,000 annually for front-end development projects. A senior front-end developer in the USA and Switzerland are paid higher, starting at $90,000 and $100,000, respectively.

The most important thing to consider when predicting the cost is the development rate because, regardless of the country, the length and complexity of the project will have nearly the same impact on the cost. The table below shows the outsourcing rates for different regions.

Cost to Outsource Front End Development

Staff Augmentation Model

Region Average Rate Per Hour
Southern Asia $20-$50
Eastern Asia $40-$100
Western Europe $60-$120
Eastern Europe $40-$80
Latin America $40-$70
North America $80-$160

Final Call

The front end creates an initial impression of your product and services among potential users. Although front-end development may seem simple, remember how crucial it is to your website’s traffic and downloads. A clear interface and straightforward design greatly impact your user engagement.

Your front end development outsourcing company decides the results of your project, so it is crucial to place great focus on picking your partners. While taking decisions must examine their technology stack and development methodology.

eLuminous Technologies is the best outsourcing company if you want to scale up your development team swiftly with reliable skills to create a solid front-end application.

Our deep jobs platform will find, evaluate, and pair you with Silicon Valley-bar front-end developers, entirely relieving you of the challenges associated with onboarding. eLuminous team undergoes a thorough screening process to ensure you receive the right talent with relevant expertise.

Let’s discuss your project and allow us to lend a helping hand to the success of your business!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Front End Development?

The process of creating components that interact with users is called front-end development. A front-end web developer is a person who makes everything you see on a website, including the buttons, links, animations, and other elements. The front-end developer’s responsibility is to translate the client’s vision and design concept into code.

2. Which is better, Outsourcing or Offshoring?

Offshoring refers to delegating work to another nation. Contracting work to a third party in any location is known as outsourcing. Which is best depends on the requirements of your project. Read the article for a thorough comparison.

Outsourcing VS Offshoring: Who is the Winner?

3. Why choose eLuminous Technologies for Front End Development Outsourcing?

eLuminous Technologies is a professional front end development company in India. We have been in the industry for over 20 years and have successfully finished more than 500 projects. We have established a solid reputation as a trustworthy software provider in all these years.

Some of the strong points which make us a market leader are :

Hire top 1% of developers
• Effective communication
• Flexibility of Scaling
• No Time-Zone Barrier
• 500+ Work Force
• Two-Weeks Risk-Free Trial
• Fast Turn-Around Time

4. How to build your own front end development team?

You need to consider various crucial points to build a robust team for your dream project. Discover all such points in the comprehensive guide-
“Building Strong Front-End Development Team: Hiring & Collaborating with Companies”

5. Is outsourcing cheaper than in-house hiring? If yes, how?

Front end development outsourcing costs differ based on where the personnel is located. For example, due to the lower labor cost in developing nations like the Philippines, outsourcing costs are much lower when compared to employing locally in the United States.

Moreover, payroll expenses are reduced because you won’t be required to pay taxes, statutory benefits, municipal employment fees, etc. Hence outsourcing is far cheaper than hiring in-house developers.

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