Top Custom Web Application Development Company

Top Custom Web Application Development Company
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How do you feel when you enter a store, and the salesperson only displays the items you want to see? You undoubtedly feel privileged, respect the salesperson’s morals and dedication, and return time and time. Similarly, if the user finds everything exactly that they need in an application, they will adore it and revisit it.

Today’s smart visitors need a seamless and user-friendly internet experience. Everyone likes personalized touch. That’s the main reason why customized applications are trending these days, and the custom web application development company is a significant contributor to raising the ROI of enterprises.

Custom web app development is designing and developing unique web apps to cater to specific business needs. Today, everyone utilizes custom web applications regularly, whether or not they are aware of them. These applications offer customers to schedule services, make purchases, get information, and carry out numerous other essential tasks.

Software development for your enterprise is one of the prime steps toward success. Look at the stats below; it will prove that all your competitors have already moved to the online platform.

Software development Stats

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Creating a customized website keeping your potential customers in mind will surely take your business ahead of competitors. A professional custom web application development company can open a host of possibilities for your business by developing a customized, feature-rich application.

A dedicated custom web application development company has the expertise to turn even the wildest concepts into flawless web apps. Moreover, you will achieve high security, responsiveness, and excellent usability in your application.

One question that must be running in your mind is how to find the best custom web application development company to kick start your online shop.

Pursue this blog till the end to understand how a custom web application development company can enhance business growth and find the best web development company that provides highly customized digital solutions.

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Why go for Custom Web Application Development?

Custom web application development company provides attractive and creative design for your application which can attract new customers and increase business growth and brand value. There are various reasons to develop a custom web application for your enterprise. Let’s include some crucial ones.


Top Benefits of Custom Web Application Development


  • Unique Web Application

This is one of the most significant benefits of customized web applications. Every business has unique needs. Hence what features to include in an application? This decision differs with changing user needs. With custom web app development, applications are built considering what your potential customers require. Thus, customized applications have unique features and functionalities that attract new users.

  • Website Security Improves

The way your site is built has an impact on website security, which is a crucial feature. You must ensure that hackers cannot access your website, mainly if you collect sensitive client information. In custom web development, data is secured as the advanced coding method is used, and the website is built using SSL security technology.

  • Website Load Faster

Custom website development solves the problem of slow sites by simply incorporating the particular features your website needs. The faster loading of web pages improves the user experience substantially, which will also be beneficial when trying to convert new clients.

  • SEO Optimized Website

Custom website designs are built according to specific SEO techniques that result in a higher ranking on search engines. Moreover, SEO can be continuously improved and evaluated. You can keep the momentum by adding consistent material, such as blog entries, and assessing and updating the content of underperforming pages.

  • High Scalable Applications

Building a scalable website with the flexibility needed to address your demands as they change over time is possible with custom web development. You’ll be able to handle a higher level of website traffic, modify e-commerce functionality, and take care of many other concerns that will enhance your user experience. Your site’s longevity will be considerably increased with the help of a custom web application development company.

  • Optimize Customer Journey

It’s essential to structure your website to align with the customer journey so that the path a user takes to convert into a customer minimizes. With custom web development, you can simplify your customer’s journey and eliminate needless stages. It can grow your business and enhance conversion rates.

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How to choose the best Custom Web Application Development Company?

Important Checklist while choosing Custom Web Application Development Company


When you hire a dedicated software development team, they can solve operational issues, increase workflow effectiveness, and save time and money.

A perfect custom web app development company helps your business develop rapidly by strengthening and enhancing your interaction with consumers and scaling your operations. But to do this, you need a partner that has a thorough understanding of your industry and can see the potential from your perspective. Our blog, Tips to choose the best custom web application development company, will prove helpful in this regard.

Follow the measures below to find the best custom software development company for your next project.

  •  Check the past work and portfolio of the company
  •  Emphasize good communication skills
  • Check the user experience of projects they completed
  • Consider security and safety issues
  • Check for after-development support
  • Evaluate developers’ expertise
  • Check if they can develop an application within your budget
  • Read client reviews on Clutch
  • Ask for client reference
  • Check if the company has done any similar project

eLuminous Technologies a leading Custom Web Application Development Company in 2022

eLuminous Technologies a leading Custom Web Application Development Company in 2022


eLuminous Technologies is a foremost custom web application development company. For 20 years, it has been providing top-notch digital solutions to industries of all sizes. In all these years, we have completed 500+ unique web and mobile applications, leveraging advanced technologies such as Node.js, React JS, Angular, Vue.js, etc. Look at all the technologies we use to deliver robust digital solutions.


Custom Web Development Technologies eLuminous Uses


eLuminous dedicated software development team includes project managers, experienced developers, and quality engineers who can build high-performing customized web applications using superior web development techniques. Our customized solutions come with high scalability, usability, and compatibility. The proficient development team ensures the smooth sailing of the three main parts of the native application development – Planning, Development, and Maintenance.

At eLuminous, we combine material design and design thinking to create future web apps and help enterprises to consolidate their industry and market position through robust solutions. The experienced and agile team of custom web app developers ensures overall cost optimization and quicker turnaround time.


Industries Served by eLuminous Technologies


Besides offering stunning and classy custom web applications, our experienced development team helps clients modernize legacy architectures, technology consultation, and migrate to new web structures. We consider security a fundamental component while developing customized solutions. We employ extensive measures to achieve security at all stages of software development. Let’s see what facets of web security we consider.


Web Application Security we consider


We can create fully customized web applications that address your unique business needs. Our dedicated developers utilize the most cutting-edge technologies to develop breakthroughs that will set you apart from the competition using custom web application development services.

ELuminous Technologies Top-Notch Custom Web App Development Services 

Being a top custom web application development company, we develop from simple CMS to complex web applications. Our secure, intuitive, and scalable digital solutions delight customer experience and boost business revenues. Let’s cover our most demanded custom web app development services.


Custom Web Application Development Services at eLuminous Technologies


  • Custom Web App Design & Development

Convey your web app requirement to our business analyst; we’ll provide you with a development plan tailored to specific business requirements. Our development strategy is based on constant communication with our clients throughout the project life cycle, from gathering requirements to releasing them.

  • Web Portal Development

We develop all types of portals such as eCommerce portals, web & internet portals, Microsites, B2C, or B2B that can enhance your business activities. You can use these portals to communicate quickly and effectively with the client. Enhance your knowledge in web portals through our blog- A comprehensive guide on web portal development.

  • Cross Platform Web App Development

Our cross-platform solutions are best if you want to maximize your business reach without increasing costs. We can develop custom cross-platform applications that will run on both web and mobile platforms. Users can browse these apps from all devices (desktop, mobile, tablet, etc.), increasing your brand’s engagement.

  • E-Commerce Development

We have created eCommerce solutions that include an entire site, product and shopping cart solutions, and an integrated secure payment gateway. Every feature we integrate is tested to ensure that it will make running your eCommerce business easy. To design, create, and optimize eCommerce stores that are suited to client’s needs, our eCommerce professionals use the strength of Shopify, Magento, and bespoke frameworks.

  • Progressive Web App Development

The secure, innovative, and high-performing Progressive Web App (PWA) developed by our dedicated developers run seamlessly across the screen and delight your visitors. We can bring a native look and feel to your custom web applications without any loss of speed and interruption.

  •  EAI or Integration Services

Numerous heterogeneous data stacks, including Oracle, SAP, PHP-driven applications, native and cross-platform apps, and many others, are used by businesses to run their touchpoints. eLuminous builds flawless integration accelerators so that the correct information may be delivered and received from one system to another without interruption or database issues. We have developed business agility and decision-supporting BI applications using Tibco, WebMethods, and WebSphere MQ.

  • Web Application Modernization

Our team of professionals will provide an impeccable legacy transition process whether you need to move your current web application or upgrade your out-of-date legacy application to modern technology. With the aid of the current framework, technology, and security, we will assist you in generating greater commercial earnings from your existing applications.

  • Support & Maintenance

We have a committed team supporting you, working round-the-clock to fix bugs in your web application. We’ll take care of complete application maintenance, securing and updating it so you can look into other business activities.


Why choose eLuminous Technologies as your Custom Web Application Development Partner?

Top Reasons to Choose eLuminous Technologies


With 20 years of experience in the field, we have successfully created web and mobile applications for each domain. We are known for transparent development processes, flexible, dedicated teams, and prompt reactions to changing requirements. Look at some of the top reasons to hire dedicated developers from eLuminous Technologies.


  • Agile Methodology

Agile Methodology


Our client satisfaction rate is 100%. We spend a lot of time understanding the client’s requirements and matching them with market trends. Our development team ensures flawless application development by dividing the project into stages. They remain in constant touch with the client to get his approval and update it if anything needs to be revised.


  • Qualified Professionals

Qualified Professionals


Our proficient and highly experienced developers develop robust, secure, and technologically advanced applications that can be easily scalable as your business grows in the future. The effective, powerful, and innovative digital solutions created by our dedicated software development team have the power to skyrocket any business.


  • Full Cycle Development

Full Cycle Development


Although we are known for cutting-edge front-end development services, we are a full-stack custom web application development company. Simply submit your project requirements, and we’ll take care of everything from requirement collection to releasing the website or intranet application.


  • High Transparency



We provide high transparency in each stage of application development. We consider client feedback a top priority and incorporate the suggested changes in the application as soon as possible without increasing the cost.


  • Accelerated-Time-to-Value



Our web development teams can release new applications and feature more quickly thanks to continuous delivery based on full deployment automation.


  • Adaptive Collaboration

Adaptive Collaboration


Our engagement methodology ensures that customers receive complete help via chat, Skype, email, and phone so that they can handle critical issues. They can trust us.


  • Cost-Effective Solutions

Cost-Effective Solutions


Our dedicated developers provide effective and budget-friendly web application development solutions suited to the needs of our clients’ businesses. Our hourly rates are substantially lower than in Western Europe and the US. We provide developers at a minimum cost of $ 18+; the cost increases with the increase in the complexity of the app. To get into details, read our recent blog cost to develop React Native app.


  • 24/7 Support

247 Support


We are just one call away from you whenever you are stuck on any issue. We provide support and maintenance services even after project completion. We not only create digital solutions but also build a lifetime connection with our clients.


How do we Develop Custom Web Applications?

How do we Develop Custom Web Applications

1. Ideation

It is a crucial step affecting the whole development process and the final product. Here we refine ideas, research, and draft requirements. It would be best if you had a clear view of the project’s final goals, features, functionalities, and expected results. For that, deep research of your users and current market trends is required.

What do we do in this step?

  • Analyze your project requirements
  •  Know your challenges
  • Propose an intense solution.

2. Planning

Based on the data collected in the first step, a strategy for developing a web application is formulated. The budget comes into the picture in this step. The app’s features and functionalities are prioritized while keeping the budget in mind.

What do we do in this step?

  • Validating concept
  • Making business strategy
  • Creating execution plan

3. Architecture Prototyping

We carefully consider user experience and interface design when prototyping apps to ensure that your application will display flawlessly on desktop and mobile platforms.

What do we do in this step?

  • Decide the budget
  • Make a list of top features
  •  Create Mockup

4. Prototype Testing

Before creating the web app’s final version, our team conducts early testing of the UX and UI. Instead of constructing an application and then addressing problems, which could increase costs, it will be helpful to identify the faults at this stage and solve them.

What do we do in this step?

  • Manual & Automatic Testing
  • Error fixing

5. Full Stack Development

In this step, our dedicated developers develop the codes to put the designs into practice and create the business logic. Front-end and back-end development are separated into two sections that might or might not be carried out concurrently. To produce excellent custom web apps, we leverage the best technological stack and the most recent trends in web application development.

What do we do in this step?

  • Front-end architecture setup
  • Back-end setup & configuration
  • Third-party plugin integration
  •  Seamless deployment

6. QA & Testing

After developing the application, now in this step, we perform comprehensive life cycle testing, which includes testing the project’s requirements up to the deployment of a web application.

What do we do in this step?

  •  Functional testing
  • Assessment of code
  •  Fixing bug

7. Deployment & Maintenance

We promise painless deployment on the customer’s platform and provide further assistance to guarantee the application runs effectively and smoothly.

What do we do in this step?

  • Launching your application
  • Provide support and maintenance


1. How much is the cost to hire a custom web application development company?

The cost of application development is not fixed. It is affected by various factors such as app categories, development platforms, app complexities, etc. At eLuminous, we provide dedicated developers on a monthly, hourly, and fixed project basis. You can quickly hire developers as per your project and budget preferences.

2. What if I require some changes to the web application after it has been developed?

eLuminous specialized team members respond to your questions and appropriately help you based on the type of modifications you want to make to your app and the services you select. Additionally, if you require any adjustments while the app is still being developed or before it has been released, just get in touch with the developer immediately.

3. Which is the best technology for developing custom web apps?

There is no clear answer to this question as there is no ideal technology. Every technology is designed to achieve a particular purpose. This decision entirely depends on your business requirements.

4. How long does it take to build a custom web application?

There is no fixed time limit. Each project is distinct and has its own set of requirements. The project’s complexity, features, functions, technologies and frameworks, are the top variables that affect development time. Our development team can provide you with a cost and time estimate.

5. Will eLuminous Technologies sign an NDA with clients?

Yes. As a top custom web application development company, protecting your intellectual property is one of our key objectives and a component of our offerings. Being a bespoke development firm, we require each employee to sign a legal agreement to keep customer information secure. We also make sure to provide access to the information to only those who are participating in your project. This enables us to protect the confidentiality of your application and gives you peace of mind that your information is secure.

Nitin Mahajan

Delivery Head Nitin has over 20 years of IT experience and 3+ years of experience in on-site work in Arizona, USA. In all these years, he has held the positions of delivery manager, module lead, and senior consultant. Expert in advocating product life cycle phases while using self-motivational skills and problem-solving abilities. He works on the principle of “Always Deliver More than Expected.”

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