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Benefits of Custom Web Portal Development for Your Business

Custom Web Portal Development and Its Benefits for Companies
blog-author Avner TL, Technical Writer

In today’s digital era, it is essential to evaluate certain brands or organizations to enhance your online footprint. Consider prominent names like York University, Saint-Gobain, and Oxford Dictionaries Forum.

If you notice their websites, one thing becomes clear – these institutions have a distinct online page. Such a page or site is called a ‘web portal.’ In fact, web portal development has become the new norm for enhancing your services.

Today, businesses invest money in developing portals and enjoy several benefits. A web portal offers more than a static website. This page has an interactive dashboard, centralized document management, and real-time data analytics.

Still, you might be thinking – I already have a website. Do I really need to avail myself of web portal development services?

This blog provides a detailed answer and explains why custom web portal development can prove profitable for your business.

The Fundamentals of Web Portal Development

Before knowing how portal development and the latest trends can benefit your business, it is vital to understand the basics.

Here are the primary details that you should know about web portals:

  • A web portal is a platform that has a login option and access to information on a single interface
  • Such portals are not limited to customer service
  • Organizations use portal development to empower their employees as well
  • Web portals allow for streamlining of operations and refined communication

Today, businesses face several challenges. Sometimes, it must be difficult for a company’s staff to use different applications.

On the other hand, employees can find it challenging to manage multiple usernames and passwords. Notably, the process of developing portals can prove helpful in such cases.

Main challenges solved by web portals

Here is how you can leverage web portal development and solve common business issues:

  • Employee training: Reduction in training time as all the essential documents and study material is available on a single platform
  • Branding consistency: Unified platform enables the delivery of a consistent brand voice to online visitors
  • Document synchronization: Real-time synchronization of the latest documents allows a rise in the productivity of the company
  • Heightened security: During portal development, technicians can install robust security measures in a centralized manner. This way, the chances of cyber-attacks can reduce considerably

Web portal development helps solve all such crucial challenges in a competent manner. However, choosing a relevant portal type becomes vital to benefit from several other noteworthy factors.

Types of Web Portals

Different businesses need distinct web portals that suit their organizational requirements. So, before choosing a reliable custom web portal development company, it is crucial to know your exact requirement.

Here are the categories of web portals that you should be aware of as a modern business:


Table: Web Portal Types


Portal Type Ulility or End Application
Vendor Portal To support vendors or sub-contractors with procurement processes and other requirements
Customer Portal Offer easy access to consumers for placing orders, browsing products, submitting maintenance requests, and other functions
Employee Portal Provide a secure platform to employees for availing of services related to human resource, training and simplify colloboration
Ecommerce Portal To create and omnichannel system where buyers can explore products and services in a seamless way
eLearning Portal For providing commercial training to interested individuals or corporate employees
Sales Portal Cater to requests of salespersons or business partners by supplying relevant material like white papers, specifications, and case studies


Choosing web portal development services becomes easier when you know such valuable basics.

Advantages of Custom Web Portal Development

Now that you know the fundamentals of web portals, it is vital to understand how such platforms can benefit your business. This way, your decision to contact a web portal development company will become easier.

Benefits of custom web portal development

Explore the section to acquaint yourself with the top eight benefits of portal development.

1. Access to Useful User Information

During web portal development, technicians can integrate features for customized access to valuable user information. You can view the number of visitors, check bounce rates, and track other metrics on such platforms.

Notably, web portals offer a simplified and integrated analysis feature. As a result, you do not require to use third-party applications to gain insights into consumer behavior. developing portals thus becomes conducive to modifying your business tactics after analyzing customer data.

2. Creation of Portal Aligning with Brand Voice

A custom web portal development process enables you to create an online platform to showcase your brand identity. It can cater to your target audience as well as existing employees.

Notably, partnering with a professional web development company can refine this personalization aspect. Skilled developers can utilize their knowledge to install suitable features.

As a result, it becomes possible to align the interactive elements with your brand voice. A static website, on the other hand, has certain limitations.

3. Potential to Meet Changing Customer Demands

In today’s age, change is inevitable. You need to avail yourself of services like web portal development to meet the dynamic requirements of various individuals.

With custom web portal development, you can scale the online platform’s creation process. Notably, it is possible to understand user behavior and modify the platform features accordingly.

As the market scenario changes, adding new functionalities to the web portal is possible. Also, embedding dynamic elements according to user preferences is possible with professional portal development.

4. Ability to Automate Online Processes

An experienced custom web development company understands the utility of automation. In most cases, automating specific features increase user convenience.

As a result, the web portal becomes engaging for the target audience. This aspect can improve conversion rate as users need less time to complete specific tasks.

Also, a unified system enables employees of an organization to complete repetitive tasks efficiently. Automation technology in web portal development proves pivotal for such digital transformation.

5. Optimization of Customer Journey

Another benefit of custom web portal development is the ability to create a platform that suits your buyer’s persona.

Web portals are flexible. Developers can modify the elements according to requirements. This way, it becomes easier for companies to leverage a unified portal capable of enhancing the customer journey.

This aspect also positively impacts lead generation and can drastically improve conversion rates.

6. Seamless Integration and Personalization

Unlike websites, users must log in to a web portal and avail of exciting services and offers. This process allows companies to create a personalized experience.

Individuals now prefer customized service that focuses on providing tailor-made suggestions. So, developing portals can take care of the following main facets:

  • Integration of resources on a single platform
  • Increased speed and functionality by the use of apt plugins

Overall, this benefit can help in customer and employee retention profoundly.

7. Save Distribution and Publishing Costs

You might be aware of intranet portals. These platforms serve as the source for accessing external applications and data.

This way, organizations can capitalize on a centralized database of vital enterprise information. web portal development plays a crucial role in a similar way.

The portals save business costs and ensure all the necessary documents are available on a single platform. From managers to employees, anyone can access data conveniently through a fully functioning web portal.

In addition, developing portals allow easy distribution of the following content forms:

  • E-books
  • Videos
  • Newsletters
  • Blogs
  • Guides
  • Articles

Hence, approaching a custom web portal development company can prove profitable for businesses.

8. Opportunity to Scan CRM Data

Web portals can prove excellent platforms for providing central customer relationship management (CRM) data.

You do not need to log into the CRM platform to view specific information. A web portal can integrate with such software and offer additional features for businesses.

Many companies choose web portal development and combine it with the enterprise’s CRM. This way, accessing user data can offer the required insights for key decision-makers.

Choosing a Dependable Web Portal Development Company

The numerous benefits of online platforms can interest you in choosing top web portal development services. It is thus vital to follow a step-wise process for connecting with suitable and reliable developers.

You should be aware of the top attributes of a web portal development firm and follow this streamlined approach.

Gauge the Company’s Technical Competency

Technical proficiency of the company

Initially, you should conduct thorough research on potential custom web portal development companies.

Here are the main aspects to consider:

  • Case studies
  • Portfolio of the company
  • Official website

Check the number of projects, tenure in the IT industry, and resources like blogs on the main website. Trustworthy portal developers showcase their projects and achievements transparently.

Notably, this online material justifies the technical proficiency of such an organization. Developing portals from such firms can prove a good decision.

Check Online Reviews

Scan through online reviews

In this step, you can explore more about the potential web portal development company. Online reviews can provide a handy guide to understanding the organization’s output.

Look out for reputable rating agencies like Clutch while searching for a web development partner. The top Clutch-rated companies are reliable choices for smooth project execution.

Brainstorm and Discuss Roles

In-depth brainstorming

After contacting company for portal development, it is time to discuss your project expectations. Ask questions to the developers about the scope of the web portal.

Next, brainstorm ideas about the concept, features, and your involvement in the project. This process gives you a decent idea of the web portal development process.

Pro tip: Also clarify aspects like the provision and frequency of status reports in this stage.

Check Project-related Factors

Gauge technical factors

Here are some crucial project-centric factors that you should consider:

  • Team augmentation (Acquiring professionals as per requirement)
  • Total number of developers working on web portal development
  • Possibility of offshore assistance

In addition, you can also discuss aspects like technology stack, availability of designers, and other parameters.

This meeting becomes vital to making the final decision of hiring web portal development services. So, ensure that you cover all crucial aspects in this penultimate step.

Discuss Pricing and Finalize Deal

Pricing discussion

You should use all the available resources to research the pricing of top web portal development services. After knowing specific estimates, you can discuss the flexibility modules of the vendor.

Ask the managers about the existence of technical support and maintenance. After assessing all the parameters, you can close the web portal development deal.

Typical Custom Web Portal Development Steps

A dependable portal development vendor follows a systematic approach to creating an engaging web platform. So, as a business, you need to be aware of the standard web portal development steps.

Typical Custom Web Portal Development Steps

Here are the main steps of this technical process:

  • Goal identification: Questions on the target audience, portal’s intent, solution, and benefits are crucial to address in the beginning. Clear identification of these parameters makes the custom web portal development process easier
  • Market research: In this step, businesses evaluate the web portals of their competitors. They analyze the features and discuss possible modifications for their customized web portal
  • Finalization of features: Navigation, UI, visuals, blogs, and social media account links are some standard web portal features. However, finalizing these features depends on the type of your web portal
  • Choice of the developer: For developing portals, you must choose dedicated developers to ensure smooth project deployment. So, the choice of the developer is an important step
  • Wireframe design: A basic wireframe is helpful to visualize the architecture of the web portal. In this stage, designers add the required functionalities and aim to develop a prototype
  • Testing and launch: In the final stage, skilled developers test the web portal to eliminate bugs and modify certain features. After considering all the steps of custom web portal development, the portal is ready for deployment

All in all, these steps, after careful compliance, can increase the chances of successful web portal development.

Wrapping Up

Custom web portal development can transform the online reputation of your business. In addition, such a platform offers extra features that can improve your team’s productivity.

A tailor-made web portal can provide benefits like easy access to user data, the ability to change as per dynamic consumer requirements, the chance to leverage CRM data, and others.

So, businesses can connect with an experienced web portal development company and experience such significant advantages.

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